Sample Business Contracts

Consulting Agreement - Inc. and Lawrence P. Burbidge

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This  AGREEMENT  was  made  on  August  3,  1999.

Between:  inc.  ('ABET')
          ABET  is  a  public  company  listed  on  the  US  OTC Bulletin Board.

And:     Lawrence  P  Burbidge  ('LPB")  as  Consultant.
         LPB  is  a  resident  of  British  Columbia.

ABET  is  prepared  to have LPB act as President and CEO of ABET o the following
terms  and  conditions:

1.     Terms  and  Starting  Date:
The  initial  term is 12 months, commencing August 9th 1999.  Renewable term and
conditions  subject  to  board  approval.

2.     Compensation
a)     Base  salary  of  $8,000  (Canadian)/month  paid  bi-monthly,
b)     Signing  bonus  of 500,000 shares of ABET to be award LPB or his nominee.
       These  shares  to  be  released  to  LPB  according to SEC  regulations,
c)     Stock  options:  in  addition,  LPB  to be awarded options to purchase an
       additional  500,000  shares  at  50  cents (US)/share (option good for
       2 years),
d)     Out of pocket costs to be reimbursed, at cost, to LPB on a monthly basis,
e)     The 500,000 share stock option can only be exercised after the 12th month
       and  only  if  LPB  has  remained  as  a  consultant  for  that  period.
f)     The  500,000  bonus  shares  are  awarded  as  follows:
       180,000  shares January  31, 2000 and 30,000 share per month, thereafter,
       for a total  of 360,000 shares over 12 months with an additional 140,000
       shares due at the  end  of  the  above  12-month  period.

3.     Duties:
a)     LPB to agree to be appointed to the board of ABET as a director and to be
       the  acting  President  and  DEO,
b)     Attached  is  a  preliminary  itemized  list  of  things  to  be  done,
c)     LPB  to  be  fully  in  charge  of  ABET  and  to  report to the Board of
       Directors,  who  in  turn, report to the shareholders.  The major
       shareholder is Baycove  Investments Limited who will either appoint a
       member to the Board or be a  member  of  the  Advisory  Board.

4.     Trial  Period:

There  is  to  be  a  30  day  trail  period,  on the 30th day (September 9/99):
a)     Should  LPB  decide  that  he  does  not  wish to continue in the role of
President  and  CEO  as outlined herein, LPB shall simply be paid $8,000 for the
month  plus  all  of  his  out  of  pocket  costs,
b)     Should  the  board of ABET, as directed by the major shareholder, Baycove
Investments Limited decide that LPB is not suitable to be President and CEO then
LPB  aggress  that his total compensation to be $8,000 for the month plus all of
his  out  of  pocket  costs  plus  a  termination  bonus  of $10,000 plus 10,000
free-trading  shares  of ABET and he shall continue to be employed for a further
month  at  $8,000/month.

AGREED:                                   SIGNED:

August  9,  1999                          August  9,  1999

/s/  Lawrence  P  Burbidge                /s/  Irene  Poole
Lawrence  P  Burbidge                     Baycove  Investments  Limited