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Consulting Agreement - Inc. and Brandon Moase

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This  AGREEMENT was made on August 12, 1999 and replaces any previous contracts.

Between:,  inc,  ('ABET')

ABET  is  a  public  company  listed  on  the  OTC  Bulletin  Board.

And:     Brandon  Moase  ('BM')  as  Consultant.
         BM  is  a  resident  of  British  Columbia

ABET  is  prepared to have BM as the VP Operations under the following terms and

1.     Term  and  Starting  Date:
The  initial  term  is  12 months starting August 13, 1999.  Renewable terms and
conditions  subject  to  board  approval.

2.     Compensation:
a)     Base  salary  of  $6,000  (Canadian)/monthly  paid  by-monthly.
b)     Signing  bonus of 250,000 shares of ABET to be awarded BM or his nominee.
       These  shares  to  be  released  to  BM  according  to  SEC  regulations,
c)     Stock  Options:  in  addition,  BM  to  be awarded options to purchase an
       additional  250,000  shares  at  50  cents  (US)/share (option good
       for 2 years)
d)     Out  of  pocket costs to be reimbursed, at cost to BM on a monthly basis,
e)     The 250,000 share stock option can only be exercised after the 12th month
       and  only  if  BM  has  remained  a  consultant  for  that  period.
f)     The  250,000  bonus  shares  are  awarded  as  follows:
       120,000  shares  March  1, 2000  and 15,000 shares per month, thereafter,
       for a total  of 180,000 over 12 months with an additional 70,000 shares
       due at the end of  the  12-month  period.

3.     Duties:
a)     Nominated  to  the  Board  of  ABET  as  director.

AGREED:                              SIGNED:

August  12,  1999                    August  12,  1999

/s/  Brandon  Moase                  /s/  Lawrence  P  Burbidge
Brandon  Moase             ,  Inc.,  Lawrence  P  Burbidge,
President  and  CEO