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Purchase Contract - Feiyang Industry & Trade Co. Ltd. and Shaanxi Jialong Hi-tech Industrial Co. Ltd.

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No. P-06-08-14
Purchase Contract
Party A: Feiyang Industry & Trade Co., Ltd "The Supplier"
Party B: Shaanxi Jialong Hi-tech Industrial Co., Ltd (The Buyer)
According to the Contract Law of the People’s Republic of China, Party A and Party B agree to constitute the following purchase agreement:
Clause One: Product Name, Quantity, Unit Price and Gross Price
Name and Model: Downloading Machine, Model Number: X-09
Quantity: 140 sets
Unit Price: RMB14, 800.00 Yuan
Gross Price: RMB2, 072,000 .00Yuan (In Words: Two Million and Seventy Two Thousand Yuan Only)
Clause Two: .Delivery Date & Transportation
Party A shall deliver all 140 sets downloading machines to Party B ahead of Aug 25th, 2006.
Clause Three: . Delivery Place and Transportation
Delivery Place: Business Place of Party B.
Transportation Way: Decided by Party A.

Clause Four: Quality Requirements
Party A shall guarantee that its delivered products should accord with the state standard and the quality requirement of Party B.
Clause Five: Acceptance Method and Objection Proposal Period
Acceptance Method: Party B shall implement the examination and acceptance of the products after delivered by Party A.
Objection Proposal Period: If finds some quality problems, Party B shall inform Party A within one month since the delivery date; otherwise, the products shall be regarded as the up to standard. The products with the quality guarantee period shall be disposed according to the rules in the quality guarantee period.
Clause 6 Settlement Way and Term
Within 3 days after the contract comes into force, Party B shall pay RMB1480000.00 Yuan(In Words: One Million Four Hundred and Eighty Thousand Yuan Only ) as the pre-paid payment( It will served as the products payment when Party A delivers the products). The rest payment shall be settled and paid according to the actual number of downloading machines. Party A shall offer the formal invoice to Party B.
Clause Seven: Responsibility of Contract Breaching
1. If Party B fails to pay the pre-paid payment according to the clause Six of this agreement, Party B shall pay it off within 2 days after Party A’s proposal and bear 1% of the pre-paid payment as violating fines; if Party B still fails to execute it, Party A has the right to terminate the agreement and Part B shall bear 5% of Pre-paid payment as violating fines;
2. If Party B fails to pay for the rest payment according to the Clause Six, as per day delay, it shall pay 0.01% of the rest payment to Party A as the daily late fees;

3. If Party A fails to deliver the products in the contracted period, it shall deliver it within 2 days after Party B proposes and bear 1% of the pre-paid payment as the violating fines:
4. If Party A fails to execute the content of Clause Three, Party B has the right to consult the actual situation to decide whether conceal this agreement or nor and Party A shall bear 5% of pre-paid payment as the violating fines.
Clause Eight: Disputes Settlement
Any disputes caused in the course of performing this agreement, shall be solved through two parties’ negotiation; if fails to reach agreement, either party shall take legal proceedings against the other party to the court located in the contract signed place.
Clause Nine: Miscellaneous:
Any uncovered matters shall be solved according to a supplementary agreement signed after the two parties’ negotiation. The supplementary agreement shall enjoy the same legal force with this agreement.
Clause Ten: This contract is made in duplicate; and each party holds one.
This contract shall be come into force since the date of being signed by the two parties.


Party A (Seal and Signature):     Party B (Seal and Signature): 
Person in Charge:   Person in Charge:
Zhao Feiyang
Zhang Jianjun
August 14th, 2006