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Loaned Securities Agreement - Deutsche Morgan Grenfell Inc. and Synopsys Inc.

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April 15, 1998

Synopsys, Inc.
700 East Middlefield Road
Mountain View, CA 94043
Attn: David M. Sugishita

Dear Sir:

This term sheet sets forth the terms under which you agree to lend to Deutsche 
Bank AG acting through its London Branch securities against a pledge of 
collateral on the date specified below, subject to the parties entering into a 
Master Securities Loan Agreement to be dated as of April 15, 1998 in form and 
substance reasonably satisfactory to the parties (the "Agreement").

        Borrower:                          Deutsche Bank AG, London Branch

        Lender:                            Synopsys, Inc.

        Agent:                             Deutsche Morgan Grenfell Inc. ("DMG")

        Loaned Securities:                 Common stock, par value $0.001 per
                                           share, of Artisan Components, Inc.
                                           (NASDAQ symbol "ARTI"), 
                                           CUSIP No. 042923102

        Quantity of Loaned Securities:     891,448

        Collateral:                        Cash

        Margin Requirement:                102% of the daily market value of all
                                           outstanding Loaned Securities

        Cash Collateral Fee:               Actual earnings on cash collateral
                                           (to be invested in eligible short
                                           term investments typical for
                                           segregated customer funds)

        Loan Fee:                          Zero

        Commencement Date:                 The date on which the closing, if
                                           any, occurs under the Underwriting
                                           Agreement anticipated to be entered
                                           into between, among others, Artisan
                                           Components, Inc. and DMG

        Dividends:                         As provided in the Agreement

        Custody of Loaned Securities:      To be deposited in custody with the
                                           transfer agent for Artisan
                                           Components, Inc. promptly after the
                                           date hereof but
                                           in no event later than the fifth
                                           business day prior to the
                                           Commencement Date pursuant to a
                                           mutually agreed custody arrangement
                                           among the transfer agent, Lender and

        Netting:                           Lender and Borrower agree that
                                           payments, deliveries and other
                                           transfers in respect of this loan
                                           shall be netted with obligations
                                           under the agreement confirming the
                                           terms and conditions of the share
                                           forward transaction entered into
                                           between Lender and Borrower relating
                                           to Loaned Securities with a trade
                                           date of April 15, 1998.


solely in its capacity as agent in connection with this transaction

           /s/ John Hodge
By: ________________________________

           /s/ Tony Trousset
By: ________________________________

Agreed as of the date first above written:


           /s/ Dan Miranda
By: ________________________________
    Name:      Dan Miranda
               Business Development