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Technology Transfer Purchase and Royalty Fee Agreement - Allied Technology Group Inc. and Regent Star Ltd.

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     THIS AGREEMENT, entered into this 30th day of September, 1997 by and
between Allied Technology Group, Incorporated, hereinafter refer to as "ATG",
with office at 47375 Fremont Boulevard, Fremont, California 94538 and Regent
Star Ltd, hereinafter refer to as "Purchaser", with office at 239 Wing Lok
Street, 19/F, Hong Kong.


     WHEREAS, the parties have entered into a Non-Disclosure Agreement, and
hereby reaffirm the content and affect of the same as part of this Agreement;

     WHEREAS, ATG has acquired, developed, permitted and constructed a
"vitrification" system, hereinafter referred to as the "SafGlas system", which
is used to volume reduce selected materials, and to volume reduce and stabilize
certain hazardous, mixed and low-level nuclear materials. ATG also applies other
non-vitrification, non-thermal, waste treatment and recycling systems and
processes in its business; and

     WHEREAS, ATG has been operating a permitted facility in the city of
Richland, Washington since 1989, for the processing and treatment of low level
nuclear material, and another permitted facility in the city of Fremont,
California since 1995, for the recycling of spent fluorescent lamps. ATG has
designed, permitted, constructed and operated all such equipments and processes
at its facilities. The glassmelter in Richland, the mercury retort unit in
Fremont, various commercial grade equipment and components are purchased from
industry vendors and suppliers, and therefore are not subject to the technology
transfer agreement. "Technology" is defined as: (1) the SafGlas system except
the glassmelter and other commercial grade equipments, (2) ATG Supercompaction
system, (3) ATG Fluorescent Lamp recycling system, (4) ATG waste processing
know-how, operating and safety procedures, and licensing expertise, and  (5)
process design and technical drawings, with the exception of commercial grade
equipment and instruments and (6) Technology is intended for commercial and
industrial use only, and does not include any application for military and
defense use; and

     WHEREAS, Purchaser is in the business of international trading and has
experience in both manufacturing and trading with mainland China and Taiwan.
Purchaser also has technical knowledge and experiences in managing construction
and operation of manufacturing and processing plants in Asia. Purchaser is
interested to form a business venture with ATG to promote ATG technology and
business in mainland China and Taiwan.


     WHEREAS, Purchaser desires to acquire ATG's treatment processes and
technology on an exclusive basis in Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macau and mainland China.
"Exclusive Territory" is therefore defined as Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macau and the
Peoples Republic of China. Purchaser desires to sell ATG product and services
and to apply such ATG treatment processes and technology within the Exclusive
Territory. Any other territories outside of the Exclusive Territory is not
included in the Agreement, any marketing and/or use of the technology by the
Purchaser, its associate companies, or its teaming partners, are therefore
specifically prohibited;

     WHEREAS, the parties hereto desire to associate themselves with each other
for the purpose of marketing and/or use of the Technology in the Exclusive
Territory. The Purchaser may include other individuals or companies in the
Exclusive Territory from time to time. Any teaming partner Purchaser wishes to
add to its team requires ATG's prior written approval and acceptance. Purchaser
shall not sublicense or transfer any ATG technology to any third party;

     WHEREAS, the parties acknowledge that this Agreement supersedes any and all
other negotiation or agreements.

     NOW THEREFORE, in consideration of the promises, mutual agreements and
covenants hereinabove and hereinafter contained, and for other good and valuable
consideration, the receipt and sufficiency of which is hereby acknowledged, it
is hereby agreed by and between the parties hereto as follows:

     1.   Purchaser hereby purchases the Technology from ATG which includes the
          design, engineering data and drawing, calculations, license
          application, operating procedures. In consideration of the receipt of
          such Technology, Purchaser shall pay ATG as follows:

            SafGlas Waste Processes:              $       [*]
            Fluorescent Lamp Recycling System:            [*]
            Operating Procedures:                         [*]
            Total Amount:                         $1,000,000 
     2.   ATG Asia Ltd shall be solely responsible for providing all initial
          marketing expenses, office space and other related administrative
          costs. ATG will be responsible for all costs, including travel cost,
          relating to engineering support and technical presentations in the
          initial marketing of ATG Technology in the Exclusive Territory.

          SECURITIES AND EXCHANGE COMMISSION.                            

     3.   A new business entity, ATG Asia Ltd., shall be formed in Hong Kong as
          soon as all documents are executed. Purchaser shall be responsible for
          all marketing and ATG shall provide technical support to Purchaser.
          ATG shall have no capital ownership of the newly form entity. However,
          SECURITIES AND EXCHANGE COMMISSION]%) of any profit generated by ATG
          Asia Ltd. Such amount shall be paid annually, ATG shall have the right
          to audit and inspect the books and record of ATG Asia Ltd. In
          addition, Purchaser shall provide ATG Asia Ltd's quarterly financial
          statements to ATG within forty five (45) days from the end of the
          quarter. This Agreement will cover new contracts within the Exclusive
          Territory, regardless the location where waste material may be
          processed. Purchaser will conduct all business related to ATG
          Technology, products and services under ATG Asia Ltd only, and will
          not conduct any related business under any other business entity or
          trade names.

     4.   In consideration of the Technology and know-how provided by ATG, ATG
          Asia Ltd will pay a royalty of [CONFIDENTIAL INFORMATION OMITTED AND
          SECURITIES AND EXCHANGE COMMISSION] to ATG, of any sales relating to
          vitrification system & products. This royalty fee of [CONFIDENTIAL
          EXCHANGE COMMISSION] percent shall not put ATG products
          noncompetitive in the Exclusive Territory, or shall be renegotiated in
          good faith.

     5.   ATG may terminate the Agreement if total sales in the Exclusive
          24 months. Upon receipt of the termination notice, Purchaser shall
          immediately return all technical data and all other documents related
          to ATG Technology in Purchaser's possession, and shall not use any of
          the ATG Technology anywhere after termination. Upon termination, ATG
          Asia Ltd shall be dissolved, any outstanding profits due ATG shall be
          distributed upon dissolution.

     6.   Purchaser shall buy all of its products and services from ATG on an
          exclusive basis whenever ATG price is competitive. ATG shall sell its
          products and services to the Purchaser at the same commercial price
          ATG offers its clients in the United States, from either the ATG
          commercial catalog price list or from government approved rates,
          wherein applicable.

     7.   ATG Asia Ltd shall arrange all construction financing, and shall also
          arrange letter of credits in U.S. dollars to cover all ATG products.
          Such letter of credits shall be acceptable to ATG' 5 commercial bank
          and/or major material suppliers. Depending on the size of the
          contract, normal commercial volume discount shall be available to ATG
          Asia Ltd

     8.   A TG Asia Ltd may reference and disclose ATG' 5 track record and
          experience in the marketing of ATG products and services, only
          according to materials provided by ATG. All announcements for the
          general public require ATG's prior written approval.

     9.   ATG shall be solely responsible for its facility-specific permitting
          as necessary to support any R&D, or process demonstration required to
          be conducted in the U.S.

     10.  During normal office hour, and upon reasonable prior notice to ATG,
          Purchaser and its clients may tour ATG's facilities. Foreign nationals
          may be subject to certain applicable rules and regulations, certain
          property, area, equipment or documents may or may not be available for

     11.  The parties agree that the exclusive agreement and its exclusive
          arrangements are applicable to both parties. As such, Purchaser and
          its teaming partners will not represent, market or use other competing
          technology, product and services offered by ATG's competitors in the
          Exclusive Territory. ATG will not sell or provide any ATG products or
          services to any party other than the Purchaser or ATG Asia.

     12.  All technical and engineering personnel shall be provided or appointed
          by ATG. Purchaser shall assist ATG in the recruitment of local
          subcontractors. Purchaser shall not modify, change or disassemble any
          ATG equipment or processes without ATG's prior approval. All
          replacement parts must be approved by ATG technical personnel.

     13.  The parties agree that Purchaser shall focus its marketing efforts in
          the commercial power industry, nuclear or non-nuclear, chemical
          plants, oil and gas industry for the ATG products and services.
          Purchaser agrees that should it choose not to pursue a business
          opportunity when offered, then ATG may pursue such business
          opportunity(s) so declined by Purchaser. Should ATG choose not to
          pursue a business when offered, Purchaser may pursue such opportunity
          so so declined by ATG. All business opportunity offer or decline must
          be in writing within thirty days from receipt of proposal.

     14.  ATG warrants that the SafGlas vitrification system provided hereunder
          will process low-level, nuclear, and/or hazardous wastes at a rate of
          not less than 330 lbs per hour. Notwithstanding the foregoing, ATG
          does not represent nor warrant that the process can accept every kind
          of low level radioactive, or hazardous material. On the other hand,
          ATG only warrants those materials listed on ATG's existing licenses as
          acceptable material suitable for treatment.

     15.  ATG Asia agrees to hold ATG harmless and to protect, defend and
          indemnify ATG against losses and damages due to ATG Asia's negligence.

     16.  ATG agrees to hold Purchaser harmless and to indemnify Purchaser for
          losses and damages due to ATG's negligence.

     17.  Under this Agreement, ATG warrants that it has full authority and
          rights to all of its technology and processes, know-how, operating and
          safety procedures being operated presently at its facilities. ATG
          further warrants that it has full authority and rights to sell its
          technology, processes, designs, know-how and procedures to Purchaser.
          Commercial grade equipments from suppliers and vendors are not part of
          the technology transfer. ATG reserves the right to replace any
          commercial supplier and/or vendor in the future with comparable or
          better quality products.

     18.  Neither party hereto shall sell, assign or in any manner transfer its
          interest, or any part thereof, in this Agreement without first
          obtaining the written consent of the other party or parties hereto.
          Such consent shall not be unreasonably withheld. ATG hereby
          acknowledges that from time to time a teaming partner is necessary in
          the local area to be brought in as part of the team, however, ATG must
          approve in writing such teaming partner/s of Purchaser.

     19.  In the event of bankruptcy, dissolution or death of any parties
          hereto, this agreement shall immediately upon the occurrence thereof,
          cease and terminate with respect to the party thus affected. The
          successors, receivers, trustees or other legal representatives of the
          party thus affected shall cease to have any interest whatsoever in
          this agreement. In any such event the remaining party or parties shall
          have the right to carry out and complete the purpose of this

     20.  This agreement shall remain in effect unless terminated by ATG
          provided for in Section 5. The term of this agreement is five (5)
          years with an automatic extension of another five years at the end of
          the fifth year unless either party gives written notice of intention
          to terminate this agreement after the fifth year, in which event this
          agreement shall terminate thirty days from the date of mailing of such
          notice by either party.

     21.  Should ATG or Purchaser materially default on any of its obligations
          under this agreement, in addition to legal remedies which may be
          available to it, the non defaulting party may at its sole option send
          to the defaulting party written notice of its intention to terminate
          this agreement. Upon such termination of the term of this agreement,
          all rights, duties and obligations of the parties hereunder shall
          terminate, except for those which may be prescribed by law through
          legal remedies which may be available to the non-defaulting party and
          as otherwise

          provided for herein and with the exception of any and all obligations
          of the parties which have heretofore accrued.

     22.  In all activities hereunder, each party is an independent contractor
          and shall be solely responsible for all expenses incurred, including,
          without limitation, operation of its offices, sales and service staffs
          and activities, other than as herein provided.

     23.  Upon the execution of this Agreement, any prior Agreement with any
          other party or person giving such entity or person any portion within
          the Exclusive Territory shall be terminated, so that Purchaser, under
          the name of ATG Asia Ltd., is the only authorized exclusive
          representative for ATG in the Exclusive Territory.

     24.  This agreement shall be constructed and interpreted in accordance with
          the laws of the State of California.

     25.  The terms and conditions set forth herein constitute the entire
          agreement between the parties and supersedes all prior agreements or
          arrangements, written or oral, between ATG and Purchaser. This
          agreement shall not be amended or changed or modified except by an
          instrument in writing referencing this agreement and executed by
          authorized agents of both parties.

     26.  The parties hereto agree to work together to market the use of the ATG
          technology and systems for uses as outlined herein. If either party
          requests marketing support from the other, the parties agree to
          provide such support within reason and at their own expense. As part
          of said marketing support to be provided by ATG to Purchaser, ATG
          acknowledges and agrees that Purchaser shall have reasonable access to
          ATG premises. Such access will be permitted only during normal
          business hours and days of operation. An advance notice of at least
          five days will be required.

     27.  Regent Star Ltd and ATG Asia Ltd, shall not compete with ATG outside
          of the Exclusive Territory, in the same business ATG presently offers.
          ATG shall not compete with Regent Star Ltd and ATG Asia Ltd within
          the Exclusive Territory in the same business ATG presently offers.

IN WITNESS WHEREOF, the parties herein have caused this Agreement to be executed
by duly authorized representatives of both parties to be effective on the day
and year first above written.

REGENT STAR LLC                              ATG, INC.

/s/ Francois Shih                            /s/ Doreen Chiu
--------------------------------             ---------------------------------
Francois Shih, President                     Doreen Chiu, President

ATG Asia, Ltd

/s/ Francois Shih
Francois Shih, President

                                  ADDENDUM #1


This Agreement is made this 29th day of January 1998 to cover the marketing of
the copper tubing procurement from the Taiwan Power Company.

WHEREAS ATG has been working on this project since 1996. Regent Star and A TG
Asia Ltd believe that they have technical and marketing know-how and can improve
the success of the winning of the contract.

NOW THEREFORE, both parties agree to allow Regent Star and A TG Asia Ltd to
represent ATG in Taiwan for the marketing of such project. ATG will pay ATG Asia
processing revenue, after deducting shipping and transportation costs. Such fee
will be paid within five days upon the receipt of processing costs from Taiwan
Power Company.

Both parties herein agree to the above terms and conditions of the copper tubing
project for Taiwan Power Company.

Francois Shih, President
Regent Star LLC

______________________________               ______________________________
Francois Shih, President                     Doreen Chiu, President
ATG Asia, Ltd                                ATG Inc


1.   Parties. This nondisclosure Agreement, the "Agreement", is made and entered
     into as of this 30th day of September l997, between ATG, Inc., the
     "Disclosing Party", and Regent Star, the "Receiving Party".

2.   Purpose of Agreement. The Disclosing Party intends to make certain
     disclosures, whether written, verbal and/or visual inspection, of
     Confidential Information, as defined below, to Receiving Party. This
     Agreement is intended to define the rights and duties of the parties with
     respect to such Confidential Information which may be revealed to Receiving
     Party by the Disclosing Party. All parties agree and acknowledge that this
     Agreement is supported by fair and reasonable consideration in money or
     monies worth, is governed exclusively by the laws of the United States of
     America, State of California, and that all parties hereto voluntarily
     consent to said jurisdiction and selected courts.

3.   Confidential Information. For purposes of this Agreement the "Confidential
     Information" shall include:

     a.   All information of a technical nature such as processes, know how,
          trade secrets, programs, formulae, machines, discoveries, inventories,
          techniques, studies, research projects, development plans, notes,
          memoranda, reports, records, manual drawings, photographs, videos,
          blueprints or other documents whether patentable or not relating to
          patent application and the resulting letters, patent and other
          intellectual property product(s);

     b.   Financial information;

     c.   Customer and vendor lists, marketing plans and surveys and other
          marketing information; and,

     d.   Other similar information which the Disclosing Party considers and
          treats as confidential.

Any "Confidential Information" provided in writing or print/reproduction form by
the Disclosing Party shall be clearly marked as "Confidential". Any Information
provided orally shall be considered as "Confidential Information".

4    Restrictions on Confidential Information. With respect to any Confidential
     Information disclosed to Receiving Party by the Disclosing Party:

     a.   The Confidential Information shall not be further disclosed, to any
          person outside of Receiving Party's organization, and shall only be
          disclosed within Receiving Party's organization on a "need-to-know"
          basis to individuals who have been apprised of the confidential nature
          of the information and agree to be bound by the disclosure, use and
          copying restrictions set forth herein;

     b.   The Confidential Information shall be treated according to the same
          internal security procedures and with the same degree of care
          regarding its secrecy and confidentiality as similar information of
          Receiving Party is treated within Receiving Party's organization;

     c.   The Confidential Information shall remain the sole and exclusive
          property of the Disclosing Party. Nothing in this Agreement, nor
          actions of the parties hereto, shall be construed as granting a right
          or a license of any kind or nature, whether for use, application,
          duplication, research and development (R&D), or otherwise, by the
          Disclosing Party to Receiving Party with respect to any Confidential
          Information disclosed hereunder;

     d.   The Confidential Information and all copies shall be immediately
          resumed to the Disclosing Party at the Disclosing Party's request and
          upon such request, such Confidential Information shall be returned no
          later than 24 hours after such request; provided, further that
          Receiving Party shall not make or keep any copies of any Confidential
          Information returned;

     e.   Use or disclosure of Confidential Information by the directors,
          officers, employees, agents or representatives of a parent, subsidiary
          or an affiliate of Receiving Party shall be deemed the act of
          Receiving Party for purposes of this Agreement;

     f    Receiving Party shall give notice to the Disclosing Party of any
          attempt via legal process to obtain any Confidential Information and
          agrees to cooperate with the Disclosing Party in defending against any
          such attempt.

5.   Employee Obligations Receiving Party agrees to inform any employee or other
     person in Receiving Party's organization of the confidentiality obligations
     imposed by this Agreement, and to use its best efforts to require such
     employees to agree to be bound by the disclosure, use and copying
     restrictions set forth herein.

6.   Miscellaneous

     a.   For breach hereof, the party hereto so wronged shall have all remedies
          for damages and claims arising thereby, whether such be legal or

     b.   Captions in this Agreement are for ease of the reference only, and
          should not be

          considered in the construction of this Agreement.

     c.   This Agreement constitutes the entire agreement between the parties
          regarding the subject matter hereof, and supersedes any prior or
          contemporaneous agreements, whether oral or written, between the
          parties regarding the same.

     d.   This Agreement may be modified only in writing signed by the parties.

     e.   Failure by a party to enforce any provisions of this Agreement or to
          exercise any option hereof, is not to be construed as a present or
          future waiver of such provisions or option.

     f.   The provisions of this Agreement are to be considered as severable,
          and in the event that any provision is held to be invalid or
          unenforceable, the parties intend the remaining provisions should
          remain in full force and effect.

     g.   There is no third party beneficiary to this Agreement.

     h.   This Agreement expires seven (7) years from the last day of execution
          by the parties to this Agreement. Prior to expiration of this
          Agreement, Receiving Party shall, without any further action required
          on the part of Disclosing Party, return to Disclosing Party all
          Confidential Information and copies thereof.

IN WITNESS WHEREOF, the parties have entered into this Agreement as of the date
first above written.

       "Disclosing Party"                      "Receiving Party"

         ATG, INC.                      Name:    Regent Star LLC

By:  /s/ Doreen Chiu                    By:  /s/ Francois Shih 
   -----------------------------            ------------------------------- 

Print Name: Doreen Chiu                 Print Name: Francois Shih 
           ---------------------                   ------------------------

Title:     President                    Title:     President
           ---------------------                   ------------------------