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Articles of Incorporation - Babe Inc.

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                             AMENDED AND RESTATED
                           ARTICLES OF INCORPORATION
                                  BABE, INC.
                           A California Corporation

     Manny Mashouf and Paul Mashouf certify that:

1.   They are the duly elected and acting President and Secretary,
respectively, of Babe, Inc., a California corporation (the "Corporation").

2.   The Articles of Incorporation of this Corporation, as amended to the date
of the filing of this certificate, are amended and restated to read in full as


     The name of this Corporation is:  bebe stores, inc.


     The purpose of this Corporation is to engage in any lawful act or activity
for which a corporation may be organized under the California General
Corporation Law ("CGCL") other then the banking business, the trust company
business, or the practice of a profession permitted to be incorporated by the
California Corporation Code.


     This Corporation is authorized to issue two classes of shares, designated
"Common Stock" and "Preferred Stock."  The total number of shares which this
Corporation is authorized to issue is 41,000,000.  The number of shares of
Preferred Stock which this Corporation is authorized to issue is 1,000,000.
The number of shares of Common Stock which this Corporation is authorized to
issue is 40,000,000.  Upon the filing of this Certificate of Amendment of
Articles of Incorporation, each outstanding share of Common Stock shall,
without any further action on the part of the Corporation, be split up and
converted into 2.83 fully paid and validly issued shares of Common Stock.

     The Preferred Stock authorized by these Articles of Incorporation may be
issued in one or more series.  The Board of Directors of the Corporation is
authorized to determine or alter the rights, preferences, privileges and
restrictions granted or imposed upon any wholly unissued series of Preferred
Stock, and within the limitations or restrictions stated in any resolution or
resolutions of the Board of Directors originally fixing the number of shares
constituting any series, to increase or decrease (but not below the number of
shares of any such series then outstanding) the number of shares of any such
series subsequent to the issue of shares of that series, to determine the
designation and par value of any series and to fix the numbers of shares of any



          (a)  The liability of the directors of this Corporation for monetary
damages shall be eliminated to the fullest extent permissible under California

          (b)  This Corporation is authorized to provide, whether by bylaw,
agreement or otherwise, for the indemnification of agents (as defined in
Section 317 of the CGCL) of this Corporation in excess of that expressly
permitted for those agents by Section 317 of the CGCL, for breach of duty to
this Corporation and its shareholders to the extent permissible under
California law (as now or hereafter in effect).  In furtherance and not in
limitation of the powers conferred by statue:

               (i)  this Corporation may purchase and maintain insurance on
behalf of any person who is or was a director, officer, employee or agent of
this Corporation, or is serving at the request of this Corporation as a
director, officer, employee or agent of another corporation, partnership, joint
venture, trust, employee benefit plan or other enterprise (each an "Indemnifies
Party"), against any liability asserted against him or her and incurred by him
or her in any such capacity, or arising out of his or her status as such,
whether or not this Corporation would have the power to indemnify against such
liability under the provisions of law; and

               (ii) this Corporation may create a trust fund, grant a security
interest and/or use other means (including, without limitation, letters of
credit, surety bonds and/or other similar arrangements), as well as enter into
contracts providing indemnification, to the fullest extent authorized or
permitted by law and including as part thereof provisions with respect to any
or all of the foregoing to ensure the payment of such amounts as may become
necessary to effect indemnification as provided therein, or elsewhere.

     No such agreement or other form of indemnification shall be interpreted as
limiting in any manner the rights which such agents would have to
indemnification in the absence of such bylaw, agreement or other form of

          (c)  Any repeal or modification of the foregoing provisions of this
Article IV by the shareholders of this Corporation shall not adversely affect
any right or protection of a current or former Indemnified party existing at
the time of such repeal of modification


     Cumulative voting for the election of directors of the Corporation shall
be eliminated effective upon the date when the Corporation becomes, and for as
long as the Corporation is, a "listed corporation" within the meaning of
Section 301.5 of the CGCL.

3.   The foregoing Amended and Restated Articles of Incorporation have been
duly approved by the Board of Directors of the Corporation.



4.   The foregoing Amended and Restated Article of Incorporation have been duly
approved by the required vote of shareholders in accordance with Section 902 of
the CGCL.  The Corporation has only one class of shares, and the total number
of outstanding shares of the Corporation is 8,000,000 shares of Common Stock.
The number of shares voting in favor of the amendment equaled or exceed the
vote required.  The percentage vote required was more than 50% of the Common



     Each of the undersigned declares under penalty of perjury under the laws
of the State of California that the matters set forth in this Certificate are
true and correct of his own knowledge.

Date:  April 7, 1998

                                           /s/ MANNY MASHOUF
                                           Manny Mashouf, President

                                           /s/ PAUL MASHOUF
                                           Paul Mashouf, Secretary