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Banking Facilities Agreement - DBS Kwong On Bank Ltd. and Bonso Electronics Ltd.

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Our ref : DKOB/CS&S/LK/CCB493
Date: 25 April 2003

Bonso Electronics Limited
Unit 1106-1110, Star House
3 Salibury Road
Tsimshatsui, Kowloon

Attention: Ms Cathy Pang

Dear Sirs,

           Banking Facilities : Bonso Electronics Limited ("Borrower")

     We, DBS Kwong On Bank Limited ("Bank"), refer to our letter dated 16 May
2002 setting out the facilities made available to you ("the Existing Facility

     We are pleased to confirm that all the terms under the Existing Facility
Letter shall remain unchanged except the following variations until further


2a.  Letter of Credit - BKD11,000,000.

     The following clause is added under this Facility:

     Beneficiaries of local letters of credit and each of its individual limits
     are each subject to the Bank's prior written approval on case by case basis
     (if so required by the Bank). The Bank may from time to time carry out at
     the Borrower's expense updated searches of the beneficiaries of local
     letters of credit. All related costs and fees may be debited to the
     Borrower's account.

Conditions Precedent:

The following documentation under this heading will no longer be required:

(b)  (i) the Bank's standard form all movies Memorandum of Charge on Deposit
     Accounts duly executed by the Borrower;

     (ii) the deposit by the Borrower for an amount of not less than
     HKD3,000,000.- or its equivalent in US Dollars, with interest being
     maintained with the Bank;

The clause Section 83 of the Banking Ordinance is substituted by the following

Relationship with Directors/Employees: As a liceneed bank, the Bank is subject
to certain limitations on advances to persons related to the directors or
employees of the Bank or of other DBS Group banks. By signing this Letter, the
Borrower confirms to the Bank that it is not in any way related to any of the
directors or employees of the Bank and/or its parent The Development Bank of
Singapore Limited or its other subsidiaries, including Dao Heng Bank Limited and
Overseas Trust Bank Limited. The Borrower undertakes, upon becoming so related
at any time while any loan or other indebtedness to the Bank is outstanding,
immediately to advise the Bank in writing.



  Bonso Electronics Limited

     A handling fee of HKD 10,000.- will be debited to your account.

     Please sign the enclosed copy of this Letter and return it to the Bank for
the attention of Mr James Cheung, within one month from the date of this Letter.

     If you have any queries, please contact our Senior Relationship Manager Mr
James Cheung, whose telephone number is 2218-4804.

     We are pleased to be of service to you.

Signed for and on behalf of DBS Kwong On Bank Limited by

/s/                                         /s/
-----------------------------               -------------------------------
Authorised Signature                        Authorised Signature
Credit Support & Services                   Sales & Distribution
Enterprise Banking                          Enterprise Banking


We agree to the terms of this Letter.

Signed for and on behalf of
Bonso Electronics Limited

For and on behalf of

/s/ Cathy Kit Teng Pang