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California-Costa Mesa-3163 Redhill Avenue Lease - Trico Rents and Ceradyne Inc.

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Date:    June 8, 1995                  Extension No.   2
     ---------------------                          ------------------


                              LEASE RENEWAL FORM

LEASE to be renewed is that certain lease described as follows:

Lessor:             TRICO RENTS, a California General Partnership
Lessee:             CERADYNE, INC., a Delaware Corporation
Property Leased:    3163 Redhill Avenue
                    Costa Mesa, CA 92626
Lease Dated:        March 31, 1986

The term of the referenced lease is hereby extended from:

          November 1, 1995          through           October 31, 2000
-----------------------------------         ------------------------------------

    With the following changes only:

A.  Security Deposit decreased from:     $13,120.00      to       $9,350.00
                                    --------------------    --------------------

B.  Rent: Throughout the term of this Lease Extension the following rental
    schedule shall prevail:

                   Rental Period                   Monthly Amount
                   -------------                   --------------
        November 1, 1995 - October 31, 1996          $ 7,833.00
        November 1, 1996 - October 31, 1997            8,146.00
        November 1, 1997 - October 31, 1998            8,472.00
        November 1, 1998 - October 31, 1999            8,811.00
        November 1, 1999 - October 31, 2000            9,163.00

    The above rental figures do not include the estimated monthly Common Area
    Maintenance (CAM) charges which are currently $187.00, per month.

    Note: A credit of $3,770.00 shall be applied to the November, 1995 rent to
    offset the reduction in the security deposit requirement ($13,120.00 -
    $9,350.00 = $3,770.00).

C.  Option to Renew. Lessor hereby grants to the Lessee an Option to Renew this
    Lease for an additional five (5) years under the following terms and

    A.  Lessee must notify Lessor, in writing, on or before May 1, 2000 of
        Lessee's intent to exercise its Option to Renew.

    B.  The renewal period shall commence, if the Option is exercised, on
        November 1, 2000 and shall terminate on October 31, 2005.

    C.  The terms and conditions of this option period shall be the same as the
        terms and conditions of the original Lease, including extensions, except
        that the following monthly rental schedule shall prevail throughout this
        option period:

                   Rental Period                   Monthly Amount
                   -------------                   --------------
        November 1, 2000 - October 31, 2001          $ 9,530.00
        November 1, 2001 - October 31, 2002            9,911.00
        November 1, 2002 - October 31, 2003           10,307.00
        November 1, 2003 - October 31, 2004           10,719.00
        November 1, 2004 - October 31, 2005           11,148.00

        The above rental figures do not include the estimated monthly CAM

    All other terms and conditions of the Lease dated       March 31, 1986
    shall remain the same.

APPROVED BY: LESSOR                             APPROVED BY: LESSEE

TRICO RENTS, a                                  CERADYNE, INC., a Delaware
California General Partnership                  Corporation

/s/ Clarence J. Turner                          /s/ James F. Gardner
------------------------------                  --------------------------------
Clarence J. Turner                              James F. Gardner

                                                /s/ David P. Reed
                                                David P. Reed

DATED:  6/8/95                                  DATED: 6/8/95
      ------------------------                  --------------------------------