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Construction Agreement [Amendment No. 1] - Cerner Properties Inc. and J. E. Dunn Construction Co.

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                              AMENDMENT NO. 1
                                  to the
                       BETWEEN OWNER and CONTRACTOR


made as of the 24th day of October in the year Nineteen Hundred and Ninety-

Between the Owner:                          Cerner Properties, Inc.
                                            2800 Rockcreek Parkway, Suite 601
                                            Kansas City, Missouri 64117
and the Contractor:                         J. E. Dunn Construction Company
                                            929 Holmes
                                            Kansas City, Missouri 64106

The Project:                                Cerner Associate Center
                                            2800 Rockcreek Parkway
                                            Kansas City, Missouri 64117

The Architect:                              Hollis & Miller Group
                                            309 SW Market Street
                                            Lee's Summit, Missouri 64063-2315

The Owner and the Contractor agree as set forth below:

Whereas, the Owner and Contractor have previously agreed to amend their
Agreement to establish a scope, costs, schedule and Contract Documents, and

Whereas, the Owner and Contractor now wish to so amend their Agreement,

NOW, THEREFORE, in consideration of the mutual covenants and conditions
contained herein, the parties hereto agree to Amendment of their Contract
dated September 1, 1994, as set forth below:

1.     This Amendment No. 1 is for the Early Bid Package.

2.     In accordance with Paragraphs 4.1 and 4.2, the Date of Commencement
       shall be the date of this Amendment and the substantial completion date
       shall be pursuant to a mutually agreed upon Contractor's project
3.     In accordance with Paragraphs 5.2 and 5.3 of the Agreement, the
       Guaranteed Maximum Price for the Work of this Amendment shall be
       established as:  Three Million Three Hundred Thirty Two Thousand
       One Hundred Thirty Nine Dollars ($3,332,139.00), which includes
       deductive value engineering alternates 1 through 9 totaling

       Pursuant to Paragraphs 5.1 and 5.3, the Contractor's Fee
       applicable to the work of this amendment shall be established as:
       Ninety Seven Thousand One Hundred Fifty Eight Dollars ($97,158.00)
4.     Pursuant to Paragraphs 16.13 through 16.17 of the Agreement, the
       Contract Documents describing the Scope of Work of this Amendment and
       upon which the G.M.P. stated in Item #3 above is based, are as follows:
Paragraph     Description               Title               Date
---------     -----------              -------              ------
16.1.3        Supplementary &         Cerner Associate    August 22, 1994
              Other Conditions        Center - Early      (Ref. Exhibit A)
                                      Bid Package
                                      Project Manual

16.1.4        Specifications          Cerner Associate    August 22, 1994
                                      Center - Early      (Ref. Exhibit A)
                                      Bid Package
                                      Project Manual

16.1.5        Drawings                Cerner Associate    August 22, 1994
                                      Center - Early      (Ref. Exhibit A)
                                      Bid Package

16.1.6        Addenda                 No. 1               September 8, 1994
                                      No. 2               September 15, 1994

16.1.7        Other Documents         Proposal &          October 25, 1994
                                      (9 pages)

This Modification and Amendment entered into as of the day and year first
written above.

OWNER:                                   CONTRACTOR:


BY:/s/Clifford W. Illig                  BY:/s/Barrett Brady
                                               Barrett Brady
                                               Executive Vice President



1.     Contract between Owner and Contractor dated September 1, 1994.

2.     General Conditions, AIA Document A201, as supplemented and included
       in the Project Manual.

3.     Drawings dated August 22, 1994, listed as follows:

       C1.1 through C5.2
       S100 through S302
       A0.0, A0.2, A1.1, A2.1 through A2.5, A6.1 through A6.5, A7.1
       through A7.6, A8.1, A11.1, A11.3
       M1.1 through M1.4
       P1.1 through P1.4
       ME1.1, E1.1 through E1.4
       SP-1 through SP-5

4.     Project Manual dated August 22, 1994 titled Cerner Associate Center-
       Early Bid Package Project Manual.

5.     Addenda
       No. 1 dated September 8, 1994
       No. 2 dated September 15, 1994


October 25, 1994

Mr. Steve Lee
Cerner Corporation
2800 Rock Creek Parkway
Kansas City, Missouri 64117

                                         Re:  Cerner Associates Center
                                              J. E. Dunn Project No. 821

Dear Steve:

Enclosed for your review is a copy of our Guaranteed Maximum Price proposal
for the Early Bid Package on the above referenced project.  With assistance
of the Hollis & Miller Group, we have provided recommended value
engineering alternates which bring the cost of the work within the + 5% of
the median range estimate figure.

We have also had the opportunity to look forward and project the Final Bid
Package costs.  From our cost projections it is apparent that the project
has evolved to a level higher than our schematic range estimate assumptions.
This is an understandable progression that occurs as the design and
expectations are further refined and detailed.

We do believe if the budget is of major concern the cost can be reduced by
re-designing various elements prior to issuance of the Final Bid Package.

We look forward to receiving your direction in this matter.


                                             J.E. DUNN CONSTRUCTION COMPANY

                                             /s/Mark M. Morton
                                             Mark M. Morton

cc:   Charlie Williams, Cerner
      Leon Roberts, Hollis & Miller
      Doug Cook, Hollis & Miller
      File (2)











Original Range Estimate dated July 20, 1994                  $7,949,026
Less Accepted Value Engineering Alternates                    1,165,700 CR
Revised Range Estimate Dated July 27, 1994                   $6,783,326


Early Bid Package dated August 22, 1994                      $3,556,739
Less Recommended Value Engineering Alternates                   224,600 CR
Revised Early Bid Package Cost                               $3,332,139
Less Early Bid Package Median Budget                         $3,180,177 CR
Variance from Early Bid Package Median Budget              + $  151,962
     (Note:  The Early Bid Package costs are within the
     + 5% range of the July 27, 1994 revised budget.)

Cost variance in the Early Package are due to:

1.     Site Utilities
2.     Machine Excavation
3.     Precast Concrete

Explanation of variance in the Early Package:

1.     Site Utilities - Additional 8" water line and associated appurtenances
       required by the City of North Kansas City, Missouri.
2.     Machine Excavation - Unforeseen soil condition requiring extensive
       undercut of foundation system and recompaction of soil.
3.     Precast - Premium due to market conditions and schedule requirements
       of the project have caused precast costs to overrun from budget.

Potential cost overruns on the Final Bid Package:

1.     Architectural                                   $ 345,000
2.     Mechanical                                      $ 245,000
3.     Electrical                                      $ 180,000
Potential Total Overrun                                $ 770,000

Explanation of cost overruns in the Final Package:

1.     Refinement of the final design has introduced many new items, increased
       quantity of budgeted items and inclusion of previously deleted items.
       Examples of these items include:  access flooring, wood flooring,
       lockers, folding partitions, mesh partitions, daycare exterior
       storage rooms, drywall light coves, projection screens in gym, locker
       units, acoustical wall and ceiling panels, special coatings,
       millwork, folding partitions, wire mesh partitions etc...
2.     Refinement and changes in the anticipated use of various scopes within
       the building have impacted the budget.  Examples of the changes are:
       changing the lobby/corridor spaces to reception and prefunction
       areas, changing the gymnasium to a multipurpose/auditorium area and
       upgrading the meeting room finishes to boardroom-like finishes.
3.     A general refinement of the mechanical and electrical systems have also
       impacted the budget.  Examples include premium rooftop units,
       sophisticated temperature controls, premium light fixtures, dimming
       system and programmable lighting system etc...
October 21, 1994

1.     Utilize a precast face mix which significantly reduces the unit cost
       of same from the specified $248/CY mix to within range of $126/CY to
       $160/CY and incorporate a sandblast/waterwash finishes.
       Approximate Deduct:                               $94,200 - $134,000

2.     Substitute limestone aggregate for granite at the interior exposed
       walls.  Also, a light sandblast would need to be substituted for the
       water wash in order to not reveal the limestone.  The mix would
       contain the same dye as the specified mix and with the light
       sandblast only be slightly lighter.
       Deduct:                                                      $ 8,200

3.     Eliminate the curved precast wall panels at the daycare perimeter and
       provide segmented precast wall panels.

       Deduct:                                                      $ 3,200

4.     Modify the column and beam feature on the west side of the building to
       12" diameter columns and 14" thick single piece beams.  The beams will
       have a hand-finish on the beam side which faces the structure.  It may
       also be possible to hand finish the top of the beam in lieu of the
       inside face.
       Deduct:                                                       $12,500

5.     Eliminate the 9" thick panel sections and change to 8" thick throughout.
       This simplifies the formwork requirements from that currently
       required. In addition 1" depressions may be added to various
       locations, upon engineering review, at no cost, and 10" precast panel
       thicknesses are unaffected.

       Deduct:                                                       $27,200

6.     Delete the 24 each - 12" round bollards added by Addendum No. 2.

       Deduct:                                                       $25,600

7.     Delete bowstring joists at canopies and replace with a self supporting
       roof system which will be defined further in the final package.  Note
       this is not a net deduct as the final design requires completion.
       Deduct:                                                       $17,500

8.     Substitute Vulcraft or Wheeling acoustical deck with NRC of .90 for
       specified Epic ER2A with NRC of .95 in the gymnasium area.

       Deduct:                                                       $30,900

9.     Eliminate face block at pool equipment rooms, the receiving dock
       perimeter (rooms A113, A114 & A112), the gym storage (room B111),
       pool storage areas (room C122, C123, C124 &C118).

       Deduct:                                                       $ 5,300



Project Description and Clarification
Early Bid Package
October 21, 1994

1.     This Proposal is based on the drawings and specifications prepared by
       The Hollis & Miller Group dated August 22, 1994, including Civil
       Drawings, C1.1 through C5.2; Structural Drawings, S100 through
       S302; Architectural Drawings, A0.0, A0.2, A1.1, A2.1 through A2.5,
       A6.1 through A6.5, A7.1 through A7.6, A8.1, A11.1, A11.3;
       Mechanical Drawings M1.1 through M1.4; Plumbing Drawings P1.1
       through P1.4; Electrical Drawings ME1.1, E1.1 through E1.4; Pool
       Drawings SP-1 through SP-5.  The above referenced Contract Documents
       have also been modified by Addendum No. 1 dated September 8, 1994 and
       Addendum No. 2 dated September 15, 1994, which are also included in the
       GMP proposal.

2.     The GMP Proposal excludes the following items:
       a.     Design Fees
       b.     Financing Costs
       c.     Special Inspection Costs
       d.     Performance Bonds
       e.     Builder's Risk Insurance
       f.     Furniture and Artwork
       g.     Security System
       h.     Telephone System
       i.     Material Testing Costs (soil, asphalt, concrete, etc.)
       j.     Drawing Reproduction
       k.     Hazardous Material Abatement
       l.     Landscaping and Irrigation System
       m.     Utility Company Charges for Extension of Services
       n.     Development Fees or Special Assessments

3.     As it relates to the critical delivery items (namely precast and
       structural steel), we are requesting the Design Team review,
       approve and return shop drawings with in a one week time period.
       Because of the critical nature of these items and their fabrication
       time it is imperative the shop drawing review be expedited in order for
       the project to be completed in accordance with the schedule.

4.     This proposal includes an eight foot plywood fence along Rockcreek
       Parkway and the entrance to the Union Pacific Building with wire panel
       fence encompassing the remainder of the site.  Painting of the site
       fence is excluded.
5.     We have included asphalt patching required and specifically indicated
       on drawing C5.1.  However, we are excluding the patching of the re
       maining asphalt because of the lack of information on the existing
       asphalt section and can not accurately anticipate the extent to which
       the asphalt may be damaged during construction.  This work will be
       reviewed and estimated after the scope of work has been accurately
6.     We have included in this proposal five handicap sign bases (one for
       each space), six light pole bases per the Architect's direction and
       six steel bollards per Addendum No. 2. Each of these items will be
       verified in the next bid package in location, number required or size
7.     We are excluding from this proposal the precast concrete grass pavers,
       since this type of work is typically provided by a landscaping
8.     We have not included in this proposal the colored concrete specified
       but not yet defined on the drawings.

9.     In this proposal we have included asphalt mixes APWA Type 1 base and
       APWA Type 3 surface mixes in lieu of the BM-2b and BM2 indicated on
       the plans.  This substitution is supported by the specifications and
       has been reviewed with the Architect as acceptable.
10.    We have estimated the excess topsoil can be stockpiled on-site and
       specifically exclude offsite haul-off.  The topsoil will be wasted
       behind Building No. 5 per the Owner and Architect's direction.  Other
       material (non-topsoil) will be utilized in eroded areas along the
       ravine on the east property line.
11.    Quinn Concrete is the apparent low bidder for the precast concrete
       materials on the project.  They are, however, not members of PCI, but
       do provide their own in-house testing and quality control which is
       periodically certified by an independent consulting engineer.  In
       addition, Quinn Concrete is also a Kansas City, Missouri approved
       precast supplier.

12.    We have included in this proposal 40 sf of glass block at the Daycare
       Lobby, turret feature.

13.    In our proposal we have included rails at the stair opening at the
       gymnasium storage mezzanine.  This rail was not detailed in the
       drawings, therefore we are providing a 1.5" square tube code
       compliant rail.  We also have provided the rail at the mezzanine in
       the lobby area with a top tube rail and two channel intermediate
14.    We have included in our proposal angle framing at the roof top units
       with two framed openings per RTU per details 3/S102 and 4/S102.