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China-Hainan-Farming Bureau Building Rental Agreement - Hainan Farming Bureau Testing Center and Hainan Agricultural Resources Co. Ltd.

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                                RENTAL AGREEMENT



     Party A and party B agreed the terms and conditions as follows:

1.   Party A has agreed to rent the sixth floor of Second Phase of the Farming
     Bureau Building (the "Building") to Party B for office use.

2.   The rental period is for eight years which starts from October 1, 1996 to
     September 30, 2004. After the completion of the rental period, if Party B
     still wish to use the Building, under the same terms and conditions as
     offered to other party, Party A should give Party B the priority to rent
     the Building.

3.   The rental are charged by intervals. from October 1, 1996 to September 30,
     2000, the monthly rental payment is Rmb Six Thousand Only. From October 1,
     2000 to September 30, 2004, the monthly rental payment is decided by
     mutual agreement of both parties based on the market price at that time
     with preferential terms as offered by Party A.

4.   The rental amount is paid semi-annually in advance. The first installment
     should be paid within 10 days after the signing of this agreement. The
     following rental payments should be made payable within 10 days after
     every six months.

5.   This agreement shall be terminated automatically if Party B delays the
     rental payment for two months.

6.   If Party B intends to make any renovation work on the Building, Party B
     should inform Party A of the scale of the renovation work first and
     renovate in accordance with the rules and regulations as imposed by the
     government. All the costs and expenses incurred thereon and all the effect
     inherent with the renovation work should be borne by Party B.

7.   Party B shall not change the structure of the Building and its usage.
     After the termination or expiry of this agreement, Party B should demolish
     any add-in facilities and make the Building clean.

8.   Party B shall take the sole responsibility of the safety and sanitary of
     the Building.

9.   Party B shall not sub-lease the Building, or otherwise, Party A shall have
     the right to terminate this agreement and retain the Building.

10.  All the electricity and building management fee shall be decided by Party
     B and the Management Division of Farming Bureau Building mutually, and
     shall be paid by Party B directly to the Management Division of Farming
     Bureau Building.

11.  During the rental period, Party A shall have the right to retain the
     Building in accordance with the requirements imposed by its superior
     government divisions because of the changes in State or government
     policies. Under this situation, Party A should inform Party B 30 days in
     advance and terminate the agreement. Party A should also repay back the
     excess of the rental to Party B and Party B should move out the Building

12.  Any taxes or government charges payable during the rental period should be
     borne by either party in accordance with the terms of this agreement.

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13.  Both parties shall make any supplementary provisions after mutual
     agreement and these provisions shall have the same legal effects as other
     provisions in this agreement.

14.  This agreement has altogether four copies, each party shall retain two
     copies. This agreement is effective upon the date of signing by both

For and on behalf                            For and on behalf
Hainan Farming Bureau Testing Center         Hainan Agricultural Resources
                                             Company Limited

/s/  Huang Xiang Qian                        /s/  Lin Jia Ping
______________________________               ___________________________

Date:  August 9, 1996