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Purchase Contract - Jiangsu CEEG Electrical Transmission and Distribution Equipment Co. Ltd. and CEEG (Nanjing) PV-Tech Co. Ltd.

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English translation

Purchase Contract of Jiangsu CEEG Electrical Transmission and Distribution

Equipment Co., Ltd.

(Only for Mining Industry Series Products)

Seller: Jiangsu CEEG Electrical Transmission and    Contract No: JS-0500747

Distribution Equipment Co., Ltd.

Buyer: CEEG (Nanjing) PV-Tech Co., Ltd.    Date: Dec.1st, 2005

  I. Commodity name, Brand, specifications and type, quantity and price



   Brand    Specifications
and type
   Resistance    Unit    Quantity    Unit





   Referring to
the drawing



   In word: Four hundred and thirty two thousand (´: 432,000.00)



  II. Technical standards

  1. GB/T6451, GB1094 (Be applicable to Liquid–immersed power transformer and Amorphous alloys Liquid–immersed transformer)

  2. GB/T17467 (Be applicable to American and European Tank-type transformer)

  3. GB3906, GB11022 (Be applicable to HV switch cabinet)

  4. GB7251, GB9466 (Be applicable to LV switch cabinet)

  III. The condition and term upon which the seller should be responsible for the quality:

  1. The seller shall be responsible for Three Warranties (warranty for repair, replace and return) for one year, if there is any quality problem arising during the process of operation .

  2. In case of any damage not attributable to the seller, the seller shall repair it at the buyer's cost.

  3. The warranty period for the product shall be twenty years.

  IV. The criterion of packing, supply and callback of packing materials /

  V. Spare parts, accessories and tools of the products and quantity and supplying method /

  VI. The address and method of delivery (lading) /

  VII. The way of transportation, port of destination and fees /

  VIII. Criterion, method, place and term of checking and accepting of products /

  IX. The method and term of payment

To be internally negotiated


  X. The liability of breach                     /

  XI. The method of disputes settlement in relation to the contract: The seller and the buyer shall settle the disputes which may arise during the implementation of this contract by negotiations. If it is impossible to settle these disputes by negotiations, either party may file the dispute to the People's Court in the place of the plaintiff.

  XII. Other issues agreed:

  1. The buyer shall remit payment to the seller's appointed bank account and payment by cash is not allowed;

  2. This contract shall become effective when the seller receives the buyer's advance payment. If the advance payment delays, the delivery date shall be postponed accordingly;

  3. Whereas the prices of the main raw materials of the transformer (silicon-steel sheet, electrolysis copper and etc.) fluctuate greatly, and if the actual delivery date is one month later than the date agreed herein, the seller shall have the right to make any increase or decrease of the contract price in accordance with the fluctuating range of the market price of the main raw materials at the time of actual delivery. The seller shall confirm the price with the buyer through a written notice;

  4. This contract shall become effective only if executed before Dec. 31st, 2005.

  XIII. This contract shall be made in five copies and shall become effective after signed and sealed by both parties.

Seller    Buyer   Opinion of Notarization
Company: Jiangsu CEEG Electrical Transmission and Distribution Equipment Co., Ltd. (Seal)    Company: (Seal) Address:   Handling person:
Address: 188 Zhongdian Avenue, Yangzhong,    Legal representative:  
Jiangsu    Consigned attorney: /s/                                                                   
Legal representative: Yin Guangyou    Tel.:  

        Official Sealing

        Day Month Year

Consigned attorney: /s/                                                          Opening bank:  
Tel.: 0511-8223722    Tax No.:  

The appointed opening bank and account number

of this contract:

Yangzhong Branch of Bank of China

29725708091001 Tax No.: 321124749434249

Fax: 0511-8221256

Zip code: 212200


Account: Fax:

Zip code:

  (Note: unless otherwise specified by the government, notarization shall be on the basis of voluntary)

Supervising Department: Yangzhong Industrial and Commercial Administration Bureau of Zhenjiang, Jiangsu

Publication company: Yangzhong Printing Co., Ltd

Term: From Day Month Year to Day Month Year