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Sales Contract - CEEG (Nanjing) PV-Tech Co. Ltd. and Jiangsu East China Micro-wave Equipment Co. Ltd.

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English Translation

Sales Contract

Contract No: 20060620

Execution Place: Nanjing   

Execution Date: June 14, 2006


Seller: CEEG (Nanjing) PV-Tech Co., Ltd.

  Buyer: Jiangsu East China Micro-wave Equipment Co., Ltd.

Legal representative: TingXiu Lu

  Legal representative:
Add.: 123 Focheng West Road, Jiangning Economic & Technical Development Zone, Nanjing  Add.:

Postcode: 211000


Opening bank: China Merchants Bank Jiangning Sub-branch

  Opening bank:

Accounts: 078002380175610001


Tel: 025-52766649

  Tel: 13812355182


  Fax: 025-83275377

The Parties hereby agree to trade the following products, and conclude the terms and conditions as follows:







Unit price


Total Amount

Mono-crystalline TDB125





1,000 pcs


  Watt  RMB 30.50/W  RMB 67,970.78

Total Amount (in word):

  RMB Sixty Seven Thousand Nine Hundred and Seventy Point Seventy Eight (RMB 67,970.78)

The above prices include 17% value added tax.

1. The Seller shall mark the detailed efficiency and batches of the cell. The Parties shall settle the payment in accordance with the actual solar power efficiency actually delivered, with the above fixed unit price. The Seller shall not be responsible for the return of substandard cells.

2. Quality Requirement and Technical Standard: The cells provided by the Seller shall comply with the national standard GB12632-90. The efficiency tolerance: ±5%.

3. Criterion and Method of Inspection and Acceptance and Term of Claims: The Buyer shall inspect the goods according to the detailed specifications of each installment. The term of claims shall be within one week after the Buyer receives the goods.

4. Packing Requirement: The cells shall be packed in cartons that are suitable for highway transportation to satisfy the requirements for long distance transportation for a long time.

5. Destination of Delivery: The place where the Seller is located.

6. Form of Payment Settlement: The Buyer will pay 100% of the Contract value to the Seller upon the execution of the Contract.

7. Period of Delivery: The Seller shall deliver all the goods hereunder within 10 days upon receipt of 100% of the price value paid by the Buyer.

8. The Bill of Documents to be Provided by the Seller: The Seller shall submit the value added tax invoice to the Buyer within 7 days after the delivery of goods.

9. Force Majeure: Neither of the contractual Parties shall be liable for not fulfilling the obligations hereunder as a result of natural disasters, war, government interference or other events unforeseeable, unavoidable and insuperable by the Parties. However, the Parties shall provide within 7 days the valid documentary evidence issued by the notary department of the place where the force majeure event occurs.

10. Settlement of Disputes: All disputes arising from this Contract shall be settled through consultation by both Parties. In case no settlement can be reached through consultation, the Parties may file the dispute to the local court where this Contract is executed.

11. This Contract shall come into effect upon the execution of the Parties and the copies executed and delivered through telefax shall be as valid as the original.

The Seller: (Seal)   The Buyer:
Entrusted Representative:  Entrusted Representative:
(Signature)  (Signature)


Date: June 14, 2006  Date: