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Memorandum of Understanding - QUALCOMM Inc. and Techfaith Holdings Ltd.

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                          MEMORANDUM OF UNDERSTANDING

         THIS MEMORANDUM OF UNDERSTANDING ("MOU") is entered into this
twenty-fourth day of December 2003 by and between QUALCOMM Incorporated, a
corporation organized under the laws of the State of Delaware, United States of
America ("QUALCOMM"), and Techfaith Holdings Limited, a corporation organized
under the laws of the British Virgin Islands ("Techfaith").


         WHEREAS, QUALCOMM has developed certain proprietary Code Division
Multiple Access ("CDMA") digital wireless telecommunications technology for use
in wireless telecommunications applications, and QUALCOMM desires to support the
development of CDMA-based technologies throughout the world;

         WHEREAS, Techfaith and its subsidiaries presently are engaged in the
business of developing and licensing reference designs and modules for wireless
GSM handsets for the PRC market;

         WHEREAS, Techfaith desires to expand its business plan to include the
development and sale and/or licensing of reference designs and modules for
CDMA-based mobile devices (the "CDMA Business");

         WHEREAS, QUALCOMM is considering an equity investment in Techfaith in
exchange for certain commitments by Techfaith with respect to the CDMA
Business; and

         WHEREAS, QUALCOMM and Techfaith are entering into this MOU to set
forth their mutual intentions regarding the establishment of the CDMA Business.

         NOW, THEREFORE, in consideration of the mutual understandings and
agreements set forth herein, the parties hereto hereby agree as follows:

         1.       Establishment of Subsidiary to Conduct CDMA Business.
Techfaith agrees that, not later than sixty (60) days following the closing of
QUALCOMM's equity investment in Techfaith (the "Closing Date"), Techfaith will
establish or cause to be established under the laws of the People's Republic of
China ("PRC") a wholly-owned subsidiary (the "CDMA Subsidiary") to engage
solely in the CDMA Business pursuant to and in accordance with the business
plan attached hereto as Appendix 1. Techfaith will contribute capital in the
amount of US$4,000,000 (or its RMB equivalent) to the CDMA Subsidiary within
ninety (90) days following the establishment thereof.

         2.       Management of CDMA Subsidiary. Mr. Dong Defu, the Chief
Executive Officer ("CEO") of Techfaith, will also serve as the CEO of the CDMA
Subsidiary on an interim basis until such time as QUALCOMM and Techfaith
mutually agree on his replacement.

         3.       Commitment to Use QUALCOMM CDMA ASICs. Techfaith agrees that,
for a period of four (4) years following the establishment of the CDMA
Subsidiary, it will cause Techfaith to (i) incorporate into all of its
reference designs and modules QUALCOMM's CDMA digital baseband ASICs and IF and
RF ASICs for cdma2000

QUALCOMM Proprietary
based mobile devices, and (ii) purchase from QUALCOMM one hundred percent
(100%) of its requirements for such ASICs. QUALCOMM and Techfaith will enter
into a definitive Component Supply Agreement containing mutually acceptable
terms and conditions relating to the purchase of QUALCOMM ASIC's as described

         4.       Information Rights and Access. In addition to the Techfaith
financial information that QUALCOMM may be entitled to receive as a result of
its equity investment in Techfaith, Techfaith will also provide, or to cause
the CDMA Subsidiary to provide, to QUALCOMM the following information solely
with respect to the CDMA Subsidiary:

                  (a)      audited annual financial statements within ninety
                  (90) days after the end of each fiscal year, beginning with
                  the fiscal year 2004;

                  (b)      unaudited quarterly financial statements within
                  thirty (30) days following the end of each fiscal quarter;

                  (c)      unaudited monthly financial statements within ten
                  (10) business days following the end of each month;

                  (d)      the first draft of the annual operating budget
                  within sixty (60) days prior to the end of each fiscal year.

                  QUALCOMM will also have the right to visit the premises of
the CDMA Subsidiary at least once per month during regular business hours, upon
seven (7) days prior notice.

         5.       Confidentiality. The parties acknowledge that, in the course
of their negotiations under this MOU, it may be necessary for one party to
provide documentation, technical and business information and/or intellectual
property, in whatever form recorded (collectively, "Confidential Information"),
to the other party. All Confidential Information provided or disclosed by either
party hereunder shall remain the property of the furnishing party, and shall be
held in strict confidence by the receiving party, unless the furnishing party
otherwise consents in writing or unless disclosure of such Confidential
Information is required by the applicable laws. Confidential Information
furnished by any party hereunder (i) shall not be reproduced or copied, in whole
or in part, by the receiving party except for use as specifically authorized by
this MOU; (ii) shall, together with any copies thereof, be returned to the
disclosing party, or at the request of the disclosing party, destroyed, when no
longer needed for purposes of this MOU; and (iii) shall only be disclosed by the
receiving party to its employees who have a need to know such Confidential
Information in connection with the performance of this MOU; and who have agreed
to comply with the confidentiality obligations set forth herein.

         6.       Publicity. Neither party shall issue any press release or
otherwise publicize or disclose to any third party the existence or nature of
this MOU without the prior written consent of the other party, which consent
shall not be unreasonably withheld.

         7.       Exclusivity. Techfaith agrees that, for a period of sixty
(60) days following execution of this MOU, or until the Closing Date, whichever
comes first (the "Exclusivity Period") Techfaith will not engage in any
discussions or negotiations with any other

QUALCOMM Proprietary                    2
CDMA technology provider doing business in the PRC regarding any cooperative,
strategic or financial relationship, excluding the current negotiations that
are ongoing between Techfaith and NEC Corporation or its subsidiaries. QUALCOMM
agrees that during the Exclusivity Period, QUALCOMM will not engage in any
discussions or negotiations with a third party with respect to the purchase of
shares (as part of a venture capital round of financing) in any other CDMA
design house located in the PRC.

         8.       Term and Termination. This MOU shall become effective on the
date first set forth above and shall terminate upon the earliest to occur of
the following: (a) the execution by the parties of one or more definitive
agreements with respect to the subject matter of this MOU; or (b) six (6)
months from the date hereof.

         9.       Non-Binding Effect. This MOU is intended to serve as a
general basis for commencing negotiations for one or more definitive agreements
between QUALCOMM and Techfaith and/or the CDMA Subsidiary with respect to the
matters referenced herein. This MOU does not contain all of the detailed
provisions to be incorporated in any such definitive agreement(s), but does
reflect the current mutual intentions of the parties. With the exception of
Paragraphs 5 and 6 hereof, which are intended to be binding upon the parties,
neither QUALCOMM nor Techfaith shall have any legal obligation under or by
virtue of this MOU, including any obligation to enter into any definitive
agreement or other contract, to provide any services, to disclose any
information, to make any investment or to pay any consideration or
compensation, whether or not expressly described herein; provided that the
parties agree to cooperate in good faith along the lines described in this MOU.

         IN WITNESS WHEREOF, the parties have caused this MOU to be executed by
their duly authorized representatives as of the date first above written.

                                QUALCOMM INCORPORATED

                                By:    /s/ Frank Meng
                                Name:  Frank Meng
                                Title: President QUALCOMM China

                                TECHFAITH HOLDINGS LIMITED

                                By:    [CHINESE CHARACTERS]      /s/ Dong De Fu
                                Name:  [CHINESE CHARACTERS]          Dong De Fu
                                Title: [CHINESE CHARACTERS]          CEO

QUALCOMM Proprietary                      3