Sample Business Contracts

Royalty Agreement - Galera Industries Inc. and Collectible Concepts Group Inc.

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                                Royalty Agreement

This agreement is entered into this 1st day of Oct. 1999, by and between Galera
Industries Inc.("Association") and Collectible Concepts Group (Company) agrees
as follow.

1. Grant of License. Association grants Company the right to use, during the
   term and on the conditions set forth in this Agreement, the names, symbols,
   trademarks and trade names as set forth on Schedule A attached hereto and
   incorporated herein by reference ("Name").

2. Term. This agreement shall continue for a period of 1 year (one) year from
   the effective date of this agreement, and shall be automatically renewed for
   1 year (one) additional year terms, unless at least 60 days before the
   expiration of year term, either party gives to the other party notice in
   writing of termination at the end of such term.

3. Scope. Company shall only use the Name for outposts of marketing,
   distributing, advertising or other commercial purposes with respect to the
   products, area or purposes set forth on Exhibit A attached hereto and
   incorporated herein by reference. The license shall be exclusive for the
   period of this contract.

4  Royalty. The royalty to be paid to Association by Company for use of the name
   shall be as follows: 2% of gross sales. The royalty shall be payable within
   15 days from end of month for paid sales the previous month.

5  Company's Duties. Company shall use the Name only for the purposes authorized
   in this Agreement Company's use of the Name shall conform to the highest
   industry standards and shall be used in a fashion to preserve the inherent
   value intrinsic in the Name.

6. Termination. This Agreement shall terminate upon the earliest of the

a. Expiration of the term of this Agreement as set forth in paragraph 2.

b. The mutual written agreement of the parties.

7. Relationship of Parties. Nothing in this Agreement shall be deemed to
   constitute a joint venture, partnership, employment or other legal
   relationship other than that of licensor and license.

8. Trade Secrets Confidentiality. Both Company and Association may share
   privileged and confidential information with the other party during the term
   of the Agreement. Any information that is intended to remain confidential
   shall be clearly marked. The recipient shall only distribute such information
   to those with a "need to know" and shall ensure that all employees or agents
   maintain the confidentiality of the information received.


9. Appropriate Insurance Licensing. The Company warrants and represents that it
   is and will be licensed in each and every state or jurisdiction in which it
   performs services pursuant to the insurance codes of the various states in
   which such license is required. The Company further warrants and represents
   that it will comply with all applicable rules, licensing requirements, and
   other requirements of every jurisdiction in which it operates.

10. Indemnification.

10.1  Company's Indemnification. Company shall indemnify, defend and hold
      harmless Association from any and all damages, claims, suits, or cost
      relating to Company's product services, or activities, breach of this
      Agreement and use or misuse of Name.

10.2  Cessation. Upon termination of this Agreement, Company shall immediately
      cease to use the Name and shall deliver all copies of any sales material
      using Name to Association or destroy it as Association shall direct.

10.3  Entire agreement. This document constitutes the. entire agreement between
      the parties, all oral agreements begin merged herein, and supersedes all
      prior representation.

10.2  Cumulative Remedies. No remedy or election hereunder shall be deemed
      exclusive but shall whenever possible be cumulative with all other
      remedies at law or in equity.

IN WITNESS WHEREOF the parties have signed this agreement on the date
first written.

For Collectible Concepts Group, Inc.

For Galera Industries, Inc.

Schedule A

Use of the image(s) of Galena's pistol, The .45 Longslide as a replica model for
production of limited edition cast replicas of the pistol. Product(s) to be
marketed internationally in any market CCGR deems financially feasible Also use
of the image in various media for Advertising purposes.