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Lock-Up Agreement - Cord Blood America Inc.

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The undersigned hereby agrees that for a period commencing on June ___, 2008 and expiring on the termination of the Securities Purchase Agreement dated June ___, 2009 between the Company and the Investor (the "Lock-up Period"), he, she or it will not, directly or indirectly, without the prior written consent of the Investor, issue, offer, agree or offer to sell, sell, grant an option for the purchase or sale of, transfer, pledge, assign, hypothecate, distribute or otherwise encumber or dispose of any securities of the Company, including common stock or options, rights, warrants or other securities underlying, convertible into, exchangeable or exercisable for or evidencing any right to purchase or subscribe for any common stock (whether or not beneficially owned by the undersigned), or any beneficial interest therein (collectively, the "Securities") except in accordance with the volume limitations set forth in Rule 144(e) of the General Rules and Regulations under the Securities Act of 1933, as amended.

In order to enable the aforesaid covenants to be enforced, the undersigned hereby consents to the placing of legends and/or stop-transfer orders with the transfer agent of the Company's securities with respect to any of the Securities registered in the name of the undersigned or beneficially owned by the undersigned, and the undersigned hereby confirms the undersigned's investment in the Company.

Dated: _______________, 2008


Name: _______________________________________

Address: _____________________________________

City, State, Zip Code: ____________________________

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