Sample Business Contracts

Contract - Ctrip Computer Technology (Shanghai) Co. Ltd. and Shanghai Huacheng Southwest Travel Agency Co. Ltd.

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Party A: Ctrip Computer Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.

Party B: Shanghai Huacheng Southwest Travel Agency Co., Ltd.

THIS CONTRACT is entered into between Party A and Party B upon mutual agreement
in connection with the services to be provided by Party A to Party B:

1.       Party A agrees that upon the entry of this Contract it will use its
         strength in respect of human resources and information to provide
         services to Party B in relation to the tourist business of Party B.

2.       The forms in which Party A will provide the aforesaid services include
         provision of the human resources required by Party B in operating its
         business and the associated network information services.

3.       After receiving the aforesaid services from Party A, Party B shall pay
         to Party A a service fee in an amount to be determined on the basis of
         the specific contents of Party A's services.

4.       Party A will issue an invoice to Party B by the 15th day of each month
         for the service fee of the preceding month, and Party B shall pay the
         full amount of the invoice within 10 days of its receipt of the

5.       Any dispute arising from the performance of this Contract shall be
         first of all resolved by the Parties through consultation, and the
         Parties agree that if such consultation fails the dispute may be
         submitted to and resolved by the people's court at the place in which
         Party A is located.

6.       This Contract shall come into effect upon the signature and seals of
         the Parties, and this Contract shall have a term of 2 years from May 1,
         2002 to April 31, 2004.

7.       Matters not covered herein may be agreed upon by the Parties in
         supplemental agreement in writing. If a date agreed on herein falls on
         a day that is not a business day for Party A, that date shall be deemed
         to fall on the next working day. The words filled in the blanks in this
         Contract and its appendix shall have equal effect as the words in

8.       This Contract (and its appendix) has a total of 1 page and is written
         in 2 originals of equal legal effect with each Party holding one of

Party A:                                         Party B:

Ctrip Computer Technology                        Shanghai Huacheng Southwest
(Shanghai) Co., Ltd. (Seal)                      Travel Agency Co., Ltd. (Seal)

Representative:                                  Representative: (Signature)

Tel: 34064880                                    Tel:
Account Bank: ICBC Caohejing                     Account Bank: ICBC Caohejing
Subbranch                                        Subbranch

Account No.: 1001266309200013724                 Account No.:

Date of Signature: May 1, 2002                   Date of Signature: May 1, 2002