Sample Business Contracts

Arrangement Letter - Inc. and Mallory Factor Inc.

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                   Arrangement Letter with Mallory Factor Inc.

Duties:              Work with eDiets management to strategize and coordinate
                     all public, media and investor relations efforts. Oversee
                     the expenditure and implementation of such programs,
                     including the hiring of firms and individuals to carry them

Budget:              Authorized to spend with prior management approval up to
                     $25,000 a month in fees plus expenses billed by firms and
                     individuals carrying out these programs.

                     Any fee-based work by Mallory Factor and/or Mallory Factor
                     Inc. must be pre-approved by eDiets.

                     eDiets will pay all reasonable expenses in carrying out the
                     duties above.

Compensation:        Term:                     12 months

                     Equity Grant:             400,000 warrants at $0.75

                     Warrant Vesting:          Immediate

                     Warrant Expiration:       3 years from date of grant

Bonus Compensation:  A $50,000 cash bonus shall be considered by the Board at
                     the end of 12-month period and will be rewarded for
                     significant progress in accomplishing our goal of a Nasdaq

If these terms are acceptable, please sign.

By: /s/
     David R. Humble

Date: /s/



By: /s/
      Mallory Factor
Date:  January 8, 2001
       January 29, 2001