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Sales Representation Agreement - eRoom System Technologies Inc.

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      THIS SALES REPRESENTATION AGREEMENT (this "Agreement") is dated this
_______ day of ___________________ by and between eRoom System Technologies,
Inc. ("Company"), a Nevada Corporation, and ________________________ (referred
to hereinafter as "Representative").

                             W I T N E S S E T H:

      WHEREAS, Company desires to obtain the services of Representative in
representing Company's products and services described more fully in Exhibit
"A," attached hereto and incorporated herein by reference (referred to
hereinafter as the "Products") and assisting Company in doing business in the
"Territory," defined hereinafter; and

      WHEREAS, Representative represents that he/she/it has extensive knowledge
of business opportunities, laws, governmental regulations and procurement
practices and desires to represent the Products in the "Territory" and

      NOW, THEREFORE, in consideration of the mutual agreements and obligations
and covenants herein contained, the parties agree as follows:


      1.01 Representation Appointment. Company hereby appoints Representative to
be its representative of the Products in the performance-based protected
"Territory," described in Exhibit "B," a copy of which is attached hereto and
incorporated herein by reference (the "Territory.") Representative shall be
protected in the Territory so long as Representative adheres to the terms and
conditions described herein.

      1.02 Sales Outside the Territory. Sales made to corporations residing
outside of the Territory are subject to the "Commission Schedules," described in
Article 4.0 hereof. Notwithstanding the foregoing, Representative may not effect
sales of the Products outside the Territory without the express written consent
of the Company's Executive Vice President of Sales and Marketing (the

      1.03 Excluded Sales. This Agreement excludes all "after sales agreements"
and sales such as service and maintenance, including, but not limited to parts,
spares, replacement units, expansion units, and services.

      1.04 Independent Contractor. In making this appointment, Representative is
and shall remain, an independent business contractor and nothing herein shall be
deemed to imply or create a relationship of employee and employer.
Representative shall not represent that Representative has the power or
authority to enter into any agreements or contractual obligations on behalf of
Company unless Company provides a separate letter of authorization authorizing
Representative to execute agreements on behalf of Company.


      2.01 Representative's Obligations. During the term of this Agreement,
Representative agrees:


           (A) To maintain adequate contacts and sales personnel in the
Territory necessary to solicit, develop and promote the sale of the Products

           (B) To provide liaison with Company's potential customers and/or
customers' procurement and engineering staffs with respect to developing
procurement specifications and ascertaining performance requirements of any
sales of the Products.

           (C) To obtain and transmit to Company information pertaining to the
technical needs and requirements of potential customers in the Territory as is
applicable to the Products;

           (D) To provide assistance to Company in discussions, preparations of
proposals, and negotiation held in the Territory leading to selling the Products

           (E) To pay all costs of conducting Representative's business,
including commissions or other compensation to employees or other
agents/representatives of Representative;

           (F) To provide monthly active prospect inventories of sales
opportunities currently being explored in the Territory;

           (G) To assist Company in obtaining any relevant financial or other
information as requested by Company regarding existing and potential customers
with whom Representative intends to sell the Products;

           (H) To provide reasonable effort to assure active participation and
attendance by Representative's personnel in sales meetings and training sessions
held by Company; and

           (I) To provide a designated phone number for contacts or potential
customers to call with professional answering service or voice mail.


      3.01 Company's Obligations. During the term of this Agreement, Company

           (A) To provide Representative, at no cost, written materials relating
to the Products necessary to support product promotion and sales efforts;

           (B) To respond within reasonable time to requests for price and
delivery of the Products covered by this Agreement;

           (C) To provide Representative with current information as to
technical improvements in the Products covered hereunder; and

           (D) To make timely payments of commission and fees earned as
specified herein.

           (E) To prepare proposals and other paperwork arising therefrom upon
reasonable notice by Representative and upon Representative providing accurate
and sufficient information to Company.


      4.01 Commission. The commission due and payable, as described in this
Article, to Representative for a sale or lease or Placement Program of the
Products is 5.0% for any sale, whether to an individual or corporate property.
The Sales Commission shall be calculated on the retail sales price of the
Products as reflected in the executed "Master Sale / Leasing Agreement" by
Company and the "Purchasing / Leasing" entity.

           (A) Payment of Commissions. The Sales Commissions shall be paid to
Representative as follows:

               (i) Lease. Representative shall be paid the Sales Commission
pursuant to an executed "Lease Agreement" upon receipt of funding on such
lease(s) by Company.


               (ii) Sales. Representative shall be paid the Sales Commission
proportionately to the receipt of payments tendered by the purchaser. For
example, if the purchaser agrees to pay one-third down upon execution of a
purchase agreement, one-third down upon installation, and one-third down upon
acceptance of the Products by such purchaser, Representative shall be paid
one-third of his/her/its Sales Commission upon each such payment by such

               (iii) Placement Program. Upon the execution by a hotel or other
such related property of a "Hotel Revenue Sharing Lease Agreement" (the "Revenue
Sharing Agreement") and Company's acceptance of the same, Representative shall
be entitled to a commission for each Refreshment Center placed (the "Revenue
Share Commission" or "Placement Program Commission"). The Revenue Share
Commission shall be paid to Representative upon Company's receipt of the funding
pursuant to each Revenue Sharing Agreement as written below. (The "Sales
Commission," "Corporate Sales Commission," "Revenue Share Commission" and
"Placement Program Commission" are referred to herein sometimes collectively as
the "Commissions.") However, Representative may be entitled to draws against
some of the Commissions according to the terms, conditions and schedules set
forth in Exhibit "D," a copy of which is attached hereto and incorporated herein
by reference.

      (B) Sales Exclusions. The sales price upon which the Sales Commission is
based shall be exclusive of the following:

               (i) Transportation,  shipping,  and handling/drayage  including
packing, freight forwarding charges and insurance;

               (ii)     Taxes and duties of any kind;

               (iii)    Credits and allowances; if any;

               (iv) Purchases directly by a customer through a general
purchasing agency of a corporate headquarters located outside the Territory,
unless the same falls within the workings of the "Corporate Sales Commission."

               (v) Portions of a contract that is executed by a customer
directly with Company with no involvement by Representative. Such portions may
include changes to the original quantity or scope of work as indicated in the
initial contract.

      4.02 Prior Contacts. Representative understands that other sales calls may
have been made to the same potential customer within the Territory by other
representatives of Company, including formal proposals for which a prior claim
to the Sales Commission and/or the Revenue Share Commission. In a case such as
this, a split commission may apply.

           (A) "Grandfather" Clause. Company shall grant a six-month
"Grandfather" clause (the "Grandfather Period") for each newly assigned
Territory (the "New Territory") relative to any prior representative (the "Prior
Representative") who represented Company prior to the reassignment of the New
Territory. The Prior Representative shall have one (1) week following the
reassignment of any New Territory to a subsequent Representative (the "New
Representative") to remit a list of all contacts and/or prospective clients to
the Vice-President (the "Grandfather List"). The Grandfather List will be sent
to the New Representative in the New Territory with the understanding that the
individual and/or entities on the Grandfather List shall be maintained,
contacted and protected by the Prior Representative during the Grandfather
Period. After the Grandfather Period, any of the individuals and/or entities on
the Grandfather List who are not either under a "Placement Program Application"
(referred to as "PPA"), defined hereinafter, or any other executed agreement
with Company shall be turned over to the New Representative.

           (B) Commission Splitting. In any situation where there is a question
of prior sales calls in the Territory, the splitting of any and all commissions
described herein, or relative to any other commission dispute, the
Vice-President shall make a determination of disposition of commissions,
including split commissions with the intention of dividing the same fairly
between and/or among all parties fairly. The Vice-President's decision shall be
final, except that Representative, or others involved in the sale, shall have a
right to


appeal the decision in writing stating why the determination is considered
unfair. Company's Chief Executive Officer and two other company officers shall
review the decision based on such appeal and the decision on the appeal shall be
final on all parties.

      4.03 Commission Modification. The Sales Commission and the Revenue Share
Commission may be subject to modification, upon thirty (30) days written notice
to Representative. No such modification shall apply to any proposal for which a
customer has signed a PPA.

      4.04 Overpayments. Any overpayment of any of the commissions described
herein by Company to Representative resulting in a downward adjustment of the
price for the purchase, lease, etc. of the Products, any failure to receive
payment, repudiation or failure to complete the terms of any contract relating
to the Products or Services at no fault of Company, Representative, upon notice
from Company shall ensure such overpayment to be repaid. In addition to any
other remedy Company may have, Company may withhold from subsequent commissions
due Representative the amount of such over payment. Notwithstanding the
foregoing if any contract by a Company customer is fulfilled in its entirety and
Company is paid in full thereon, such contract shall not be subject to the
repayment obligations described in this paragraph.


      5.01 Term. The term of this Agreement shall be one (1) year from the date
of this Agreement (the "Term"). The Term may be extended upon mutual agreement
of the parties hereto, for up to a period of two (2) additional one (1) year
Terms upon mutual agreement of the parties to this Agreement.

      5.02 Termination By Either Party. This Agreement may be terminated by
either party at least sixty (60) days before the date of expiration of this
Agreement or any extension thereof of the terminating party's intention to

      5.03 Company Termination. Company may terminate this Agreement by
providing five (5) days written notice to Representative if:

           (A) Representative   fails  to  comply   with  the  terms  of  this

           (B) Representative shall become insolvent, bankrupt or any proceeding
by or against Representative as a debtor is commenced or there is a substantial
change in ownership or control of Representative's business, whether voluntary
or by operation of law; or

           (C) Representative shall have violated the criminal provisions of
applicable laws or resolutions within the Territory.

      5.04 Return of Materials Upon Termination. Upon termination of this
Agreement, Representative shall immediately return to Company the following: all
sales materials, product exemplars, copies of all client lists, Company "Sales &
Marketing" book, data sheets, samples, models, technical documents, drawings,
blue prints, and other written materials (the "Sales Materials"), which Company
provided to Representative. Company reserves the right to withhold any and all
Commissions until the return of all of the Sales Materials and products noted
above reasonably requested herein by Company at the time of termination.

      5.05 Payments Upon Termination. Termination of this Agreement shall not
relieve either party of the obligation to pay to the other any amounts payable
at the time of termination or which were earned during the Term and payable in
the future, except as set forth in the above paragraph.


      5.06 Representative's Remedies. Upon termination of this Agreement for
whatever reason, Company's sole liability to representative, whether by claim or
right in court or otherwise, shall be to pay previously earned but unpaid
commissions to representative, except as set forth in this section. In no event
shall Company be liable for consequential or punitive damages of any kind for:

           (A) Lost profits, real, anticipatory or otherwise; (B) Lost goodwill,
           creation of clients, damage to reputation; or (C) Advertising, sales
           or employee's costs.

      5.07 Sales Goals. Representative and the Vice-President have established
annual minimum sales goals prior to the execution of this Agreement ("Sales
Goals") as set forth on Exhibit "C" to this Agreement, a copy of which is
attached hereto and incorporated herein by reference. Representative and
Vice-President shall review the Sales Goals quarterly and shall adjust the same
accordingly to Company's then current corporate sales and marketing plan for the
Territory. Failure to achieve these quarterly Sales Goals may result in
adjustments in the Territory, including, but not limited to reducing Territory
size, increasing the number of representatives working within the Territory or
terminating this Agreement.


      6.01 Confidential  Information.  During the Term,  Representative agrees
not to divulge to anyone,  except in the  performance  of  his/her/its  duties
hereunder, or make use of information and knowledge relating to:

           (A) Any projects for Company upon which Representative shall have
worked or shall be working;

           (B) Knowledge of any of Company's business, which Representative
shall have obtained during the Term which is not generally known in the public
domain; or

           (C) Any proprietary or closely held information of Company not
generally available to third parties or in the public domain.

      6.02 Non-Competition. Representative may render service to others in a
consulting, agency or representative capacity provided that Representative shall
not serve any business or organization, or engage in any business on
Representative's own behalf which sponsors, produces or sells products or
services which compete with or conflict with the Products, Company's business
and/or requires contact with any customer, client or end user of the Products
and/or Services.


      7.01 Force  Majeure.  Neither  party shall be  considered  in default or
held   responsible  to  the  other  on  account  of  or  arising  out  of  the
interruption of its performance under this Agreement by:

           (A) Epidemics, fire, explosion, flood, unusually severe weather, or
any other extraordinary natural disturbance, act of God, or of the public enemy,
any civil commotion, riot, insurrection, terrorism, or hostilities, war
(declared or otherwise) conditions that may adversely affect the safety of such
party's personnel, restrictions due to quarantines, blockades, embargoes,
unavailability of materials; unforeseen market shortages or any other cause
beyond the reasonable control of such party that arise without the fault or
negligence of such party, and that result in the delay of performance hereunder.


      7.02 Delays. Any delay resulting from the events above shall be deemed
excusable. The party whose performance will be delayed by such events will use
its best efforts to notify the other with five (5) days after the occurrence of
such events and within five (5) days after the cessation thereof. The party
whose performance is affected will diligently proceed to perform to the best of
its ability upon the resolution of the "Force Majeure" event.


      8.01 Arbitration. Any and all disputes, controversies, claims, or other
disagreements arising out of or relating to this Agreement or the actual or
alleged breach thereof shall be finally settled through arbitration in
accordance with rules of the American Arbitration Association. The arbitration
shall be held in Utah and shall be conducted under and in accordance with the
American Arbitration Association Rules applicable to Utah using the rules of law
not equity. Such arbitration shall be conducted in English and will be conducted
on confidential basis in accordance with the terms of the Agreement.


      9.01 Governing  Law.  The laws of the State of Nevada  shall govern this

      9.02 Entire Agreement. This Agreement supersedes and replaces all prior
sales or representation agreements between Company and Representative and cannot
be assigned or transferred by either party without the prior written consent of
the other.

      9.03 Indemnification. Representative shall indemnify and hold harmless
Company from any liability, loss, or damage whatsoever, for injuries (including
death) to employees or principals of Representative arising out of
Representative's performance of this Agreement or from any losses whatsoever
arising out of Representative's breach of this Agreement.

      9.04 Conduct. Representative shall at all times conduct itself in
accordance with the laws of the Territory and shall insure that Representative's
actions do not violate any regulations to which Company is bound. Representative
agrees to provide to Company upon request a certification that Representative
has not violated the provisions of any such regulations.

      9.05 Notices. Any notices or order provided for in this Agreement shall be
provided in writing to the other party at the address first set forth above.

      9.06 Subsequent Questions. Although this Agreement attempts to address all
contributions of circumstances, it is possible that questions will arise which
are not adequately answered by this Agreement itself. In such cases, the
specific decision of Company shall be binding.

      9.07 Attorneys'  Fees.  In the  event of  litigation,  prevailing  party
shall have the right to receive court costs and reasonable attorneys' fees.

      9.08 Assignment. Representative may not assign this Agreement to any third
party person or individual without the express written consent of Company.


      9.09 Amendment. This agreement shall not be amended, modified and/or
altered without the express written consent of each party to this Agreement.


      IN WITNESS WHEREOF, the parties hereto have entered into this Agreement
the day and the year first named above.

a Nevada corporation

By:                                          By:
      ---------------------------------          -------------------------------
      Steven L. Sunyich
Its:  Chief Executive Officer