Sample Business Contracts

Consulting Agreement - Ford Motor Co. and W. W. Booker

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                                [GRAPHIC OMITTED]

                                                        The American Road
                                                        P.O. Box 1899
                                                        Dearborn, Michigan 48121

                                                        December 3, 2001
Mr. W. W. Booker
P.O. Box 890
Dearborn, Michigan 48121

This will set forth the terms and  conditions of the  agreement  between you and
the  Company  under which the Company  will secure your  personal  services as a

1.   For the period  January 1, 2002  through  December  31,  2002,  you will be
     available  to the  Company  at  mutually  convenient  times and  places for
     consultation and representation of the Company with various business groups
     and boards and related activities.

2.   As a condition of the Company's  obligations  under this agreement,  during
     the period of this agreement,  you will not, without written  permission of
     the  Company,  engage in any  activity  that is directly or  indirectly  in
     competition  with any activity of the Company or any  subsidiary  or in any
     conduct that is inimical to the best interests of the Company.

3.   You agree that any information received by you during the execution of your
     responsibilities  for the Company in accordance with this agreement,  which
     concerns the personal,  financial or other affairs of the Company,  will be
     treated in full  confidence  and will not be revealed to any other persons,
     firms or organizations.

4.   As consideration  for this agreement,  the Company will, during the term of
     this  agreement,  pay you at the rate of $410 per hour. This rate shall not
     include time spent by you traveling in connection  with an  assignment.  We
     expect that you will work an average 10 hours per month, but recognize that
     this  may  vary.  You  will be paid on a  quarterly  basis  following  your
     submission of a written invoice detailing the assignment, the time spent by
     you, the task completed by you and any reasonable  expenses incurred by you
     in connection with the assignment.  You may not delegate all or any portion
     of an  assignment to anyone else without first  obtaining  written  consent
     from the Company.


5.   Both  you and  the  Company  agree  that  you  will  act as an  independent
     contractor  in  the   performance  of  the  duties  under  this  Agreement.
     Accordingly,  you will be responsible  for payment of all taxes,  including
     Federal,  State and local taxes, arising from activities in accordance with
     this contract.

6.   During the term of this agreement,  upon request and as available,  visitor
     office space and a car will be provided at the Ford World  Headquarters  in

7.   You will be reimbursed for reasonable  business-related expenses and travel
     that we authorize  you to take.  In  addition,  you will retain your Remote
     Network Access (RNA) telephone access privileges and computer access within
     the Ford network for business purposes during the term of this agreement.

8.   With the written concurrence of both parties, this agreement can be renewed

If the  foregoing is agreeable to you,  please sign and return the enclosed copy
of this  letter.  Upon our  receipt,  this letter will  constitute  an agreement
between you and the Company, and it will be governed and construed in accordance
with the  laws of the  State  of  Michigan.  Any  disputes  arising  out of this
agreement shall be resolved through binding  arbitration  under the rules of the
American Arbitration Association.  The venue for any such dispute shall be Wayne
County, Michigan.

                                                Ford Motor Company

                                                By:/s/Joe W. Laymon
                                                      Joe W. Laymon


/s/W. W. Booker
   W. W. Booker

  December 5, 2001