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VA-Manassas Park-9208 Venture Court Commercial Agreement of Lease - Syco Inc. and John G. and Mary G. Immer

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                          COMMERCIAL AGREEMENT OF LEASE

     THIS  AGREEMENT OF LEASE made and entered into this 15th day of November in
the year 1997,  by and between Syco Inc (herein  referred to as Tenant) and John
G. and Mary G. Immer (herein referred to as Landlord)

     WITNESSETH:  That for and in consideration of the rent hereinafter reserved
and the covenants  herein  contained,  the Landlord does hereby lease and demise
unto  the  Tenant  the  premises  situated  in 9208 (A1 and A2)  Venture  Court,
Manassas Park, VA, 22110.  Commencing on the 1st day of January, 1998 and ending
on the 30th day of December 1999 for the sum of twenty-six thousand four hundred
and no/100  ($26,400.00)  dollars  per  annum,  payable to John Immer in monthly
installments  of  two  thousand  two  hundred  and  no/100   ($2,200)   dollars,
hereinafter sometimes referred to as the basic monthly rental, in advance on the
1st day of each month, the first month's rent to be paid at time of execution of
this lease. (2 years lease at $30,000 per year--no  escalations)--tenant to have
right for additional 2 years extension on this lease.

     1.   Tenant  takes and holds the said  premises  as tenant for the term and
          subject to the conditions as herein  provided,  at the rent payable as
          aforesaid,  and the said Tenant will, without previous demand, pay the
          rent specified at the time, place and in the manner herein provided.

     2.   Tenant will not assign this lease,  or any portion of the term of this
          lease, or sublet the leased premises, or any portion thereof,  without
          the written consent of the Landlord first had and obtained,  nor shall
          any subletting or assignment hereof be effected by operation of Law or
          otherwise  than by the written  consent of the Landlord  first had and

     3.   Tenant will pay all bills for electricity,  gas, and water used in the
          within  premises,  and any sewer charges,  as well as any public space
          rent,  if any,  during the term of this lease,  as they become due and

     4.   Tenant will comply with all the rules and regulations now in effect or
          that may  hereafter  be enacted  by the  Municipal,  County,  State or
          Federal Government,  insofar as the same pertain to the conduct of his
          business  in the  demised  premises.  Tenant  will not use,  permit or
          suffer to be used, said leased premises for any disorderly or unlawful
          purpose,  or for any  other  purpose  than that of  storage,  sale and
          promotion of films,  books,  etc.,  and all processes the tenant feels
          necessary to operate his business.

     5.   Tenant will furnish heat, hot water and  air-conditioning,  if any, at
          his  own  cost  and   expense.   Landlord   warrants   the   plumbing,
          air-conditioning  and heating systems in and for the demised  premises
          to be in good working  order as of the date upon which  possession  of
          the demised  premises is delivered  to the Tenant,  and agrees to keep
          the plumbing,  heating and air conditioning  systems in good order and
          repair;  to  make   replacements   thereto  whether  said  repairs  or
          replacements  be  necessitated,  together with all other rent provided
          for under terms of this lease.


     6.   Tenant will make any and all repairs and  replacements to the premises
          hereby  leased  during the term of this lease,  except  repairs to the
          roof,  downspouts,  and  gutters,  and exterior  walls which  Landlord
          agrees to make,  unless  damage  to said  roof,  downspouts,  gutters,
          and/or exterior walls is caused by the negligence of the Tenant or his

     7.   Landlord assumes no liability or responsibility whatever in respect to
          the conduct and  operation  of the  business to be  conducted  in said
          leased premises by the Tenant,  nor for any damage of whatsoever kind,
          or by  whomsoever  caused,  to person or  property of the Tenant or to
          anyone on or about the  premises  by  consent of the  Tenant,  however
          caused and  whether due in whole or in part to acts of  negligence  on
          the part of the Landlord, his agents or servants, whether such acts be
          active or passive, and the Tenant agrees to hold the Landlord harmless
          against such damage claims.

     8.   All goods and  personal  property of every kind,  in and upon the said
          leased  premises,  shall be at the sole risk and hazard of the Tenant,
          or those claiming by, through or under him, or the owner thereof.

     9.   Tenant will not move into the said building any safe or safes or heavy
          furniture,  fixtures, or material,  without the written consent of the
          Landlord  first had and  obtained.  All damage done to the building by
          taking a safe, or heavy  furniture,  fixtures of materials in and out,
          or due to its being on the premises,  shall be repaired at the expense
          of the Tenant.

     10.  If the demised  premises  shall be partially  damaged by fire or other
          unavoidable  casualty,  without  the fault or neglect  of the  Tenant,
          tenant's  servants,  employees,  agents,  visitors or  licensees,  the
          damages shall be repaired by and at the expense of the  Landlord,  and
          then rent until such repairs be made shall be apportioned according to
          the part of the demised  premises  which is usable by the Tenant.  Due
          allowance shall be made for reasonable delay which may arise by reason
          of adjustment of fire insurance on the part of the Landlord and/or the
          Tenant, and for reasonable delay on account of "Labor troubles" or any
          other cause beyond the Landlord's control. But if the demised premises
          are  rendered  wholly   untenantable  by  fire  or  other  unavoidable
          casualty, and the Landlord shall decide not to rebuild the same, or if
          the building  shall be so damaged  that the  Landlord  shall decide to
          demolish  it or to  rebuild  it,  then  or in any of such  events  the
          Landlord may, at the  Landlord's  option,  give the Tenant a notice in
          writing of such  decision,  and thereupon the term of this lease shall
          expire by lapse of time upon the third day after such  notice is given
          and the Tenant shall vacate the demised  premises  and  surrender  the
          same to the Landlord,  but in neither of the certain  contingencies in
          this paragraph  mentioned  shall there be any liability on the part of
          the Landlord to the Tenant, his successors or assigns,  covering or in
          respect of any  period  during  which the  occupation  of said  leased
          premises by the Tenant, because of the matters hereinabove stated, may
          not be possible.

     11.  Tenant will keep the said demised  premises in  substantial  condition
          and good repair,  clean and in proper sanitary condition,  and will at
          the end of his tenancy  surrender the same in good order and condition
          as the same were at the commencement of his original tenancy, the acts
          of God,  ordinary  wear and tear,  and loss or damage by fire or other
          unavoidable casualty excepted.


     12.  If the whole or any part of the demised  premises  except vault space,
          if any, shall be taken or condemned by any competent authority for any
          public or quasi public use or purpose,  then,  and in that event,  the
          term of this lease  shall cease and  terminate  from the date when the
          possession  of the part so taken  shall  be  required  for such use or
          purpose and without  apportionment  of the award.  The current rental,
          however,  shall in any such case be  apportioned.  The taking of vault
          space  shall not  entitle  Tenant to any  reduction  in amount of rent
          payable hereunder.

     13.  Tenant  at his own  cost  and  expense  agrees  that he will  keep the
          sidewalks in front of said demised premises free from  obstructions of
          any and all nature,  will  promptly  remove all snow and ice from said
          sidewalks,  will  keep the  premises  clean,  will  maintain  suitable
          receptacles  for trash and refuse,  and will promptly  remove from the
          demised premises all  accumulations of trash and refuse.  In the event
          Tenant  fails  to  perform  any of said  covenants  contained  in this
          paragraph,  then and in that event, Landlord, at its option, may cause
          the work  provided  for herein to be performed at the cost and expense
          of Tenant,  who agrees to reimburse  Landlord for the cost so incurred
          as  additional  rent  upon  the  next  date  rent is due  and  payable

     14.  This  lease is subject  and  subordinate  to all ground or  underlying
          leases and mortgages  and/or deeds of trust which may now or hereafter
          affect the real estate of which the demised  premises form a part, and
          to all  renewals  and  extensions  thereof.  In  confirmation  of such
          subordination,  the Tenant shall execute promptly any certificate that
          the Landlord may request.  The Tenant hereby  constitutes and appoints
          the  Landlord  as  tenant's  attorney  in fact  to  execute  any  such
          certificate or certificates for or on behalf of the Tenant.

     15.  Tenant will not do or permit  anything in said  premises,  or bring or
          keep anything  therein,  that shall, in any way,  increase the rate of
          fire insurance on said building,  or the property therein, or conflict
          with the  regulations of the Fire Department or the fire laws, or with
          the terms of any  insurance  policy  upon said  building,  or any part
          thereof,  or which make void or  voidable  any  insurance  on the said
          premises or building against fire. It is further understood and agreed
          that in the event that the rate of fire insurance on the premises (the
          term "the rate"  meaning  the normal  basic  rate  promulgated  by the
          Underwriters  Association  of the  District  of  Columbia or the stock
          company rating bureau having  jurisdiction  over the demised  premises
          for the kind of occupancy  allowed by the lease) is  increased  due to
          neglect of the Tenant, then any resulting increase in the cost of said
          insurance  for the  building  which is said  premises or in which said
          premises are located shall be paid by said Tenant as additional rental
          hereunder, upon demand of the Landlord.

     16.  Landlord or his Agents shall have access to said  demised  premises at
          any and all  reasonable  times for the purpose of protecting  the said
          leased premises  against fire, for the prevention of damage and injury
          to the said  leased  premises,  or for the purpose of  inspecting  the
          same, or exhibiting the same to prospective  tenant during the last 60
          days of the term of this lease.

     17.  If at any time during the term  hereby  demised,  a petition  shall be
          filed,  either by or against the  Tenant,  in any court of pursuant to
          any  statute  either of the United  States or of the State or District
          where said premises are located, whether in


          bankruptcy,  insolvency,  for the  appointment  of a  receiver  of the
          Tenant's property or because of any general  assignment made by Tenant
          of the Tenant's  property  for the benefit of the Tenant's  creditors,
          then immediately upon the happening of any such event, and without any
          entry or other act by the  Landlord,  this  lease  shall  expire  ipso
          facto,  cease and come to an end with the same  force and effect as if
          the date of the happening of any such event were the date herein fixed
          for the expiration of the term of this lease. It is further stipulated
          and agreed that, in the event of the  termination  of the term of this
          lease  by  the  happening  of  any  such  event,  the  Landlord  shall
          forthwith,  upon such  termination,  and any other  provisions of this
          lease to the contrary  notwithstanding,  become entitled to recover as
          and for liquidated  damages caused by such breach of the provisions of
          this lease an amount  equal to the  difference  between  the then cash
          value of the rent reserved  hereunder for the unexpired portion of the
          term hereby demised,  unless the statute which governs or shall govern
          the  proceeding in which such damages are to be proved limits or shall
          limit the  amount of such claim  capable of being so proved,  in which
          case the  Landlord  shall be entitled  to prove as and for  liquidated
          damages an amount equal to that allowed by or under any such  statute.
          The  provisions  of this  paragraph  of this  lease  shall be  without
          prejudice  to the  Landlord's  right to prove in full damages for rent
          accrued prior to the  termination  of this lease,  but not paid.  This
          provision of this lease shall be without prejudice to any rights given
          to the  Landlord  by any  pertinent  statute to prove for any  amounts
          allowed thereby.

     18.  In making  any such  computation,  the then cash  rental  value of the
          demised  premises,  shall  be  deemed  prima  facie  to be the  rental
          realized upon any reletting,  if such reletting can be accomplished by
          the Landlord within a reasonable  time after such  termination of this
          lease,  and the then present cash value of the future rents  hereunder
          reserved to the Landlord for the unexpired  portion of the term hereby
          demised shall be deemed to be such sum, if invested at four per centum
          (4%) simple interest,  as will produce the future rent over the period
          of time in question.

     19.  PROVIDED,  always  that  if the  rent  aforesaid,  or any  installment
          thereof,  shall not be paid  within five (5) days after the same shall
          become due and payable,  as  aforesaid,  although no demand shall have
          been made for the same; or if the Tenant shall fail or neglect to keep
          and perform each and every of the covenants, conditions and agreements
          herein contained, ...the part of said Tenant to be kept and performed,
          or if the same or any part of them  shall be broken  then  each
          ...every case from thenceforth, and all times hereafter, at the option
          of the  Landlord,  his  successors or assigns,  the Tenant's  right of
          possession shall thereupon cease and determine,  and the Landlord, his
          successors  or assigns  shall be  entitled to the  possession  of said
          leased  premises and to re-enter  the same  without  demand of rent or
          demand of possession of said  premises,  and may forthwith  proceed to
          recover  possession of the said leased  premise by process of law, any
          notice to quit,  or of  intention  to re-enter  the same being  hereby
          expressly waived by the Tenant.

     20.  If the demised premises shall be abandoned or become vacant during the
          term of this lease without Tenant having paid in full the rent for the
          entire term, or if


          Landlord shall recover  possession  subsequent or pursuant to landlord
          and tent proceedings,  then in the happening of either of said events,
          Landlord shall have the right,  at his option,  to take  possession of
          the demised premises, to let the same as agent of Tenant and apply the
          proceeds  received from such letting toward the payment of the rent of
          Tenant under this lease,  and such re-entry and  re-letting  shall not
          discharge  Tenant from liability for rent to date of such retaking and
          for any loss of rent  sustained  by Landlord in respect of the balance
          of the term;  any such loss of rent for the  balance of the term shall
          be payable  monthly by Tenant in advance in the same  manner that rent
          hereunder is to be paid,  and Landlord shall have the right to recover
          any such loss of rent  monthly  whether or not said  premises had been

     21.  And it is further  provided  that if, under the  provision  hereof,  a
          seven (7) days' summons or other  applicable  summary process shall be
          served, and a compromise or settlement thereof shall be made, it shall
          not be constituted as a waiver of any covenant herein  contained;  and
          that no waiver of any breach of any  covenant,  condition or agreement
          herein contained shall operate as a waiver of the covenant,  condition
          or agreement itself, or of any subsequent breach thereof.

     22.  In the event  that the Tenant  shall not  immediately  surrender  said
          premises on the day after the end of the term hereby created, then the
          Tenant  shall,  by  virtue of this  agreement,  become a tenant by the
          month at the  rental  per month of the  monthly  installments  of rent
          agreed by the said  Tenant to be paid as  aforesaid,  commencing  said
          monthly  tenancy  with the  first  day next  after the end of the term
          above  demised;  and the said Tenant,  as a monthly  tenant,  shall be
          subject to all of the conditions and covenants of this lease as though
          the same had originally been a monthly tenancy;  and said Tenant shall
          give to the Landlord at least thirty (30) days' written  notice of any
          intention to quit said premises,  and said Tenant shall be entitled to
          thirty (30) days' written notice to quit said premises,  except in the
          event of  nonpayment  of rent in advance or of the breach of any other
          covenant by the said Tenant,  in which event the said Tenant shall not
          be entitled to any notice to quit,  the usual thirty (30) days' notice
          to quit being hereby expressly waived; PROVIDED,  however, that in the
          event that the Tenant shall hold over after the expiration of the term
          hereby  created,  and if the said  Landlord  shall  desire  to  regain
          possession  of said  premises  promptly at the  expiration of the term
          aforesaid, then at any time prior to the payment of rent by the Tenant
          as a monthly tenant hereunder,  the said Landlord,  at its election or
          option, may re-enter and take possession of said premises,  forthwith,
          without  process  or by any  legal  process  in force in the  State or
          District said premises are located.

     23.  If,  for  any  reason  whatsoever,   the  Landlord  does  not  deliver
          possession  of the  demised  premises  according  to the terms of this
          lease,  the rent shall be abated until such date as  possession of the
          demised  premises is tendered by the  Landlord.  In no event shall the
          Landlord,  its Agents or employees be liable in damages for failure to
          deliver  possession under the terms of this lease,  except for willful
          failure so to do.

     24.  The Landlord in appointing no rental agent herein,  does so for and in
          consideration  of its services  securing the Tenant  hereunder  and in
          negotiation  of  this  agreement,  and  agrees  to pay  said  Agent  a
          commission of 6%


          of all  rents  paid  during  the full term of this  agreement  and any
          renewal or extension  hereof even though the premises  hereby  demised
          shall be sold  during  the  term of this  lease  or any  extension  or
          renewal  thereof.  Cancellation  of this  lease or any  portion of the
          term,  or any extended  term hereof,  by agreement of the landlord and
          tenant without the consent of N/A , shall not relieve  Landlord of the
          obligation to pay N/A the full  commission  due hereunder for the full
          term of this lease and any  extension or renewal  hereof if this lease
          is extended or renewed.

     25.  It is further  understood  and  agreed  that all  advertising  and all
          display on or about the  within-mentioned  premises  is subject to the
          approval  of the  Landlord  and that no  advertising  on display on or
          about the within-mentioned  premises shall be made or exhibited by the
          Tenant if the said landlord shall make reasonable  objection  thereto,
          and that no signs are to be nailed or attached to the  exterior of the
          building and no exterior  painting done without the written consent of
          the Landlord first had and obtained.

     26.  In the event the Tenant  does not renew this  lease,  he hereby  gives
          permission  to the  Landlord to show the premises to  prospective  new
          tenants  and to put up a "For  Rent"  sign  advertising  said space as
          being  available  for rent.  Tenant  shall give the  Landlord at least
          sixty (60) days' notice in writing of his intention to remove,  at the
          expiration of this lease.

     27. Tenant shall not make  alterations,  additions or  improvements  to the
         demised  premises  without the written consent of the Landlord,  and if
         such consent is given and alterations,  additions or improvements  have
         been made by the Tenant, at Tenant's expense, then at the option of the
         Landlord  such  alterations,  additions and  improvements  shall at the
         option  of  the  Landlord  either  remain  upon  the  premises  at  the
         expiration of the lease and become the property of the Landlord,  or at
         the option of the  Landlord  be  removed  by and at the  expense of the
         Tenant on or before the  expiration of the term,  and all damage caused
         to said  premises  by such  removal  shall be repaired by the Tenant at
         Tenant's expense on or before the expiration of said term.

     28.  Tenant  will be  responsible  for all damage to and  breakage of plate
          glass in said premises and will carry during the term of this lease in
          a standard insurance company  satisfactory to Landlord,  full coverage
          insurance  on all plate glass in  aforementioned  premises,  and cause
          same to be replaced if damaged or broken; said insurance to be carried
          in the name of  Landlord,  the policy or policies  for which are to be
          deposited with Landlord or Landlord's agents.

     29.  Tenant agrees to protect,  indemnify and save harmless Landlord,  John
          G. and Mary G. Immer when required, of and from any and all claims for
          injury to personal  property by reason of any  accident,  or happening
          in, upon,  or about the demised  premises,  and Tenant agrees to carry
          public liability and property damage insurance with limits of at least
          five  hundred  thousand  and no/100  ($500,000.00)  covering  personal
          injury and  covering  property  damage in the name of  Landlord,  when
          required and Tenant, and to furnish Landlord,  with a certificate,  or
          copy of policy if required, showing such insurance to be in force.

     30.  If the  Landlord  shall  incur any  charge or expense on behalf of the
          Tenant under


          the terms of this lease such  charge or  expense  shall be  considered
          additional rent hereunder; in addition to and not in limitation of any
          other rights and  remedies  which the Landlord may have in case of the
          failure  by the  Tenant to pay such sums  when due,  such  non-payment
          shall  entitle the Landlord to the remedies  available to it hereunder
          for non-payment of rent. All such charges or expenses shall be paid to
          the  Landlord at the office of or at such other place as the  Landlord
          may designate in writing.

     31.  Should Tenant, directly or indirectly,  purchase the demised premises,
          or the property of which the demised  premises are a part,  during the
          terms of this lease, or any renewal or extension thereof or within one
          year after the  termination  of his tenancy of the  demised  presmises
          upon any terms, or should Tenant acquire the demised property,  or the
          property of which the demised premises are a part,  during the term of
          this  lease,  or any renewal or  extention  thereof or within one year
          after the termination of his tenancy of the demised  premises by trade
          or exchange,  its  successor  or assign shall be deemed the  procuring
          agent  in  the  transaction  and  will  be  paid  by the  Landlord  at
          settlement from proceeds of sale or exchange,  a commission of six per
          cent  (6%).  Split  50/50  between  Debbi  Bankert/Remax  and  William
          Myers/Weichert Realtor.

     32.  This agreement shall bind the administrators,  executors,  successors,
          and assigns of the respective parties hereto.

     33.  Feminine  or neuter  pronouns  shall be  substituted  for those of the
          masculine  form, and the plural shall be substituted  for the singular
          number,  in any place or places in which the context may require  such
          substitution or substitutions.

     34.  In the event of the employment of an attorney by the Landlord  because
          of the violation by the Tenant of any term of provision of this lease,
          including non- payment of rent as due, the Tenant shall pay and hereby
          agrees to pay reasonable  attorney's fees and all other costs incurred
          therein by the Landlord.

     35.  This lease contains the entire and final  agreement of and between the
          parties  hereto,  and  they  shall  not be  bound  by any  statements,
          conditions,  representations,   inducements  or  warranties,  oral  or
          written,  not herein  contained,  unless  there is  written  amendment
          thereto signed by all the parties hereto.

     36.  In  addition  to  the  first  month's  rent,  the  Landlord   herewith
          acknowledges  the  receipt of four  thousand  four  hundred and no/100
          ($4,400.00)  Dollars,  which he is to retain as security  for faithful
          performance  of all of the  covenants,  conditions,  and agreements of
          this lease, but in no event shall the Landlord be obliged to apply the
          same on  rents or other  charges  in  arrears  or on  damages  for the
          Tenant's  failure  to  perform  the said  covenants,  conditions,  and
          agreements;  the Landlord may so apply the security at his option; and
          the Landlord's  right to the possession of the premises for nonpayment
          of rent or for any other  reason shall not in any event be affected by
          reason of the fact that the Landlord holds this security. The said sum
          if not  applied  toward  the  payment of rent in arrears or toward the
          payment  of  damages  suffered  by  the  Landlord  by  reason  of  the
          defendant's  breach of the  covenants,  conditions,  and agreements of
          this  lease  is to be  returned  to the  Tenant  when  this  lease  is
          terminated,  according  to  these  terms,  and in no event is the said
          security to be returned  until the Tenant has vacated the premises and
          delivered  possession to the Landlord.  In the event that the Landlord


          himself  of the said  premises  because  of the  Tenant's  default  or
          because  of  the  Tenant's   failure  to  carry  out  the   covenants,
          conditions,  and agreements of this lease,  the Landlord may apply the
          said security on all damages suffered to the date of said repossession
          and may retain the said  security  to apply on such  damages as may be
          suffered or shall accrue  thereafter by reason of the Tenant's default
          or breach. The Landlord shall not be obliged to keep the said security
          as a separate fund, but may mix the said security with his own funds.

     37.  The basic monthly  rental shall be adjusted for each lease year of the
          term  hereof by any  change in the Index now known as  "United  States
          Bureau of Labor  Statistics,  Consumer  Price  Index  for  Urban  Wage
          Earners and Clerical  Workers,  all items for  Washington,  D. C. SMSA
          (BASE:  1967=100.0)  (hereinafter referred to as the "Index") provided
          however,  that that the amount  payable by the Tenant under this lease
          as rental  shall  not be less  than the  rental  payment  schedule  as
          outlined in this lease,  nor shall the rental payment be less than any
          rental  previously  established  pursuant  to a Consumer  Price  Index
          increase.  Such  adjustment  shall be  accomplished by multiplying the
          aforementioned  basic monthly  rental by a fraction,  the numerator of
          which shall be the most recently published monthly Index preceding the
          first day of the lease year for which such annual  adjustment is to be
          made, and the denominator of which fraction shall be the corresponding
          monthly Index immediately  preceding the commencement date of the term
          of this lease. If such Index shall be  discontinued  with no successor
          or comparable successor Index, the parties shall attempt to agree upon
          a  substitute  formula,  but if the parties are unable to agree upon a
          substitute formula, then the matter shall be determined by arbitration
          in accordance with the rules of the American  Arbitration  Association
          then prevailing.

     38.  Paragraph  headings in margins are for purpose of convenience only and
          not to be considered a part of this lease.

     39.  Landlord agrees to provide a personal door at top of stair  connecting
          both units. Also to install personal door between two drive in bays on
          lower  level.  Also to clean  carpets  and walls  (or  paint  walls if
          cleaning is insufficient) at no cost to Tenant.

     40.  Tenant to have  power and all  utilities  placed in his name  prior to
          January 1st, 1998 and to have right of pre-occupancy  December 5, 1997
          for fit out and setup.

     41.  Prior to  January 1, 1998,  Tenant to have air  conditioning  and HVAC
          inspected  and Landlord to make any repairs and have systems  serviced
          if necessary, prior to Tenant taking occupancy.

     42.  Tenant to have first right to purchase the above described property.

     43.  Tenant to have until  November  21,  1997 to  withdraw  this offer and
          receive prompt return of his deposit.


     IN WITNESS  WHEREOF the said parties have  hereunto  signed their names and
affixed their seals, on the day and year first hereinbefore written.

         WITNESS/ATTEST                         LANDLORD:

____________________________________  ___________________________(SEAL)
____________________________________  ___________________________(SEAL)
____________________________________  ___________________________(SEAL)
____________________________________  ___________________________(SEAL)
         WITNESS/ATTEST                          TENANT:
____________________________________  ___________________________(SEAL)
____________________________________  ___________________________(SEAL)
____________________________________  ___________________________(SEAL)
____________________________________  ___________________________(SEAL)