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Independent Contractor Services Agreement [Addendum No. 1] - Global Sports Interactive Inc. and Foundry Inc.

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                         GLOBAL SPORTS INTERACTIVE, INC.


                                 ADDENDUM NO. 1

                                     TO THE



                                 FOUNDRY, INC.,


                         GLOBAL SPORTS INTERACTIVE, INC.

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                                 ADDENDUM NO. 1

      The following additions and revisions are made to the Independent
Contractor Services Agreement between Global Sports Interactive, Inc.,
(identified in the Agreement as Global Sports Interactive) and Foundry, Inc.,
dated June 29, 1999 and Engagement No. 0699-FDY. Terms defined in the Agreement
have the same meaning in this Addendum No. 1.


      1     Contractor and Client wish to amend the Agreement and amend and
            extend the term of Engagement No. 0699-FDY entered into by the
            parties under the Agreement.


      Global Sports Interactive and Foundry, Inc., in consideration of the
mutual promises contained herein, and intending to be legally bound, agree that
the Agreement and Engagement No. 0699-FDY are modified and revised, which
modifications and revisions are retroactive to the beginning of the term of the
Agreement and Engagement No. 0699-FDY, as follows.

1     Definitions. The following section is added after first sentence of the


      (a)   Agreement means the Independent Contractor Services Agreement
            between Global Sports Interactive, Inc., and Foundry, Inc., dated
            June 29, 1999.

      (b)   Foundry Framework means Contractor's proprietary software, as it
            existed on June 2, 1999 and further modified by development outside
            of this agreement, described on Schedule 1 to this Addendum No. 1.

      (c)   Intellectual Property Rights means all intellectual property rights
            and industrial property rights (throughout the universe, in all
            media, now existing or created in the future, for all versions and
            elements, in all languages, and for the entire duration of such
            rights) arising under statutory or common law, contract, or
            otherwise, and whether or not perfected, including without
            limitation, all (a) patents, reissues of and

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            reexamined patents, and patent applications, whenever filed and
            wherever issued, including without limitation, continuations,
            continuations-in-part, substitutes, and divisions of such
            applications and all priority rights resulting from such
            applications; (b) rights associated with works of authorship
            including without limitation copyrights, moral rights, copyright
            applications, copyright registrations, synchronization rights, mask
            work rights, mask work applications, mask work registrations; (c)
            rights associated with trademarks, service marks, trade names,
            logos, trade dress, and the applications for registration and
            registrations thereof; (d) rights relating to the protection of
            trade secrets and confidential information; (e) rights analogous to
            those set forth in this Section and any and all other proprietary
            rights relating to intangible property; and (f) divisions,
            continuations, renewals, reissues and extensions of the foregoing
            (as and to the extent applicable) now existing, hereafter filed,
            issued, or acquired.

      (d)   Work Product means all software other than Foundry Framework,
            inventions, reports, designs, charts, plans, specifications,
            schedules, and estimates prepared or conceived by Contractor and
            delivered, or for delivery, to Client pursuant to this Agreement and
            all components thereof comprised by the Work Product, including
            without limitation, all masks, databases, written materials, and
            other reductions of expression into tangible mediums, whether
            completed or not.

2     Section 3.1, Confidentiality and Proprietary Information. The following
      sections replace in their entirety Sections 3.1 and 3.2 of the Agreement.

            3.1   Confidentiality

                  (a)   Confidential Information. The term "Confidential
                        Information" means Work Product and any and all
                        technical and non-technical information including
                        without limitation, patent, copyright, trade secret, and
                        proprietary information, techniques, sketches, drawings,
                        models, inventions, know-how, processes, apparatus,
                        equipment, algorithms, software programs, software
                        source documents, and formulae related to the current,
                        future, and proposed products and services of Client,
                        and includes, without limitation, Client's information
                        concerning research, development, design details and
                        specifications, engineering, financial information,
                        procurement requirements, purchasing, manufacturing, key
                        personnel, suppliers, customers, prospective customers,
                        policies or operational methods, plans for future
                        developments, business forecasts,

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                        sales and merchandising, and marketing plans and
                        information. Confidential Information does not include
                        items that were

                        (i)   possessed by Contractor prior to receipt or access
                              pursuant to this Agreement other than through
                              prior disclosure by Client as evidenced by
                              Contractor's written records;

                        (ii)  independently developed by Contractor without the
                              benefit of disclosure by Client as evidenced by
                              Contractor's written records;

                        (iii) published or available to the general public other
                              than through a breach of this Agreement;

                        (iv)  obtained by Contractor from a third party with a
                              valid right to disclose such Confidential
                              Information, provided that such third party is not
                              under a confidentiality obligation to Client; or

                        (v)   required to be disclosed by governmental agencies,
                              regulatory authorities, or pursuant to court order
                              to the extent such disclosure is required by law
                              and provided that Contractor provides reasonable
                              prior notice to Client of the disclosure.

                        Any combination of features or disclosures shall not be
                        deemed to fall within the foregoing exclusions merely
                        because individual features are published or available
                        to the general public or in the rightful possession of
                        Contractor unless the combination is published or is
                        available to the general public or in the rightful
                        possession of Contractor.

            (b)   Obligation of Confidentiality. Contractor shall permanently
                  hold, and cause its personnel to hold, Confidential
                  Information in strict confidence. Except as specifically
                  permitted by this Agreement, Contractor shall not duplicate or
                  use, or permit the duplication or use of, Confidential
                  Information or disclose or permit the disclosure of
                  Confidential Information to any person or entity. Contractor
                  shall limit the duplication and use of Confidential
                  Information to the performance of its obligations under this
                  Agreement and shall limit access to and possession of
                  Confidential Information only to those of its personnel whose
                  responsibilities under this Agreement reasonably require such
                  access or possession. Contractor shall advise all such persons
                  before they receive access to or

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                  possession of Confidential Information of the confidential
                  nature of the Confidential Information and require them to
                  abide by the terms of this Agreement. Any duplication, use,
                  disclosure, or other act or omission by any person that
                  obtains access to or possession of Confidential Information
                  through Contractor that would be a breach of this Agreement if
                  committed by Contractor is deemed a breach of this Agreement
                  by Contractor for which Contractor shall be responsible.

            (c)   Ownership of Confidential Information and Other Materials. All
                  Confidential Information, and any Derivatives (as defined
                  below) thereof whether the Derivative was created by Client or
                  Contractor, shall remain the property of Client and no license
                  or other rights to such Confidential Information or
                  Derivatives is granted or implied by this Agreement. For
                  purposes of this Agreement, "Derivatives" shall mean (a) for
                  copyrightable or copyrighted material, any translation,
                  abridgement, revision or other form in which an existing work
                  may be recast, transformed or adapted; (b) for patentable or
                  patented material, any improvement thereon; and (c) for
                  material which is protected by trade secret, any new material
                  derived from such existing trade secret material, including
                  new material which may be protected by copyright, patent, or
                  trade secret law.

            (d)   Return of Confidential Information. Contractor shall deliver,
                  or at Client's option destroy, all Confidential Information
                  and deliver, or at Client's option destroy, all copies to
                  Client upon the expiration or termination of this Agreement or
                  at Client's request.

            (e)   Remedy. Contractor acknowledges that Client will be
                  irreparably harmed if Contractor's obligations under this
                  Section 3.2 are not performed, and that Client would not have
                  an adequate remedy at law in the event of a violation by
                  Contractor of such obligations. Contractor agrees and consents
                  that Client shall be entitled, in addition to all other rights
                  and remedies to which Client may be entitled, to have a decree
                  of specific performance or an injunction issued requiring any
                  such violation to be cured and enjoining all persons involved
                  from continuing the violation. The existence of any claim or
                  cause of action that Contractor or any other person may have
                  against Client shall not constitute a defense or bar the
                  enforcement of this Section 3.1. Contractor acknowledges that
                  the restrictions in this Section 3.1 are reasonable and
                  necessary to protect legitimate business interests of Client.

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3     Section 3.4, Injunctive Relief. Section 3.4 of the Agreement is deleted in
      its entirety.

4     Section 3A, Ownership of Work Product. The following section is added as
      Section 3A of the Agreement.

      3A    Ownership of Work Product.

            3A.1 Ownership. All rights, including without limitation,
            Intellectual Property Rights, title, and interest in and to the Work
            Product, whether completed or not, shall lie exclusively in Client.
            All works and all components thereof comprised by the Work Product,
            including, but not limited to, all masks, databases, written
            materials, and other reductions of expression into tangible mediums,
            whether completed or not, were and are works made for hire and all
            rights, including without limitation, Intellectual Property Rights,
            title, and interest in such works lie, upon creation, exclusively
            with Client, and Contractor reserves no rights in such works.

            3A.2 Assignment of Intellectual Property Rights. To the extent that
            some or all rights, including without limitation, Intellectual
            Property Rights, title, and interest in and to the Work Product do
            not lie, upon creation, exclusively with Client, Contractor
            irrevocably sells, assigns, transfers, and sets over exclusively to
            Client all rights, including without limitation, Intellectual
            Property Rights, title, and interest in and to the Work Product or
            any component of the Work Product, whether completed or not, and
            Contractor reserves no rights in such Work Product. If Contractor
            has any such rights that cannot be assigned to Client, Contractor
            waives the enforcement of such rights, and if Contractor has any
            rights that cannot be assigned or waived, Contractor hereby grants
            to Client an exclusive, royalty-free, perpetual, irrevocable,
            transferable (including without limitation, sublicensing),
            unlimited, license, throughout the universe, in all media, now
            existing or created in the future, for all versions and elements,
            and in all languages, to use, copy, distribute, create derivative
            works of, publicly perform, publicly display, digitally perform,
            make, have made, offer for sale and import, and sell, such rights
            for the entire duration of such rights.

            3A.3 Further Assurances. Contractor shall, at Client's expense,
            cooperate and take all steps reasonably requested by Client to
            perfect, confirm, and protect Client's rights, including without
            limitation, Intellectual Property Rights, title, and interest in and
            to the Work Product including without limitation, executing and
            delivering all documents, filing registration and assignment
            documents, and giving testimony. Notwithstanding anything in this
            Agreement to the contrary, the ownership

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            rights conferred in this Section 3A shall survive any termination of
            this Agreement.

5     Section 3B, License to Foundry Framework. The following section is added
      as Section 3B of the Agreement.

      3B License to Foundry Framework. Contractor grants to Client a
      nonexclusive, perpetual, irrevocable, fully-paid, royalty-free,
      transferable and sublicensable, license throughout the universe to use,
      copy, modify, adapt, translate, create derivative works based upon Foundry
      Framework, reproduce, distribute, publicly perform, publicly display, and
      digitally perform Foundry Framework.

6     Section 4, Warranties and Indemnity. The following sections are added at
      the end of Section 4.1 of the Agreement.

            (c) Contractor represents, warrants and covenants that the Work
            Product and Foundry Framework, as delivered and as upgraded, revised
            or modified and used in accordance with this Agreement, is Year 2000
            Compliant. Year 2000 Compliant, as used in this Agreement, means
            that the software accurately processes date and time data (including
            without limitation, calculating, comparing, and sequencing) in,
            from, into, and between the twentieth and twenty-first centuries,
            and the years 1999 and 2000 and leap year calculations. This
            warranty does not apply to errors or malfunctions to the extent
            caused by (i) malfunction of Client's equipment; (ii) software not
            provided pursuant to this Agreement. If Client believes that the
            software is not substantially performing in accordance with the
            terms of this Agreement, Client will immediately notify Contractor
            in writing regarding any such non-performance and will provide a
            listing of output and such other data as may be required by
            Contractor to reproduce operating conditions as existed when the
            non-performance occurred. The warranties set forth in this section
            4(c) are null and void to the extent caused by Client or any third
            party modifying or changing the software in any way beyond the scope
            of the customization options contained in the software. In order to
            receive and maintain this warranty, Global Sports Interactive must
            (i) use the software in accordance with this Agreement or
            Contractor's instructions; (ii) use the software on the hardware and
            with the operating system for which it was designed. Except as
            otherwise required under this agreement, Contractor will not be
            required to maintain compatibility between the software and third
            party software not specified in this Agreement. Contractor does not
            warrant that the functions contained in the software will meet
            Client's requirements or that the operation of the software will be
            uninterrupted or error-free or that all defects will be corrected.

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            (d) Contractor represents, warrants, and covenants that for the
            software, as delivered and as upgraded, revised, or modified in
            accordance with this Agreement, Contractor shall not include, and,
            shall take all commercially reasonable steps (a) to prevent the
            introduction of; (b) to give prompt notice to Client of; (c) to
            detect; and (d) to remove computer instructions or other
            technological means the purpose of which is to access, modify,
            disrupt, damage, delete, or interfere, with Client's use of its
            computer or telecommunications equipment or facilities. Contractor
            expressly waives and disclaims any and all rights or remedies it may
            have at law or in equity to de-install, disable, or repossess any
            deliverables by any means.

            (e) Contractor represents, warrants, and covenants that all services
            performed under this Agreement shall be performed by qualified
            personnel with the proper skill, training, and experience so as to
            be able to perform competently and in a manner consistent with good
            practice in the information technology services industry and that
            all work shall be performed in accordance with this Agreement.

            (f) Contractor represents, warrants, and covenants that it is and
            shall remain sufficiently staffed and equipped to fulfill its
            obligations under this Agreement.

            (g) Contractor represents, warrants, and covenants that the source
            code delivered to Client pursuant to this Agreement is in a form
            suitable for reproduction by computer, and consists of a full source
            language statement of the program or programs that constitute the
            software delivered to Client pursuant to this Agreement, complete
            program maintenance documents, master tapes or diskettes,
            duplicating instructions, and all other materials necessary to allow
            a reasonably skilled person to maintain the such software without
            the assistance of any other person or reference to any other
            materials. Contractor further represents, warrants, and covenants
            that the source code delivered to Client pursuant to this Agreement
            allows and shall allow Client to build, without the use of any other
            software or materials other than Client's operating system and
            compiler, a fully functional, executable version of the such

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7     Section 9, General Provisions. The following section is added to Section 9
      of the Agreement.

            9.8 Survival. Sections 3, 4 (except for Sections 4.1(e) and 4.1
            (f)), and 8 of this Agreement survive any expiration or termination
            of this Agreement.

8     Engagement No. 0699-FDY. The following additions and revisions are made to
      Engagement No. 0699-FDY.

      Scope. The following sentence is added to the Scope section of Engagement
      No. 0699-FDY.

            Contractor shall provide the source code, including without
            limitation, the names, last known addresses, and last known
            telephone numbers of the persons who developed the related software,
            of all software, including without limitation, the Foundry
            Framework, delivered pursuant to this Agreement.

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9     Controlling Documents. Any ambiguities or inconsistencies between this
      Addendum No. 1 and the Agreement or an Engagement shall be resolved by
      giving precedence to this Addendum No. 1 over the other documents.

            IN WITNESS WHEREOF, the parties have caused this Addendum No.1 to be
executed and do each hereby warrant and represent that their respective
signatory whose signature appears below has been and is on the date of this
Addendum No.1 duly authorized by all necessary and appropriate corporate action
to execute this Addendum No.1.

Foundry, Inc.                             Global Sports Interactive, Inc.

By:   __________________________
                                          By:   __________________________
Name: __________________________
                                          Name: __________________________
Date: __________________________
                                          Date: __________________________

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                                   Schedule 1

BTv0_0_0mod.jar                             app_QTv0_8_1.jar
BusinessInterfaceClasses.jar                app_QTv0_8_10.jar
DBTestv0_x_x.jar                            app_QTv0_8_11.jar
DataPipeClasses.jar                         app_QTv0_8_12.jar
DataPipeConfig.jar                          app_QTv0_8_2.jar
DummyClassv0_0_0mod.jar                     app_QTv0_8_3.jar
ImageTestv0_x_x.jar                         app_QTv0_8_3mod.jar
JNDIDemov1_0_0.jar                          app_QTv0_8_4.jar
Stylepadv0_0_0mod.jar                       app_QTv0_8_4mod.jar
app_DocumentCenterv1_0_0.jar                app_QTv0_8_5.jar
app_QTModelerv0_0_0mod.jar                  app_QTv0_8_6.jar
app_QTWebPublisherv0_1_0.jar                app_QTv0_8_7.jar
app_QTWebPublisherv0_2_0.jar                app_QTv0_8_8.jar
app_QTv0_3_0.jar                            app_QTv0_8_9.jar
app_QTv0_4_0.jar                            app_QTv0_8_9mod.jar
app_QTv0_5_0.jar                            app_Querysmithv2_3_3.jar
app_QTv0_6_0.jar                            app_ServletUIv0_0_0mod.jar
app_QTv0_7_0.jar                            bbmr_app_Alexv1_0_0.jar
app_QTv0_7_1.jar                            bbmr_app_Alexv1_0_1.jar
app_QTv0_7_1mod.jar                         bbmr_app_Alexv1_0_2.jar
app_QTv0_8_0.jar                            bbmr_app_BPFSv3_1_0.jar
app_QTv0_8_0mod.jar                         bbmr_app_BPFSv3_1_1.jar



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bbmr_app_ClassificationEditorv1_0_0.jar     bbmr_app_salaryProjectionsv1_0_0.jar
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bbmr_app_GrantLoadsv0_1_2.jar               bbmr_fra_budgetv1_0_0.jar
bbmr_app_GrantLoadsv0_1_3.jar               bbmr_fra_budgetv1_1_0.jar
bbmr_app_GrantLoadsv0_1_4.jar               bbmr_fra_budgetv1_2_0.jar
bbmr_app_GrantLoadsv0_1_5.jar               bbmr_fra_budgetv1_3_0.jar
bbmr_app_GrantLoadsv0_1_6.jar               bbmr_fra_budgetv1_3_0mod.jar
bbmr_app_GrantLoadsv0_x_x.jar               bbmr_fra_budgetv1_4_0.jar
bbmr_app_JNDIDemov0_1_0.jar                 bbmr_fra_budgetv1_5_0.jar
bbmr_app_JNDIGeneralv0_x_x.jar              bbmr_fra_budgetv1_5_1.jar
bbmr_app_RevenueEditorv0_1_0.jar            bbmr_fra_grantLoadsv0_1_0.jar
bbmr_app_RevenueEditorv0_1_1.jar            bbmr_fra_grantLoadsv0_x_x.jar
bbmr_app_RevenueEditorv0_2_1.jar            bbmr_fra_revenuev0_1_0.jar
bbmr_app_RevenueEditorv0_2_10.jar           bbmr_fra_revenuev0_1_1.jar
bbmr_app_RevenueEditorv0_2_2.jar            bbmr_fra_revenuev0_2_1.jar
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bbmr_app_RevenueEditorv0_2_8.jar            bbmr_fra_revenuev0_2_5.jar
bbmr_app_RevenueEditorv0_2_9.jar            bbmr_fra_revenuev0_x_x.jar
bbmr_app_RevenueEditorv0_x_x.jar            bbmr_fra_salaryProjectionsv0_1_0.jar
bbmr_app_ThreeYearAlexv1_0_0.jar            bbmr_fra_salaryProjectionsv1_0_0.jar
bbmr_app_ThreeYearAlexv1_1_0.jar            bbmr_uti_budgetv1_0_0.jar
bbmr_app_ThreeYearAlexv1_1_1.jar            bs_app_Querysmithv0_0_BS.jar
bbmr_app_ThreeYearAlexv1_1_2.jar            bs_app_Querysmithv0_1_BS.jar
bbmr_app_ThreeYearAlexv1_1_3.jar            bs_fra_Notificationv0_0_BS.jar


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bs_fra_TreeKitUIv0_0_BS.jar           cosmo_fra_couponsv0_1_0.jar
bs_fra_TreeKitUIv0_1_BS.jar           cosmo_fra_couponsv1_1_0.jar
bs_fra_TreeKitv0_0_BS.jar             cosmo_fra_couponsv1_1_1.jar
bs_fra_TreeKitv0_1_BS.jar             cosmo_fra_couponsv1_1_2.jar
bs_fra_paginationv0_0_BS.jar          cosmo_ser_menuv0_x_x.jar
bs_fra_polv0_0_BS.jar                 dor_app_PrototypeDemov0_0_0mod.jar
bs_fra_polv0_1_BS.jar                 dor_fra_customerCareEnginev0_0_0mod.jar
bs_fra_qslv0_0_BS.jar                 dor_fra_customerCareEnginev0_1_0.jar
bs_fra_qslv0_1_BS.jar                 dor_fra_customerCareEnginev1_0_0_RHI20.jar
bs_fra_qualifierv0_0_BS.jar           dor_uti_netDynamicsv0_0_0mod.jar
bs_fra_qualifierv0_1_BS.jar           fra_Notificationv1_0_0.jar
bs_uti_KeyValueCodingv0_0_BS.jar      fra_TreeKitUIv1_0_0.jar
bs_uti_KeyValueCodingv0_1_BS.jar      fra_TreeKitv1_0_0.jar
bs_uti_containerv0_0_BS.jar           fra_appfeaturesv0_1_0.jar
bs_uti_exceptionv0_0_BS.jar           fra_appfeaturesv0_2_0.jar
bs_uti_iov0_0_BS.jar                  fra_appfeaturesv0_3_0.jar
bs_uti_jdbcv0_0_BS.jar                fra_appfeaturesv0_3_1.jar
bs_uti_jdbcv0_1_BS.jar                fra_appfeaturesv0_4_0.jar
bs_uti_netscapev0_0_BS.jar            fra_appfeaturesv0_5_0.jar
bs_uti_netscapev0_1_BS.jar            fra_appfeaturesv0_6_0.jar
bs_uti_propertyListParserv0_0_BS.jar  fra_appfeaturesv0_7_0.jar
bs_uti_propertyListParserv0_1_BS.jar  fra_appfeaturesv0_7_0mod.jar
bs_uti_treesv0_0_BS.jar               fra_appfeaturesv0_7_1.jar
bs_uti_treesv0_1_BS.jar               fra_appfeaturesv0_7_1mod.jar
bs_uti_treesv0_2_BS.jar               fra_appfeaturesv0_7_2.jar
bs_uti_userDefaultsv0_0_BS.jar        fra_appfeaturesv0_7_2mod.jar
bs_uti_userDefaultsv0_1_BS.jar        fra_classTransformingv1_0_0.jar
cosmo_fra_couponsPublishingv0_1_0.jar fra_documentv1_0_0.jar
cosmo_fra_couponsPublishingv0_1_1.jar fra_htmlPagev0_0_0mod.jar
cosmo_fra_couponsPublishingv0_1_2.jar fra_htmlv0_x_x.jar
cosmo_fra_couponsPublishingv0_1_2mod  fra_pageparserv0_x_x.jar
 .jar                                  fra_paginationv1_0_0.jar

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fra_polv1_1_0.jar                           ibm_xml4jv1_1_9.jar
fra_polv1_1_1.jar                           ibm_xml4jv2_0_0.jar
fra_polv1_2_0.jar                           ibm_xml4jv2_0_13.jar
fra_polv1_2_0mod.jar                        ibm_xml4jv2_0_9.jar
fra_polv1_rmi_0.jar                         indius_ijcv1_1_f.jar
fra_qslv1_0_0.jar                           more
fra_qslv1_0_1.jar                           nd_serverv4_1_x.jar
fra_qslv1_0_2.jar                           nd_serverv5_0_x.jar
fra_qslv1_0_3.jar                           netscape_ifcv1_1_2.jar
fra_qslv1_0_4.jar                           objectspace_jglv2_0_0.jar
fra_qslv1_1_0.jar                           objectspace_jglv2_0_0.jar.OLD
fra_qslv1_2_0.jar                           oracle_jdbcv7_3_4.jar
fra_qslv1_3_0.jar                           oracle_jdbcv8_0_4_0_6.jar
fra_qslv1_3_1.jar                           oracle_jdbcv8_1_6.jar
fra_qslv1_3_2mod.jar                        qds_oraclev0_1_0.jar
fra_qslv1_3_3.jar                           qds_oraclev0_1_1.jar
fra_qslv1_3_3mod.jar                        qds_oraclev0_1_1mod.jar

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qds_oraclev0_1_2.jar                        sun_motifv1_0_2.jar
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qds_oraclev0_x_x.jar                        sun_multiv1_0_0.jar
qds_sybasev0_0_0mod.jar                     sun_multiv1_0_1.jar
signed                                      sun_multiv1_0_2.jar
srv_BioBuilderProtov0_0_0mod.jar            sun_multiv1_0_3.jar
srv_QTWebv0_1_0.jar                         sun_providerutilv1_1_0.jar
srv_QueryServletv0_0_0mod.jar               sun_swingallv1_0_0.jar
srv_qtdownloadv0_1_0.jar                    sun_swingallv1_0_1.jar
srv_qtdownloadv0_1_1.jar                    sun_swingallv1_0_2.jar
sun_activationv1_0_0.jar                    sun_swingallv1_0_3.jar
sun_beaninfov1_0_0.jar                      sun_swingallv1_1_0.jar
sun_beaninfov1_0_1.jar                      sun_swingv0_7_0.jar
sun_beaninfov1_0_2.jar                      sun_swingv0_7_0patched.jar
sun_beaninfov1_0_3.jar                      sun_swingv1_0_0.jar
sun_collectionsv1_1_0.jar                   sun_swingv1_0_1.jar
sun_collectionsv1_1_1.jar                   sun_swingv1_0_2.jar
sun_ejbv1_0_0.jar                           sun_swingv1_0_3.jar
sun_jlfv0_7_0.jar                           sun_swingv1_1_0.jar
sun_jndiv1_1_0.jar                          sun_windowsv0_7_0.jar
sun_jsdkv2_0_0.jar                          sun_windowsv1_0_0.jar
sun_jsdkv2_1_0.jar                          sun_windowsv1_0_1.jar
sun_jspv1_0_0.jar                           sun_windowsv1_0_2.jar
sun_jtsv1_0_0.jar                           sun_xml.jar
sun_ldapv1_1_0.jar                          sun_xml_ea2.jar
sun_mailv1_1_0.jar                          sun_xml_tr1.jar
sun_motifv0_7_0.jar                         sybase_jdbcv11_0_3.jar
sun_motifv1_0_0.jar                         twz1jdbcForMysql.jar


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uti_KeyValueCodingv1_0_0.jar                uti_propertyListParserv1_0_0.jar
uti_KeyValueCodingv1_1_0.jar                uti_propertyListParserv1_1_1.jar
uti_KeyValueCodingv1_1_1.jar                uti_propertyListParserv1_2_0.jar
uti_KeyValueCodingv1_2_0.jar                uti_reportingv1_0_0.jar
uti_beansv0_1_0.jar                         uti_reportingv2_0_0.jar
uti_beansv0_x_x.jar                         uti_reportingv2_1_0.jar
uti_collectionsv0_0_0mod.jar                uti_reportingv2_1_1.jar
uti_collectionsv1_0_0.jar                   uti_reportingv2_1_1mod.jar
uti_collectionsv1_0_0mod.jar                uti_saxv0_0_0mod.jar
uti_containerv1_0_0.jar                     uti_saxv1_0_0.jar
uti_containerv1_0_0mod.jar                  uti_saxv1_0_0mod.jar
uti_containerv1_1_0.jar                     uti_servletv0_1_0mod.jar
uti_domv0_0_0mod.jar                        uti_servletv0_x_x.jar
uti_domv1_0_0.jar                           uti_swingv1_0_0.jar
uti_domv1_0_0mod.jar                        uti_swingv1_0_1.jar
uti_exceptionv1_0_0.jar                     uti_swingv1_0_2.jar
uti_graphicsv0_1_0.jar                      uti_swingv1_1_0.jar
uti_graphicsv0_1_1.jar                      uti_swingv1_2_0.jar
uti_gridv1_0_0.jar                          uti_swingv1_3_0.jar
uti_iov1_0_0.jar                            uti_swingv1_3_1.jar
uti_iov1_1_0.jar                            uti_swingv1_3_2.jar
uti_iov1_1_0mod.jar                         uti_swingv1_4_0.jar
uti_iov1_2_0.jar                            uti_swingv1_5_0.jar
uti_iov1_2_1.jar                            uti_swingv1_5_0mod.jar
uti_jdbcv1_0_0.jar                          uti_totalsv1_0_0.jar
uti_jdbcv1_1_0.jar                          uti_treesv1_0_0.jar
uti_jdbcv1_2_0.jar                          uti_userDefaultsv1_0_0.jar
uti_memdebugv0_1_0.jar                      uti_userDefaultsv1_1_0.jar
uti_netscapev1_0_0.jar                      uti_userDefaultsv1_2_0.jar
uti_netv0_0_0mod.jar                        uti_userDefaultsv1_2_2.jar


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