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Employment Agreement - ANADAC inc. and Paul J. Bulger

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               Compensation Agreement for Mr. Paul Joseph Bulger
                                  May 11, 1999

Considerations for P.J. Bulger regarding his assumption of duties as Chief
Operating Officer of ANADAC on June 1, 1998 are attached (Attachment A), have
been executed and are still in effect except for the changes described below in
items (1) through (3) which are to become effective immediately.

1)   Mr. Bulger's title shall become President and Chief Executive Officer of
     ANADAC, Inc.; he will remain on the ANADAC Board of Directors, as well.

2)   Mr. Bulger's annual base salary shall become $200,000.00 effective
     immediately through the end of FY2000. Mr. Bulger's incentive compensation
     is to be calculated as:

     Net profit x 0.04

     to be paid quarterly provided ANADAC achieves at least 90% of its revenue
     and profit plan. The plan will be determined by the ANADAC Strategic Plan
     for FY2000 in agreement between P.J. Bulger and R.C. Fowler.

3)   Mr. Walther has retired and the Consulting Agreement referenced in the
     Attachment is now in place.

By: /s/ RANDALL C. FOWLER          By: /s/ PAUL J. BULGER
    ---------------------              ---------------------
    Randall C. Fowler                  Paul J. Bulger

    Chairman of the Board              President and Chief Executive
    Chief Executive Officer            Officer
    Identix, Incorporated              ANADAC

Date: 5/10/99                      Date: 5/1/99
     --------------------               ---------------------
<PAGE>   2
                                  Attachment A

Consideration for P.J. Bulger assuming the position of Chief Operating Officer
(COO) of ANADAC, Inc. on 6/1/98.

(1)  COO Salary: $120,000 annually

(2)  Elected to the ANADAC Board of Directors during the July 1998 Board Meeting

(3)  Severance Termination Agreement (to include: dismissal without cause*):
     change in title; degradation of  responsibilities):

     o    5 months salary due immediately; and
     o    ANADAC assumes liability for total sums for all premiums on employees
          Whole/Split Life Insurance Policy. This can either be done as a lump
          sum for all years or paid on an annual basis. The total lump sum
          payment by ANADAC shall not exceed $48,000

(4)  Life Insurance Policies:

     o    $500,000 whole/split life (cost not to exceed $6,000 per year)
     o    $250,000 term life (cost not to exceed $300 per year)

(5)  Additional Long Term Disability Insurance Policy (not to exceed $3,000 per

(6)  Annual physical (cost not to exceed $500 per year)

(7)  Incentive Compensation:
     o    Revenue      x  .001
     o    Net profit   x  .04

     Incentive compensation will be paid quarterly provided that ANADAC's
     Financial Plan is met or exceeded on a year-to-date basis.

(8)  Stock Options:(1)
     o    25,000 shares upon assumption of COO duties

(9)  Transition Planning
     o    Mr. Harrison Walther will remain CEO and President at a minimum
          through 12/31/98
     o    Should Mr. Harrison Walther retire, as of 12/31/98, ANADAC shall
          have the authority to retain Mr. Walther as a consultant for a
          minimum of one year. The terms of Mr. Walther's consulting agreement
          shall be negotiated between Mr. Walther, ANADAC's COO and Identix's
          CEO as a part of the final ANADAC


(1) * "Cause" shall mean (1) commission of a felony or misdemeanor involving
dishonesty, fraud or other matters of moral turpitude, (ii) dishonesty towards,
fraud upon or attempted deliberate injury to the company or other intentional
conduct which is injurious to ANADAC.

<PAGE>   3
          Transition Plan (discussed in paragraph 12). This consulting agreement
          may be extended at the discretion of ANADAC's COO for up to 12 months.

     -    Mr. Walther shall retain the title of CEO and President as long as he
          remains an ANADAC employee.

(10) Performance Bonus                  $75,000 (one time)
     (payable on 7/8/98 for services all ready rendered)

(11) Mr. Randall Fowler agrees to present to the Identix Board of Directors no
     later than 10/30/98, and fully support, the ANADAC/Identix Stock Incentive
     Program recommended by the ANADAC Board of Directors in the July 1998 Board
     meeting. It is understood that to accomplish this, Identix Stock Holders
     must approve additional shares of stock for the incentive program. Upon
     approval of the Identix Board of Directors, this will also be done in the
     same time frame stated above.

(12) Mr. Fowler agrees to finalize the ANADAC Transition Plan with Mr. Bulger
     for the assumption of additional responsibilities from Mr. Walther upon his
     retirement.  The plan shall specifically address the titles and
     compensations for Mr. Bulger's position(s) as ANADAC's CEO and/or President
     role(s), as well as the other provisions of employment covered by this
     document. The plan shall be competed no later than 10/30/98. In the event
     that the ANADAC Transition Plan does not provide for the transition of Mr.
     Walther's general management responsibilities to Mr. Bulger (upon Mr.
     Walther's retirement), then either party may exercise the Severance
     Termination Agreement (paragraph (3)).

/s/ RANDALL C. FOWLER                        /s/ P.J. BULGER
---------------------------------            ---------------------------------
Randall C. Fowler          date              P.J. Bulger                date