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Subordinated Guarantee - Infineon Technologies AG and Infineon Technologies Holding BV

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Infineon Technologies AG,
Munich, Federal Republic of Germany
in favour of the holders of the
4.25% Guaranteed Subordinated Convertible Notes of 2002/2007
in the aggregate
principal amount of €1,000,000,000 (the 
Infineon Technologies Holding B.V.,
Rotterdam, The Netherlands

                 The Guarantor hereby unconditionally and irrevocably guarantees to the Noteholders (which expression shall, for the purposes of this Subordinated Guarantee, include any Noteholders under any additional Notes issued by the Issuer under § 20 of the Conditions (as defined below)) the due and punctual payment in accordance with the Terms and Conditions of the Notes (the "Conditions") of any and all sums expressed to be payable by the Issuer under the Notes.

        The obligations of the Guarantor under this Subordinated Guarantee shall be subordinated to the claims of all other creditors of the Guarantor which are senior and not subordinated, rank at least pari passu with all other subordinated obligations of the Guarantor and, in the event of liquidation, bankruptcy or other proceedings to avoid bankruptcy of the Guarantor, any payment which might become due under the Guarantee shall be made only after all claims against the Guarantor which are senior and not subordinated have been satisfied. Any right to set-off claims arising from the Guaranteed Subordinated Convertible Notes or under the Subordinated Guarantee against claims of the Guarantor shall be excluded. The subordination specified in the foregoing sentence with respect to Notes for which the Conversion Right (§ 7(1) of the Conditions) has been validly exercised shall be subject to the condition subsequent (auflösende Bedingung) of the exercise of the Conversion Right (§ 7 of the Conditions) and terminate with effect as of the Issue Date (§ 3(1) of the Conditions) on the day immediately prior to the Conversion Date (§ 8(4) of the Conditions) at 24 hours.

        Subject to the foregoing paragraph the intent and purpose of this Guarantee is to ensure that the Noteholders under all circumstances, whether factual or legal, and regardless of the validity and enforceability of the obligations of the Issuer or the company (other than the Guarantor) which may have been substituted for the same pursuant to § 17 of the Conditions (the "Substitute Issuer"), or of any other grounds on the basis of which the Issuer or the Substitute Issuer may fail to effect payment, shall receive the amounts payable as principal, interest and other amounts payable to the Noteholders pursuant to the Conditions on the due dates therefor provided for in the Conditions.

        The Guarantor further undertakes, so long as any Notes shall remain outstanding, but only up to the time at which all amounts payable to the Noteholders under the Notes in accordance with the Conditions have been placed at the disposal of the Principal Paying Agent (as defined in § 18(1) of the Conditions) and all obligations pursuant to § 7 of the Conditions have been fulfilled, not to secure any subordinated Capital Market Indebtedness (as defined in § 2(4) of the Conditions), including any guarantees or other indemnities assumed in respect thereof, upon any of its assets without at the same time providing that the Noteholders share equally and rateably in such security. This undertaking shall not apply to a security which is (i) mandatory according to applicable laws or (ii) required as a prerequisite for governmental approvals. Any security which is to be provided hereunder may also be provided to a person acting as trustee for the Noteholders.

        The Guarantee constitutes a contract in favour of the Noteholders from time to time as third party beneficiaries pursuant to § 328(1) of the German Civil Code giving rise to the right of each Noteholder to require performance of the obligations undertaken herein directly from the Guarantor and to enforce such obligations directly against the Guarantor.

        Unless otherwise defined herein, terms used herein and defined in the Conditions shall in this Guarantee have the meaning attributed to them in the Conditions.

        JPMorgan Chase Bank, which accepts this Guarantee does not act in a fiduciary or similar capacity for the Noteholders. JPMorgan Chase Bank agrees to hold the original copy of this Guarantee in custody until all obligations under the Notes and the Guarantee have been fulfilled.

        The rights and obligations arising from this Guarantee shall in all respects be determined in accordance with German law. The place of jurisdiction shall be Munich, Federal Republic of Germany.

        The German version of this Guarantee shall be the only legally binding version. The English translation is for convenience only.

February 1, 2002
Infineon Technologies AG


We accept all of the above.

February 1, 2002

JPMorgan Chase Bank