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SynchroNet Service Agreement - Southern Bell Telephone and Telegraph Co. and InterCept Systems Inc.

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                             SYNCHRONET(R) SERVICE

The undersigned Subscriber requests (Southern/South Central Bell) Telephone
Company ("Company") to provide SynchroNet(R) service ("SynchroNet") to InterCept
Systems, Inc. ("Subscriber") as described in the attachment of this Service

Important tariff provisions relating to SynchroNet are set forth herein:

     1.  The Company will furnish, install, maintain and provide Private Line
     services provided via SynchroNet service in accordance with the Company's
     lawfully filed tariffs.  The tariffs provide the basis for this Agreement
     with the Subscriber.  The Agreement period shall begin the day the
     SynchroNet service is installed or this Agreement is executed.

     2.  The Subscriber agrees to pay the Company for the provision of the
     SynchroNet ("Service"). The Service is offered for periods of 24 to 42
     months, or 43 to 60 months. This monthly rate will continue for the elected
     service period and will not be subject to Company initiated change during
     such period.

     The monthly rates for SynchroNet service covered under this Agreement in
     effect at the time the Service is installed or the Agreement executed will
     be in effect until the expiration of the service period chosen by the
     Subscriber.  Other rates applicable to other services provided by the
     Company, that are connected to the SynchroNet service, may be increased
     during this period as governed by their respective tariffs.

     3.  The service period for this Agreement shall be ___ months.  The rates
     and charges for items under this Agreement are identified in Attachment A
     of this agreement.

     4.  In the event that any item of Service is terminated prior to the
     expiration of the service period, the Subscriber shall pay a Termination
     Liability Charge as specified in the tariff.

     The following conditions shall also be treated as a termination of service:

     (a) Transfer (i.e. T&F) of SynchroNet to a new location when the criteria
     for "Moves of Service" in the tariff for Termination Liability are not met.

     (b) Removal of SynchroNet service when change or substitution is requested
     by the Subscriber.

     5.  Additions may be added to an existing service at the customer's option;
     however, tariff rates, charges, terms and conditions then currently
     effective for such services will

(R) Registered Service Mark of BellSouth Corporation

     be applied.

     6.  At the expiration of the service period, the Subscriber may select a
     new payment period according to renewal options provided under the tariff.
     If the Subscriber does not elect an additional service period, or does not
     request discontinuance of the service, then the above service will be
     continued at the monthly rate then currently in effect for month to month
     rates.  Service periods may also be renewed prior to expiration in
     accordance with regulations and rates then in effect.

     7.  Suspension of service is not permitted for SynchroNet.

     8.  The Subscriber agrees to pay any added costs incurred by the Company
     due to a Subscriber initiated change in the location of the SynchroNet
     service prior to the time it is placed in Service.

     9.  In the event the Service requested by the Subscriber is canceled prior
     to the establishment of Service, but after the date of ordering reflected
     herein, the Subscriber is required to reimburse the Company for all
     expenses incurred in handling the request before the notice of cancellation
     is received.  Such charge however, is not to exceed the sum of all charges
     which would apply if the work involved in complying with the request had
     been completed.

     10. Subject to the current provisions of applicable tariffs, the
     Subscriber may arrange to have existing Service under this Agreement moved
     within the same premises.  The Subscriber agrees to pay a nonrecurring
     charge based upon the estimated cost or tariff rate of such move without
     interruption or change in the monthly rates.

     11. Service may be transferred to another Subscriber at the same location
     upon prior written concurrence of the Company.  The new Subscriber to whom
     the Service is transferred will be subject to all tariff provisions and
     configurations currently in effect for the present Subscriber.

(R) Registered Service Mark of BellSouth Corporation

     The Agreement is effective when executed by the Subscriber and accepted by
the Company, and is subject to and controlled by the provisions of the Company's
lawfully filed tariffs, including any changes therein as may be made from time
to time.

     ADDRESS:       6611 Bay Circle
                    Suite 160
                    Atlanta, Georgia 30371

     SUBSCRIBER:    InterCept Systems



                 Southern Bell Telephone and Telegraph Company

ACCEPTED:      ___________________

BY:            ___________________

TITLE:         ___________________

Attachments:  Quantities and Rates per channel for SynchroNet Services
              SynchroNet Locations

(R) Registered Service Mark of BellSouth Corporation

                  Schedule to SynchroNet(R) Service Agreement
             between Southern Bell Telephone and Telegraph Company
                          and Intercept Systems, Inc.

Intercept Systems, Inc. has entered into identical agreements with Southern Bell
for SynchroNet services in the States of Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky,
Louisiana, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina and Tennessee

(R) Registered Service Mark of BellSouth Corporation