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Employment Agreement - Intergraph (Deutschland) GmbH and Gerhard Sallinger

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                     CONTRACT OF EMPLOYMENT

               INTERGRAPH (Deutschland) GmbH
               Hans-Pinsel-Straae 9b
               8013 Haar
                                                   - INTERGRAPH -


               Gerhard Sallinger
               Am Rebstock 35
               6057 Dietzenbach

                                                     - Employee -

hereby agree the following Contract of Employment:

1.  Field of Work, Duty Station

    a)  The Employee shall be hired as a
       sales representative

    b)  Following familiarisation, the Employee shall work from the
       Frankfurt office.

    c)  The Employee shall be obliged to also perform other suitable
       work within the bounds of reasonableness if required and if
       necessary to perform this work from another duty station for a
       limited period of time.

2.  Start of the Contract, Term, Termination

    a)  The contractual relationship shall commence on 1st January
       1986 or, at the request of the Employee, earlier if he terminates
       his current employment relationship prematurely. (Contract
       started on November 1st, 1985)

    b)  The  contractual relationship shall run for an undefined
       time. It can be terminated by either partner after expiry of the
       probationary period, giving a period of notice of six weeks to
       the end of a quarter.

    c)  Any  extension of the period of notice in favour of  the
       Employee under the law or a collective bargaining agreement shall
       also apply in favour of INTERGRAPH in the same way.

    d)  Termination  of  the employment relationship  before  it
       commences shall be excluded.

3.  Probationary Period

    a)  A probationary period of six months shall be agreed.

    b)  During the probationary period, the employment relationship
       can be terminated by either party, giving a period of notice of
       one month to the end of a month, but at the latest before expiry
       of the sixth month to the end of the seventh month.

4.  Ability to Work

    a)  The  Employee  declares that he  is  not  aware  of  any
       deficiencies or illnesses that may impair his performance at

    b)  If  he falls ill, the Employee shall be obliged to  give
       notice thereof immediately and to submit a medical certificate by
       the  expiry of the third day after the occurrence  of  the
       incapacity to work.

    c)  The Employee shall also report any other incapacity to work
       and its anticipated duration. He shall furnish reasons therefore
       upon request.

5.  Working Time, Vacation

    a)  The regular working time shall be 40 hours a week, Mondays
       to Fridays from 8.30 a.m. to 5. 15 p.m. The lunch break of 45
       minutes can be taken between 12 a.m. and 2 p.m. as agreed.

    b)  The Employee shall be entitled to vacation of 29 working
       days for each calendar year. Vacation shall be granted on a pro
       rata temporis basis in the first year and in the year in which
       the Employee leaves.

    c)  The vacation can be taken for the first time after a waiting
       period of four months. It shall be agreed in good time with
       INTERGRAPH and in observance of company interests.

6.  Remuneration

    a)  The Employee shall receive a gross monthly salary of

                DM 7,000.00

       payable  per  the  end  of a month. It  shall  be  paid  by
       cashless transfer.

    b)  There  shall  be no entitlement to a Christmas bonus,  etc.
       If  such benefits are nevertheless granted, they shall  be
       at  the  absolute discretion of INTERGRAPH and  shall  not
       establish  any  legal entitlement, even if they  are  made
       repeatedly and without the express proviso that  they  are

    c)  In  each  case before the expiry of a period of  employment
       of  12  months, the parties shall hold a meeting to assess
       the Employee's performance and discuss his future salary.

7.  Company Car

    INTERGRAPH  shall  provide  the  Employee  with  a  mid-range
    company car. The Employee shall be authorised to use the  car
    privately  as  well. The running costs incurred  through  its
    private  use  with the Federal Republic of  Germany  and  the
    Federal  State  of Berlin shall be borne by  INTERGRAPH.  The
    cost  contribution to be made by the Employee is governed  by
    company policies (vehicle regulations).

8.  Secrecy, Business Documents

    a)  The  Employee shall maintain secrecy on all confidential
       business and company events, operations and establishments,
       including after the end of the employment relationship. This
       shall apply regardless of how he has gained knowledge thereof.
       This obligation shall also extend to affairs of other companies
       with  which INTERGRAPH is economically or organisationally
       affiliated or co-operates.

    b)  The obligation to maintain secrecy shall also include the
       details of this contract.

    c)  All business documents, either in the original or as a copy,
       may only be removed from the company's premises in agreement with
       management and shall be returned to INTERGRAPH without special
       request  when the employment relationship ends. Rights  of
       retention shall be excluded.

9.  Reimbursement of Travel Expenses

    The  rights  of the Employee to reimbursement of  subsistence
    expenses,   accommodation  expenses,  etc.  incurred   during
    business  trips  are  governed  in  the  "Travel  Policy"  of
    INTERGRAPH.  The  Employee shall receive a permanent  advance
    for travel expenses of DM 1,500.00.

10. Side-line Employment

    The  Employee shall not pursue any side-line activity without
    the written consent of INTERGRAPH.

11. Contract Penalty

    a)  If the Employee does not commence his work contrary to the
       law  or terminates the employment relationship prematurely
       contrary to the contract, he shall incur a contract penalty to
       the amount of his last gross monthly salary.

    b)  INTERGRAPH reserves the right to claim further damages.

12. General

    a)  The statutory provisions shall apply to inventions made by
       the Employee.

    b)  Any amendments to or modifications of this contract shall
       only be valid when given in writing.

    c)  If individual provisions of this contract are invalid, this
       shall not affect the remaining provisions of the contract.

    d)  The precise task area and entitlements to commission of the
       sales representative are governed in a supplementary agreement.

Haar, dated 22.10.85                  Dietzenbach, dated 24.10.85

-----------------------------         ---------------------------
(INTERGRAPH) Deutschland GmbH         (Employee)