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Installation and Finishing Work Agreement - Weifang Fuhua Amusement Park Co. Ltd. and Construction Company No. 1 of Weifang Changda Construction (Group) General Co.

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        Whereas, Weifang Fuhua Amusement Park Co., Ltd. ("Party A") shall invest
in the construction of Fuhua Water Palace; whereas, Party A, after consulting
with the Construction Contractor, has selected Construction Company No. 1 of
Weifang Changda Construction (Group) General Co. ("Party B") to be the
contractor for the installation and decoration and finishing project (the

        therefore, Party A and Party B, through mutual consultation, have agreed
upon the following terms and conditions:


1.    The area of the Project is an estimated 20,000 square meters.

2.    The Project shall include the following items: decoration and finishing
      work, water and electrical utilities, air-conditioning, an indoor tropical
      rain forest, rockery and waterfalls, renovation of a swimming pool, and
      construction of an artificial sandy beach.

3.    Type of contracting: General contracting, including labor and materials.

4.    Grade of quality: Excellent.


1.    The estimated cost of the Project is RMB 19,500.000. The actual cost shall
      be based on the final accounts.

2.    Method of account settlement and pricing: Account settlement shall be
      conducted in accordance with Shandong Province budget quotas for
      construction, installation, decoration and finishing projects and in
      accordance with the project price schedule for units in the metropolitan
      area, and shall be calculated on the basis of the actual work amount and
      relevant new provincial and municipal policy documents. Pricing shall be
      based on the particular grade of Party B's project pricing license.


     As an incentive to encourage Party B to deliver an excellent project, Party
     A shall, in accordance with relevant rules and documents of the State,
     grant to Party B a 3% or 5% bonus (the "Bonus") based on the total project
     cost, if the Project shall be checked and accepted as excellent by the
     quality inspection departments. The Bonus shall be included in the
     settlement upon completion.


1.    Project deadlines: The Project shall begin on September 30, 2001 and shall
      be completed by December 26, 2001.

2.    Project Progress Schedule:

      (1)   The main part of the service building shall be completed by
            September 26, 2001.

      (2)   Decoration and finishing work, water and electrical utilities,
            central air conditioning, the indoor tropical rainforest, rockery
            and waterfalls, swimming pool remodeling and the artificial sandy
            beach shall begin at the end of September, 2001 and shall be
            completed by December 15, 2001.

      (3)   Clean up upon Completion: From December 16, 2001 to December 26,
            2001, Party B shall deliver part of the Project to Party A ahead of
            the deadline.


1.    For the purchase of necessary raw materials and equipment, Party A shall,
      before the beginning of the Project, pay to Party B an amount equal to 10%
      of the total cost of the Project as an advance payment, which shall
      approximate RMB 1,950,000.

2.    At the end of September, Party B shall start work on the installation of
      utilities, central air conditioning and water supply and drainage works.
      The total cost of this work is estimated to be RMB 7,000,000, which shall
      be paid to Party B by September 30, 2001.

3.    On October 10, Party B shall start work on the remodeling of the indoor
      swimming pool, the tropical rainforest, the artificial sandy beach, the
      rockery and waterfalls, the dance stage and the lighting system. The total
      cost of this work is estimated to be RMB 5,500,000, which Party A shall
      pay by October 5, 2001.

4.    In December 2001, the overall Project shall be cleaned (including exterior
      cleaning) and the equipment tested and adjusted. The cost of this work
      will be approximately RMB 1,500,000 and shall be paid by Party A by
      December 10, 2001.

5.    Party B shall have completed construction, cleaning, acceptance, and
      delivery of the Project by December 26, 2001. By this time Party A shall
      have paid 85% of the total cost of the Project, approximately RMB
      16,580,000. Party A shall then pay 5% of the cost of the Project by March
      30, 2002. The balance of 10% shall be used as a reserve fund for
      settlement of accounts and project warranty funds (2%). This balance shall
      be paid in full within one year, namely by December 30, 2002.


1.    Both Party A and Party B shall give priority to the quality of the
      Project. Party B shall make every effort to ensure that the quality of the
      Project is excellent. Party B shall not be responsible for any delay on
      progress of the Project if the delay of the Project is caused by bad
      weather, inexorable natural calamities, the cutting off of water supply,
      power failure, failure by Party A to complete necessary governmental
      procedures, intervention from

      governmental organizations such as urban development departments, or any
      project delays caused by late delivery of designs by the designing


1.    Safety Responsibilities: Party B shall be responsible for on-site safety.
      Party B shall be responsible for any loss due to accident during the
      Project. All on-site managerial staff representing Party A shall abide by
      safety regulations under the management policies formulated by Party B.
      Absolutely no sightseers shall be allowed to enter the amusement park.
      Should a sightseer enter the construction site and be injured, Party B
      shall be fully responsible for the injury and shall provide compensation.

2.    Party B shall be fully responsible for fire prevention at the construction
      site and shall provide all appropriate fire-fighting equipment. Party B
      shall be responsible for any fire due to construction-related causes, and
      Party A shall provide assistance. Party B shall bear responsibility for
      resulting losses.


This agreement establishes the following provisions for claims and disputes:

1.    If Party A fails to follow the funds disbursement schedule hereunder and
      make project payments to Party B with the result that Party B suffers
      downtime and financial loss, Party A shall bear full responsibility and
      shall pay to Party B a penalty of 0.02% of the total construction cost for
      each day of delay.

2.    If Party B intentionally delays project progress and causes a delay of the
      overall Project, thus resulting in a delay of the opening of the Water
      Palace, Party B shall be held liable for any financial loss caused by this
      delay. Party B shall pay Party A a fee in the amount of 0.02% of the total
      project cost for each day of delay.


1.    Party A and Party B shall sign and abide by an agreement entitled "Project
      Quality Warranty" before the construction's completion.


1.    The project settlement shall be conducted according to provincial budget
      quotas for construction, installation and decoration projects and the
      material price schedule for the metropolitan area. Price of labor shall
      comply with the floating labor prices in Memorandum Lu Jian Biao Zi (2000)
      No. 14 and shall be based on the particular grade of the contractor's fee

2.    Bonus for high quality project: In order to encourage the contractor to
      make its best efforts to achieve excellent quality, the contract-letting
      party shall grant a bonus to Party B after the delivery of a excellent
      project in accordance with relevant regulations issued by the competent
      municipal construction departments.


1.    This Contract shall be in four official copies, which shall be identical
      to one another, with each of Parties A and B holding two copies. This
      Contract shall enter into effect upon signature and seal by the both Party
      A and Party B.

PARTY A                                  PARTY B

Official Seal of                         Official Seal of
Weifang Fuhua Amusement Park             Construction Company No. 1 of
   Co., Ltd.                             Weifang Changda Construction
                                         (Group) General Co.

Personal Signature of                    Personal Signature of
Dongsheng Li                             (Illegible)

Personal Seal of                         Personal Signature of
Yongxin Zhang                            Zhen Yin

Date: March 16, 2001