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China-Beijing-Zhong Liang Square-8 Jianguomennai Street Lease - Beijing Zhong Liang Square Development Co. Ltd. and Shanghai Linktone Consulting Co.

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Contracting Parties

Party A:          (the Lessor): Beijing Zhong Liang Square Development Co. Ltd.
Party B:          (the Tenant): Shanghai Linktone Consulting Co.

Date of Signing

14th February, 2003

Property Description

Location:                 Rm.17, 11/F Building B, No.8 Jianguomennai Street,
                          Zhong Liang Square, Beijing, P R China

Square footage:           52 m(2)

Type:                     office space

Term of Lease

Effective date: 29th January, 2003

Termination date: 28th January, 2005

Rent Amount

US$ 1,326.00 per month

Major Obligations of either party

Obligations of Party A:

    -    Party A shall warrant the normal connection of the water, electricity,
         heating, telephone and other facilities, to keep the construction,
         walls, roof, drainage and wires in good and appropriate condition, to
         keep systems of heating, air-conditioning, power and fireproofing
         facilities and other facilities of the tenement in normal working
         condition and safe and appropriate for the purpose of lease.

    -    Party A is responsible for the maintenance of basic facilities
         including public


         facilities and public part of the tenement, and should carry out
         maintenance on Party B's request in its area within 10 days after
         receiving Party B's maintenance request.

    -    Party A shall be liable for the injury and property loss of Party B and
         of its employees and clients occurring due to the delay of repairing
         any damages of the basic facility and the public facilities, public
         part and public equipment in connection with the tenement within 10
         days after receiving Party B's notice. Party A has the right to enter
         into the tenement to perform regular or temporary inspection and

    -    Party A warrants that it is the lawful owner of the tenement and has
         the right to lease the tenement.

    -    Party A shall inform Party B timely if Party A transfers the whole or
         part of the tenement to any third party and this Contract shall
         continue to be valid.

Obligations of Party B:

    -    Party B is responsible to pay the rent, management fee and deposit of
         the rent and management fee subject to the provisions of this Contract.

    -    Party B shall repair the damage caused by Party B's incorrect use,
         management and maintenance and pay the relevant fees, or notify Party A
         or the tenement management company to repair and pay the relevant fees
         and compensation.

    -    Without written consents of Party A and the tenement management
         company, neither shall Party B shall neither alter the construction of
         the tenement nor move or remove the or equipment discretionarily. The
         renovation of the tenement should be on the basis that there shall be
         no damage to the general construction and facilities of the tenement.

    -    Party B shall be liable for settlement of disputes regarding loss of
         others' properties and injury caused by incorrect use, management and
         maintenance of the tenement, and should pay the consequent

    -    Without Party A's written consent, Party B shall not assign, sub-let or
         allow a third party to jointly use through other ways the tenement. The
         obligations of Party B will not be reduced or released due to its
         assignment, sub-let or joint use.

Termination Events

Party A has the right to terminate this Contract unilaterally, if Party B:

    -    breaches the laws and regulations of P R China, and is involved in any
         illegal business;

    -    discretionarily alters the rental usage or operates the business except
         the business described in of this Contract;

    -    does not pay the rent and management fee, or does not pay the deposit
         of the rent and management fee, or does not pay fine on schedule or
         other fees prescribed under this Contract when passed due for 7 days;


    -    without Party A's consent in writing, assigns, sub-lets or allows a
         third party to use the tenement or jointly use with a third party

Security deposit or other refundable or non-refundable payments

Management fee: UD$ 234.00 per month