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South Korea-Incheon-681-9 Jakjeon-dong Gaeyang-gu Contract for Monthly Rent of House - Liquidmetal Technologies Inc.

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The Contract has been entered between the Lessor and Lessee in terms and
conditions set forth in the following.


         Location:  681-9 Jakjeon-dong Gaeyang-gu Incheon-city
         Usage: site for factory
         Structure & Use: Reinforced steel concrete factory
         Area:  1,712 m2 (518 pyeong)
         Rental Area: partial of 1st story (about 130 pyeong)


Article 1         The Contract has been entered between the Lessor and Lessee in
                  terms and conditions set forth in the following.

                  Key money: Thirty Three Million Won Only (33,000,000 won)
                  Advance payment: 6,000,000 won at the time of this contract is
                  signed. The partial payment in_________ shall be payable on
                  _________. Final payment: 27,000,000 won by September 16, 2002
                  Monthly pay: 3,400,000 won (16th day of every month)

Article 2         The term of lease shall be Twelve (12) months to September 16,

Article 3         The Lessee shall not use the said real estate as indicated
                  hereinabove for any other purpose than the usage or change in
                  the structure, re-lease, assign and provide for security
                  without prior consent by the Lessor.

Article 4         If the Lessee fails to pay the monthly rent for two (2) months
                  or more, the Lessor may terminate this lease contract without
                  urge and require for return of the leased premises.

Article 5         The Lessee may renovate or alter the house under
                  approval by the Lessor however, it shall be restored to the
                  original condition at its own expense prior to expiration of
                  this contract.

Article  6        Before payment of the balance left over to the Lessor by the
                  Lessee this contract may be terminated however, if the Lessor
                  terminates it shall reimburse two times of the contract key
                  money to the Lessee and if the Lessee terminates it shall
                  waive the contract key money.

Article 7         The brokerage shall respectively be paid by the both parties
                  hereto at the time of this contract is made.

Special condition:

VAT is charged additionally and the maintenance fee is 1,000 won per pyeong
leased (or 130,000 won in total).

Upon the termination of the Rent Agreement facilities shall be recovered in the
same condition as leased.

The leased factory shall be vacated if the lessee fails to pay monthly rents for
two months in successions.

Co-arbitration with the Dashin Real Estate Agency.

In witness whereof this contract is in duplicate, affixed seals by the
respective hands and retain a copy by each party.

                           Date:  September 11, 2002


                             TRANSLATION CERTIFICATE

The undersigned hereby certifies that the foregoing is a fair and accurate
English translation of the original Contract for Monthly Rent, which is in the
Korean language.

By:    /s/ YM Lee
       YM Lee, Chief Financial Officer of
       Liquidmetal Korea Co., Ltd.