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Arizona-Mesa-4840 East Jasmine Street Lease [Amendment No. 3] - J3 Harmon LLC and YP.Net Inc.

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  • Commercial Lease. Start a state-specific lease for the rental of commercial property. Specify the term and rent due, as well as whether the landlord or tenant is responsible for property taxes, insurance, and maintenance and repairs.
  • Commercial Sublease. When a tenant vacates commercial property before the lease term has expired, it may be able to rent the premises to a third party. The tenant would be the sublessor and the third party would be the sublessee. Besides preparing a sublease, both parties will want to review the provisions for assignment or subletting in the original lease agreement between the landlord and the sublessor.
  • Sublease Agreement. Tenants of residential property should prepare a sublease agreement if they are seeking to sublease a room or the entire apartment or house to a third party. All parties should review the original lease agreement to see if there are any restrictions on subletting or assigning the premises.
  • Triple Net Lease. Triple net leases are a type of commercial leases where the tenant has to pay for property taxes, insurance, utilities, and maintenance, in addition to the monthly rent.
  • Office Space Lease. When renting an office space, tenants should understand the amount of the rent and duration of the lease. Other important terms include whether the space can be subleased, which parties are responsible for maintenance, and whether any furniture and furnishings will be provided.

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This Third Amendment to Lease, made and entered into this 23rd day of March, 2006 by and between J3 Harmon, L.L.C., as successor in interest to The Estate of Arthur G. Grandlich. d.b.a. McKellips Corporate Square, Betsy A. Grandlich Co-Personal Representative, Bank One Trust Company, Co-Personal Representative, hereinafter referred to as "Lessor" and YP.Net. Inc.. a Nevada Corporation (formerly known as Renaissance International Group, a Nevada Corporation), hereinafter referred to as "Lessee".
WHEREAS, Lessor leased certain premises in the McKellips Corporate Square building 4840 East Jasmine Street in the City of Mesa, County of Maricopa, State of Arizona, to Lessee, pursuant to that certain lease dated the 1st day of June. 1998; said Lease and amendment(s) thereto dated August 17, 1998 and January 7, 2003, hereinafter collectively referred to as the "Lease", the premises being more particularly described therein; and
NOW THEREFORE, in consideration of these present and the agreement of each other, Lessor and Lessee agree that the said Lease shall be and is hereby amended as of the 1st day of July 2006, unless stated otherwise herein, as follows:
The term of the Lease shall be extended sixty (60) months with an expiration date of the 30th day of June, 2011.
Base Rent for the Leased Premises shall be payable in monthly installments of:
07/01/06 through 06/30/07 @   $9,727.76 + CAM + Rental Tax / Month
07/01/07 through 06/30/08 @   $9,979.34 + CAM + Rental Tax / Month
07/01/08 through 06/30/09 @ $10,230.92 + CAM + Rental Tax / Month
07/01/09 through 06/30/10 @ $10,482,50 + CAM + Rental Tax / Month
07/01/10 through 06/30/11 @ $10,734.08 + CAM + Rental Tax / Month
Upon execution of this Third Amendment to Lease, Lessee shall no longer have a Right of First Refusal to Lease any other Lease space within 4840 East Jasmine (Building B).
Lease Paragraph 15 and the Option to Extend paragraph in the Lease Addendum shall become null and void upon execution of this Third Amendment to Lease.
All other terms and conditions of the Lease shall remain the same and are confirmed and approved.
The terms and conditions of this Third Amendment to Lease shall be null and void if not fully executed by both Lessor and Lessee by March 31, 2006.
This Third Amendment to Lease may be executed via facsimile and in counterparts and each executed counterpart shall for all purposes be deemed an original and shall have the same force and effect as an original, but all of which together shall constitute in the aggregate, but one and the same instrument.
IN WITNESS WHEREOF, the Parties hereto have executed this instrument by proper persons thereunto duly authorized.
J3 Harmon, L.L.C. as Successor in Interest to
YP.Net, a Nevada Corporation
The Estate of Arthur G. Grandlich d.b.a.
4840 E. Jasmine Street
McKellips Corporate Square
Suite 105
c/o 2150 E. Highland, Suite 207
Phoenix, Arizona 85205
Phoenix, Arizona 85016
/s/ Illegible
/s/ Daniel Coury, Sr.