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Advertising Insertion Order - Yahoo! Inc. and

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                       YAHOO! Advertising Insertion Order


             Order #  28751                                                   Sales Contract  Ben Padnos
                                                                                       Phone  310-606-8160
               Order                                                                   Email
                Date  01/13/1999                                                         Fax  310-606-6164
          Advertiser  LOWESTFARE.COM                                                  Agency 
                 Url                                                                 Address 
                      980 Kelly Johnson Drive                                                
             Address  Las Vegas, NV  89119                                                   
             Contact  Gail Golden                                                    Contact 
               Phone  (702) 260-3605                  Fax  (702) 750-5826              Phone                    Fax
               Email                                         Email 
          Start Date  01/15/1999                 End Date  06/30/1999        Contract Length  167 Days          Bill to   Advertiser
                                                           Total Impressions                               Total Amount

                                                              [CONFIDENTIAL                                 [CONFIDENTIAL
                                                                TREATMENT                                     TREATMENT
Order Totals:                                                  REQUESTED]                                    REQUESTED]

With option to renew with the same terms at the end of this Contract for another
six months (to December 31, 1999).

Net Cost:                                                                                                    REQUESTED]

                                                                                                Terms    Pending Credit Approval
                                                                                                Billing  Monthly

MATERIALS: Banners: Banner requirements are posted at

DELIVERY: All Materials and any charges must be delivered at least 4 business
days in advance to the email address specified for your region at A Yahoo! Insertion Order
number and flight dates must be referenced in all correspondence. Yahoo! will
not issue any credit or make good due to late or incorrectly submitted banners
and/or late or incomplete information.

TERMS AND CONDITIONS: The Insertion Order is subject to the terms and conditions
("Standard Terms") attached hereto as Exhibit A of this Insertion Order, and
such Standard Terms are made a part of this Insertion Order by reference. The
signatory of this Insertion Order represents that he has read and agrees to such
Standard Terms.

This Insertion Order is valid for three (3) business days from the date of this
order. This agreement is non-cancelable.

Authorized By:__________________________________________      Phone:  ____________________    Date:  1/16/99

Production Contract: Gail Golden                              Phone:  (702) 260-3605          Email:
                     --------------------------               --------------------------              ------------------------

-------------------------------------------------------                                       Yahoo! Inc.
Please return to Yahoo Sales Operations Dept.                                                 3400 Central Expressway, Suite 201
---------------------------------------------                                                 Santa Clara, CA  95061
Fax # 405-530-5130                                                                            
Thursday January 14 1999 3:14 PM