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California-Los Angeles-8383 Wilshire Boulevard Lease [Amendment No. 1] - Arden Realty LP and MatchNet plc

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  • Commercial Lease. Start a state-specific lease for the rental of commercial property. Specify the term and rent due, as well as whether the landlord or tenant is responsible for property taxes, insurance, and maintenance and repairs.
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  • Sublease Agreement. Tenants of residential property should prepare a sublease agreement if they are seeking to sublease a room or the entire apartment or house to a third party. All parties should review the original lease agreement to see if there are any restrictions on subletting or assigning the premises.
  • Triple Net Lease. Triple net leases are a type of commercial leases where the tenant has to pay for property taxes, insurance, utilities, and maintenance, in addition to the monthly rent.
  • Office Space Lease. When renting an office space, tenants should understand the amount of the rent and duration of the lease. Other important terms include whether the space can be subleased, which parties are responsible for maintenance, and whether any furniture and furnishings will be provided.

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                            (8383 WILSHIRE BOULEVARD)

made and entered into as of the 5th day of September, 2000, by and between ARDEN
REALTY LIMITED PARTNERSHIP, a Maryland limited partnership ("LANDLORD") and
MATCHNET PLC, a corporation organized and existing under the laws of England


         A. Landlord and Tenant entered into that certain Standard Office Lease,
dated as of September 1, 2000 (the "LEASE"), whereby Landlord leased to Tenant
and Tenant leased from Landlord certain office space containing a total of 6,516
rentable (6,123 usable) square feet (the "PREMISES"), located in that certain
building at 8383 Wilshire Boulevard, Beverly Hills, California (the "BUILDING").

         B. By this First Amendment, Landlord and Tenant desire to have Tenant
pay for the "Temporary Sign," as that term is defined in Section 1, below, and
to otherwise modify the Lease as provided herein.

         C. Unless otherwise defined herein, capitalized terms as used herein
shall have the same meanings as given thereto in the Lease.

         NOW, THEREFORE, in consideration of the foregoing recitals and the
mutual covenants contained herein, and for other good end valuable
consideration, the receipt and sufficiency of which are hereby acknowledged, the
parties hereto hereby agree as follows:


         1. Temporary Signage. Tenant shall pay Landlord One Hundred Thirty-Five
Thousand and No/100 Dollars ($135,000.00) no later than September 10, 2000 for
the right to have the "Temporary Sign," as that term is defined below, from the
date hereof until September 30, 2000, which payment shall be non-refundable and
not credited against any rent due under the Lease. Tenant, at Tenant's sole
cost, shall have the right to one temporary sign which displays Tenant's name
(the "TEMPORARY SIGN") to be placed on the Building in a location mutually
agreed upon by Landlord and Tenant. Tenant's Temporary Sign shall be subject to
Landlord's approval as to size, design, exact location, graphics, materials,
colors and similar specifications and shall be consistent with the exterior
design, materials and appearance of the Building and the Building's signage
program and shall be further subject to all applicable government laws, rules,
regulations, codes and other approvals. Tenant's Temporary Sign shall be
personal to the Tenant originally named in this First Amendment and may not be
assigned to any assignee or sublessee, or to any other person or entity. The
cost incurred in connection with the initial purchase and installation of the
Temporary Sign and the cost to maintain the Temporary Sign shall be paid by
Tenant. As of September 30, 2000, or in the event the conditions precedent to
the grant of Tenant's Temporary Sign are no longer satisfied, Landlord shall
have the right to remove the Temporary Sign and Tenant shall be responsible for
any and all costs associated with the removal of the Temporary Sign, including,
but not limited to, the cost to repair and restore the Building to its original

         2. No Further Modification. Except as set forth in this First
Amendment, all of the terms and provisions of the Lease shall remain unmodified
and in full force and effect. Effective as of the date hereof, all references to
the "Lease" shall refer to the Lease as amended by this First Amendment.




         IN WITNESS WHEREOF, this First Amendment has been executed as of the
day and year first above written.


                                          ARDEN REALTY LIMITED PARTNERSHIP,
                                          A Maryland limited partnership

                                          By:        ARDEN REALTY, INC.,
                                                     A Maryland corporation
                                                     Its:  Sole General Partner

                                          By:        /s/  Victor J. Coleman
                                                 VICTOR J. COLEMAN
                                                  Its:  President and COO

                                          By:        /s/  Robert C. Peddicord
                                                  ROBERT C. PEDDICORD
                                                  Its:  Senior Vice President


                                          MATCHNET PLC, a corporation organized
                                          and existing under the laws of England

                                          By:        /s/   Joe Shapira
                                          Print Name:         JOE SHAPIRA
                                                     Its:     CEO

                                          By:        /s/   Alon Carmel
                                          Print Name:         ALON CARMEL
                                            Its:              PRESIDENT