Sample Business Contracts

Severance Agreement - Maytag Corp. and Joseph F. Fogliano

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August 28, 1995

Joseph F. Fogliano
1310 Golf View Lane
Newton, Iowa  50208

Dear Joe,

In addition to the enhanced separation benefits offered to you in Len Hadley's 
letter dated August 10, 1995, the following items will amend or add to 
Section II:

     6.   (Amended) - Maytag will purchase your Newton, Iowa residence through
          a third party for $400,000.

     7.   (Amended) - Maytag will pay for the relocation of your household
          goods currently located in Newton, Iowa per the applicable provisions
          of the Maytag Relocation Policy to a location of your choice within
          the continental United States provided the move takes place prior to
          December 31, 1995.  Alternatively, Maytag will at your request pay
          for the movement of such household goods to storage for up to one (1)
          year not to exceed $24,000.  Additionally, Maytag will pay for the
          transport and storage of up to two (2) automobiles for up to one (1)
          year not to exceed $4,800.

     9.   (Amended) - Maytag will approve outplacement services through Drake
          Beam Morin not to exceed 15% of your ending base salary ($60,750).   

    10.   (Amended) - You may remove portable appliances from your current
          residence, but not built-in appliances.  You will not incur a    
          prorated charge.

    11.   (Added) - Maytag will pay consultant fees and reasonable business
          travel expenses for your trip to the Center for Creative Leadership
          in Colorado Springs, Colorado for the purpose of receiving instrument

    12.   (Added) - You may maintain the use of the Corporate VISA and MCI
          cards through December 31, 1995 for bona fide job search purposes not
          otherwise eligible for reimbursement by a prospective employer, not
          to exceed $10,000 in aggregate.

    13.   (Added) - Maytag will provide income tax preparation services for
          calendar year 1995, not to exceed $1,000 in fees.


Please understand that all enhanced separation benefits offered to you must be
contingent upon your returning to Maytag any and all documents in your
possession that would be considered company sensitive, including copies of
materials presented to the Maytag Board of Directors.

It is my understanding that these additional considerations will bring this
matter to a satisfactory conclusion.  If you have any questions, please feel
free to call me.


s/s J.O. Nicholas<PAGE>