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Consulting Agreement [Amendment] - Media Arts Group Inc. and Mike Kiley

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                                MEDIA ARTS GROUP, INC.

On the 1st day of April, 1997, a Consulting Agreement, including the attached
Exhibits ("Agreements") was made and entered into by and between MEDIA ARTS
GROUP, INC.("MAGI"), a Delaware company, and Mike Kiley ("Consultant"). MAGI
desires to continue to retain Consultant as an independent contractor to
perform consulting services for MAGI, but the parties seek to amend and
modify certain provisions of Consultant's Agreements based on the scope and
nature of work to be performed. All amendments and modifications to the
Agreements shall be effective as of August 1, 1997. Unmodified portions of
the Agreements shall remain in full force and effect, and modified portions
shall be modified only as set forth below.  In consideration of the mutual
promises contained herein, the parties agree to amend and modify the
Agreements as follows:

1.  On Exhibit B, Section (a), the following language:

         (a)  Rate of Pay:   $6,000.00 PER MONTH, with payment to be made on
              the first day of every month
         shall be AMENDED AND MODIFIED to read:
         (a)  Rate of Pay:   $10,000.00 PER MONTH, with payment to be made on
              the first day of every month

2.  The following language shall be ADDED in Section 1 (Services and
Compensation) as Section 1(c):
         1(c) MAGI agrees to reimburse Consultant for all reasonable expenses
              incurred by Consultant as are reasonably related to the execution
              of his duties hereunder.

IN WITNESS WHEREOF, the undersigned are duly authorized to execute this
Agreement on behalf of Consultant and MAGI as of the day and year written

CONSULTANT:                                 MEDIA ARTS GROUP INC.
                                            521 Charcot Ave.
                                            San Jose, CA  95131

By: /s/ Mike Kiley                          By: /s/ Kenneth E. Raasch
   -------------------------------             -------------------------------
         Mike Kiley                            Kenneth E. Raasch
                                               CHAIRMAN OF THE BOARD & CEO
Address: 6415 Beusy Ct
         San Jose, CA 95123