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Code of Ethics for Senior Management - The Men's Wearhouse Inc.

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                            THE MEN'S WEARHOUSE, INC


It is the policy of The Men's Wearhouse, Inc. and its operating subsidiaries
(the "Company") to conduct business with the highest standards of honesty and
integrity, and in compliance with all applicable laws. The Company's Board of
Directors has adopted this Code of Ethics for Senior Management (the "Code"),
applicable to the Company's Chief Executive Officer and all Presidents, Chief
Financial Officers, Principal Accounting Officers, Executive Vice Presidents and
other designated financial and operations officers performing similar functions
(collectively, "Senior Management"), to deter wrongdoing, and to promote honest
and ethical conduct; full, fair, accurate, timely and understandable disclosure
to the public; compliance with laws; and accountability.

All Company employees, directors and officers are expected to comply with the
Company's Code of Business Conduct, as well as other Company policies.
Additionally, Senior Management is expected to:

         -    Carry out their duties honestly and with the highest degree of

         -    Avoid actual or apparent conflicts of interest, and to promptly
              report any transaction or relationship that could compromise one's
              ability to adhere fully to this Code, other Company policies or
              applicable laws; or to make business decisions without regard to
              personal gain or benefit;

         -    Promptly report transactions or relationships that could
              reasonably compromise the ability of Senior Management or any
              other employee or director to adhere fully to Company polices or
              applicable laws, or that is required to be reported in Company
              financial reports;

         -    Avoid having ownership interests greater than 1%, or any decision
              making role, in entities that provide services or goods to the
              Company, or that compete with the Company;

         -    Seek, at all times, to provide information to Company officials
              and its outside professionals (e.g. accountants, counsel,
              insurance providers, etc.) that is accurate, relevant, complete,
              objective, timely and understandable, and encourage others within
              the Company to do the same;

         -    Use reasonable efforts to assure full, fair, accurate, timely and
              understandable disclosure of information related to the Company's
              business and financial operations in Company reports and documents
              filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission ("SEC"), the New
              York Stock Exchange ("NYSE") or otherwise made public;

         -    Use reasonable efforts to establish controls and procedures to
              ensure reports and documents filed with the SEC or NYSE are
              accurate, understandable and not misleading;

         -    Share information with appropriate parties to keep them informed
              of the Company's business and operations;

         -    Use reasonable efforts to cause the Company to comply fully with
              the letter and spirit of all laws, rules and regulations
              applicable to the Company or its business;

         -    Promptly report any weakness or deficiency in the design or
              operation of the Company's internal controls, and any fraud
              involving Company management or other employees having significant
              roles in the Company's operations, financial reporting,
              disclosures or internal controls; and

         -    Promote ethical behavior within the Company and with customers,
              suppliers and other stakeholders.

Senior Management must report violations and concerns immediately. Reports may
be made to (i) the CEO or CFO; (ii) the Chief Compliance Officer or (iii) to the
Company's General Counsel. Reports may also be made to the Chairman of the Audit
Committee of the Company's Board of Directors using the Company's Financial
Reporting Line, (877) 288-5529. All reports will be kept confidential to the
extent permitted, and may be made anonymously. No person will be subject to
retaliation because of a good-faith report of an actual or suspected violation
of this Code or any standard of ethical and lawful conduct. Retaliation is
itself a violation of this Code. If a member of Senior Management violates this
Code, the Company will take appropriate action, including, as appropriate,
discharge and legal proceedings.

The Code may be amended or modified only by the Board of Directors, and waivers
only may be granted by the Board of Directors or the Board's Nominating and
Corporate Governance Committee. Any such amendments, modifications or waivers
will promptly be reported, as may be required by the SEC or the NYSE.


By signing below you acknowledge: you have read this Code of Ethics for Senior
Management; you understand your obligations under the Code; you agree, to the
best of your ability, to comply with the Code; and represent that you are not in
violation of the Code. In addition, you acknowledge and agree that your
agreement to comply with the Code does not constitute an agreement between the
Company and you for employment or otherwise.

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