Sample Business Contracts

Promissory Note - Micron Custom Manufacturing Services Inc. and Micron Technology Inc.

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$9,427,293                          Boise,Idaho
                                    Date:  September 3, 1992

     For   value  received,  Micron  Custom  Manufacturing
Services, Inc., an Idaho corporation ("Maker"), promises  to
pay  to  the  order of Micron Technology, Inc.,  a  Delaware
corporation  ("Holder"), the principal sum of Nine  Million,
four Hundred Twenty Seven Thousand, Two Hundred Ninety Three
Dollars  ($9,427,293.00),  together  with  interest  on  the
unpaid  principal balance from the date hereof, at the  rate
provided  below, to be paid in lawful money  of  the  United
States of America as follows:

     Interest shall accrue from the date of this Amended and
restated Promissory Note (the "Note") at a rate equal to the
lesser  of (i) the prime lending rate as quoted by the  Wall
Street Journal, plus one-half percent (.5%), or (ii) the 90-
day  LIBOR rate quoted by the Wall Street Journal, plus  one
and  one-half  percent (1.5%).  The rate of  interest  under
this  Note shall be adjusted on the first day of each fiscal
quarter of Maker based on the interest rate reported in  the
wall Street Journal the previous business day.  Interest  on
the  Note shall be calculated on the basis of a 360 day year
counting  the  actual number of days elapsed.   Payments  of
principal  and  accrued interest shall be payable  beginning
the  first day of Maker's first fiscal quarter of 1993,  and
thereafter  on the first day of each fiscal quarter,  in  39
payments  equal to the 1/39th of the principal amount,  plus
interest on the outstanding balance thereof.

     Maker  shall have the right to prepay all or a portion
of  the  principal balance of this Note at any time.   Maker
and  all endorsers; sureties and guarantors hereof severally
waive  demand, protest, notice of dishonor, notice  of  non-
payment of this Note and agree that any payments due  or  to
become  due  hreunder may be extended, modified, amended  or
renewed  from  time  to  time by the Holder  hereof  without
notice.   This Note shall be binding upon all of  the  above
parties   and   their  respective  heirs,   representatives,
successors and assigns.

     If  default  is  made in the payment of  any  sum  due
hereunder or if default is made in the performance of any of
the  covenants or conditions of any instrument by which this
Note  is secured, all unpaid principal evidence by this Note
and  all the interest accrued thereon, at the option  of  he
Holder,  shall  become immediately due and  payable  without
demand  or  notice.  Failure or waiver of exercise  of  such
option  at  one  time shall not constitute a waiver  of  the
right to exercise any option arising by reasons of any later
additional default.  This Note constitutes an amendment  and
restatement of that certain promissory not issued  by  Maker
in  favor of Holder and dated as of May 4, 1992.  This  Note
may  not  be modified or amended except by written agreement
of he parties hereto.

      Maker  promises  to  pay all  costs  and  expenses  of
collection  and attorneys' fees and court costs incurred  by
the  Holder  to  enforce the terms  of  this  Note  and  any
instrument by which this Note is secured,
including  those expenses and fees which may be incurred  in
connection  with  the  appointment  of  receiver   and   any
appearances in bankruptcy or insolvency proceedings


      This  Note  shall  be  governed by  and  construed  in
accordance with the laws of the State of Idaho.

                    an Idaho corporation

                    By: /s/ Joseph M. Daltoso

                    Its: Chairman and President

                    MICRON TECHNOLOGY, INC.
                    a Delaware corporation

                    By: /s/ Reid N. Langrill

                    Its: Vice President Finance