Sample Business Contracts

Consolidated Agreement - NASDAQ Stock Market Inc. and Unisys Corp.

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                           CONSOLIDATED AGREEMENT

         This Consolidated Agreement (Agreement) is being entered by and
between The Nasdaq Stock Market, Inc. (Nasdaq or Customer), a Delaware
Corporation that is a subsidiary of the National Association of Securities
Dealers, Inc. (a Securities Self-Regulatory Organization, registered with
the United States Securities and Exchange Commission and subject to the
Securities Exchange Act of 1934) (NASD) (NASD and its affiliates are
collectively referred to as the Corporations), whose principal place of
business is located at 1735 K Street, N.W., Washington, D.C. 20006.

         Unisys Corporation ("Unisys") will sell and license Products and
services and Customer agrees to purchase and license those Products and
services under the following terms and conditions:

1.   Definitions

1.1. Software means the object code or microcode versions of computer
programs and any related documentation, excluding maintenance diagnostics.
Software also means the source code version where provided by Unisys.

1.2. Products means equipment, Software, documentation (including manuals
and education materials) and Software maintenance releases and updates.

1.3. Software Processing Unit ("SPU") means equipment which controls and
executes Software.

1.4. SURETY Support Services means various forms of installation and
support for the Products.

1.5. Proprietary Information means Software, diagnostics, including manuals
and any other information conspicuously marked and subject to confidential
treatment hereunder of Unisys or its licensors.

1.6. Professional Services means all technical and consultative services
other than SURETY Support Services.

1.7. Installation Date means the date Unisys Customer executes a Notice of
Acceptance following installation and successful testing at Customer's site
subject to the acceptance criteria in Attachment 1 hereto, or, if equipment
or Software is to be installed by Customer, the tenth day following

2.   Effective Date

This Agreement will become effective when signed by a duly authorized
representative of Unisys and a duly authorized officer of Nasdaq and will
continue in effect until terminated according to its terms. The Initial
Term of this Agreement is for the period from the Effective Date until
December 31, 1998. Unless Unisys gives 180 days Notice of voluntary
termination to Customer prior to the end of the current term, this
Agreement shall renew until December 31 of the next year. Unless Customer
gives 60 days Notice of voluntary termination to Unisys prior to the end of
the current term, this Agreement shall renew until December 31 of the next
year. The terms of this Agreement apply to software licenses until they
expire by their own terms.

3.   Schedules - Ordering Procedure

3.1. Unisys will furnish to Customer and Customer will accept and pay for
the Products and services itemized on the following schedules which,
together with the terms on the Schedules, are an integral part of this

         Schedule                   Name
            A                       Equipment Sale
            B                       SURETY Support Services
            C                       Software Licenses
            D                       Professional Services
         Attachment 1      Acceptance Criteria
         Attachment 2      Expansion Equipment
         Attachment 3      Additional Terms

All references to Products and services in this Agreement are to the
Products and services listed on the Schedules and on any Schedules
submitted to and accepted by Unisys pursuant to Section 0 and to any
Products and services supplied by Unisys with such listed Products and

3.2. Customer may order additional Products and services under this
Agreement by submitting properly completed Unisys Supplemental Schedule
Orders referencing this Agreement. All orders will refer to this Agreement
by number and will be signed by Customer. All education lecture courses
must be ordered on a Customer Education Enrollment Application. No
preprinted term on any Schedule Order or on any purchase order form shall
be binding on the parties.

3.3. All orders are subject to acceptance by Unisys. Acceptance by Unisys
will be effective when communicated in writing to Customer. The receipt or
deposit by Unisys of a Customer down payment will not constitute acceptance
of an order. Any down payment received from Customer will be returned if
the order is not accepted by Unisys.

3.4. If Unisys fails to deliver any order within ten (10) days of the date
and time reasonably requested in the order, Nasdaq, without waiving any
other remedy available to it under law or this Agreement, may cancel the
order upon 10 days notice with an opportunity to cure within the 10 days,
or if the failure to deliver substantially impairs the value of the entire
Agreement, terminate this Agreement.

3.5. Unisys may substitute Unisys Products of equivalent or superior
functionality and performance in the event that any of the Products ordered
are not available at the time of shipment. Unisys shall give Notice to
Customer prior to such substitution and unless Unisys has obtained
Customers consent to the substitution, Customer shall have fifteen (15)
days after notification to cancel the order. Customer may make changes or
request substitutions subject to Unisys consent, not unreasonably withheld,
provided, that Nasdaq shall reimburse Unisys for out-of-pocket expenses
directly resulting from the Customer requested change or substitution.

4.   Delivery, Installation, and Acceptance

4.1. Unisys will arrange for delivery of Products and Customer will pay
Unisys for transportation charges stated in the order letter. Customer will
also pay for all non-standard cables and other site-specific installation
materials required to install the equipment at Customer's site, provided,
the Charges for Additional Work Section is complied with.

4.2. Unisys will provide Customer with one copy of the then-current user
documentation, in paper or electronic form, for use with the Products
ordered and Unisys will provide environmental specifications for equipment,
where applicable. Prior to delivery of equipment, Customer will prepare the
installation site in accordance with such specifications and will continue
to maintain the installation site in accordance with such specifications.

4.3. Customer will install all items of equipment with the designation "Y"
in the "Customer installable" column when there is no installation charge
listed on Schedule A. Unisys will install all other items of equipment.
Customer will install all items of Software other than those for which a
fixed installation charge is indicated on Schedule C. All Products to be
installed by Unisys will be installed during Unisys normal working hours,
unless otherwise provided in this Agreement, or unless instructed by
Customer. Any installation services provided outside of PPM shall be as
stated in the applicable order letter.

4.4. Customer may arrange for installation by Unisys of Customer
installable Products, subject to the Unisys charges and conditions
applicable to Nasdaq under Schedule D. However, during Customer's PPM, the
Unisys on-site maintenance engineer may provide above service without
additional charge to Nasdaq in the event that all of the on-site engineer's
primary responsibilities have been completed.

4.5. If additional labor and rigging is required for installation due to
Customer's special site requirements, Customer will pay those costs
including costs to meet union or local law requirements.

5.   Payment

5.1. Invoices for Products will be sent upon shipment. Notwithstanding any
statement in the invoice, payment of such invoices shall be due and owing
to Unisys within 30 days after Acceptance, as defined in this Agreement.
Unisys shall instruct its billing and collection and other personnel about
the operative terms of this Agreement.

5.2. Charges for SURETY Support Services will be invoiced in advance,
monthly, annually, or at other periodic intervals; otherwise, charges will
be invoiced after the services are performed. Hourly use, page and remote
service charges will be invoiced monthly unless otherwise indicated.

5.3. Charges for Professional Services will be invoiced monthly as the
services are performed, or as otherwise provided in writing between the

5.4. Except as provided in this Agreement, all charges must be paid no
later than 30 days from the date of receipt of the invoice.

5.5. If Nasdaq has a bona fide dispute about any item or amount, Nasdaq
shall pay all amounts not in dispute; all disputed amounts are not due
until the dispute is resolved. Unisys may impose a late payment charge
equal to the lesser of (a) 1-1/2% per month or (b) the maximum rate allowed
by law.

5.6. Additional charges may apply to services rendered outside contracted
hours or beyond normal coverage at Customer's request, e.g. premium and
minimum charges, provided, the Charges for Additional Work Section is
complied with. All travel and related expenses require Customer's prior
written consent.

6.   Taxes

6.1. Except as hereinafter stated, Customer will pay any tax that Unisys
becomes obligated to pay after Customer's Installation Date by virtue of
this Agreement, exclusive of taxes based on the net income or personal
property of Unisys.

6.2. All personal property and similar taxes assessed after title has
passed to Customer hereunder, will be paid by Customer.

7.   Price Protection

7.1. The charges for Products in any accepted order will remain firm
through the Installation Date, unless through no fault of Unisys shipment
takes place more than one year after the date of the order. If Unisys
notifies Customer that an increase in charges will apply to its order,
Customer may terminate the affected part of its order by giving written
notice to Unisys within 15 days of the date of notification of the

7.2. ***** *

7.3. *****

7.4. During the Initial Term of this Agreement, Unisys will extend to
Nasdaq the right to buy additional quantities of Unisys Hardware styles
initially ordered under this Agreement at the net price offered herein.
Customer shall also be entitled to a quoted net price on purchases of
certain Hardware not initially ordered hereunder but listed in Attachment 2
to this Agreement, entitled "Expansion Equipment".

7.5  *****

7.6. *****

8.  Customer's Operational Responsibilities

* ***** Confidential Treatment has been requested for the redacted
portions. The confidential redacted portions have been filed separately
with the Securities and Exchange Commission.

8.1. Customer acknowledges it has independently determined that the
Products and services ordered under this Agreement meet its requirements.

8.2. Customer has sole responsibility for use of the Products, including
operating procedures, audit controls, accuracy and security of input and
output data, restart and recovery routines, and other procedures necessary
for Customer's intended use of the Products.

8.3. Unless otherwise agreed upon in writing by the parties, Nasdaq is
responsible for data back-up relating to the system which is the subject of
this Agreement.

8.4. If Unisys is providing SURETY Support Services, Customer will (a)
maintain the operating environment in accordance with Unisys specifications
that have been supplied to Customer by Unisys, (b) provide working and
adequate storage space for use by Unisys personnel near the equipment, (c)
provide Unisys full access to the equipment and sufficient computer time,
subject only to Customer's security rules and the needs of the Nasdaq Stock
Market" during operational hours, (d) follow Unisys procedures for
determining if remedial service is required, (e) follow Unisys instructions
for operator maintenance and obtaining services, (f) attempt to provide a
memory dump and additional data in machine readable form as Confidential
Information, if requested, (g) attempt to reproduce suspected errors or
malfunctions in Software in Nasdaq's development environment outside hours
that the markets are operated by Nasdaq or as considered appropriate by
Customer, and (h) install all error corrections and maintenance releases
supplied by Unisys that do not affect Customer's application programs, and
after sufficient testing by Nasdaq.

8.5. Professional Services supplied by Unisys under this Agreement are
provided to assist Customer. Customer, not Unisys, will be responsible for
determining objectives.

9.  Protection of Proprietary Information

9.1. Protection of the Corporation's proprietary information is subject to
a separate agreement. Customer will keep in confidence and protect
Proprietary Information from disclosure to third parties (except the
Corporations and each of their employees, officers, directors, and other
agents) to the same degree the Corporations do so with respect to their own
similar proprietary information and restrict its use to implementation of
the Corporation's systems. The Corporations acknowledge that unauthorized
disclosure of Proprietary Information may cause substantial economic loss
to Unisys or its licensors. All materials containing Proprietary
Information will be marked with "Proprietary", "Confidential", or when
noted as such to Customer prior to its disclosure. Proprietary information
will not be copied, in whole or in part, except for the use of persons
authorized under this Paragraph for the uses stated herein for Customer's
authorized use. Each copy, including its storage media, will be marked by
Customer with all notices which appear on the copied portion of the
original. Any of the Corporations may disclose information to the extent
demanded by a court, revealed to a government agency with regulatory
jurisdiction over one or more of the Corporations, or in its regulatory
responsibilities over its members and associated persons under the Exchange
Act of 1934. The obligation of non-disclosure shall not extend to: (1)
information that is already in the possession of the other party (including
the Corporations) and not under a duty of non-disclosure; (2) information
that is generally known or revealed to the public; (3) information that is
revealed to either party (including the Corporations) by a third
party--unless the receiving party knows that the third party is under a
duty of non-disclosure; or (4) information that a party (including the
Corporations) develops independently of the disclosure. The obligation of
non-disclosure shall survive for a period of three years from the date of
disclosure to a party (including the Corporations).

9.2. Upon termination or cancellation of any license granted under this
Agreement, Customer will destroy (and, upon Notice by Unisys, in writing,
certify destruction) or return to Unisys all copies of the Software the
license for which has been so terminated or canceled (except archival
copies reasonably made for backup/historical, security, or regulatory
purposes that are a general back-up of the SPU, which shall be treated as
Proprietary Information and will not be used to operate the Nasdaq market

9.3. Any ideas, concepts, know-how, data-processing techniques, Software,
documentation, diagrams, schematics, blueprints, or any other deliverable
developed by Unisys personnel (alone or jointly with Customer) in
connection with Professional Services provided to Customer will be treated
in accordance with the following principals:

         9.3.1.   ***** *
         9.3.2.   *****
         9.3.3.   *****
         9.3.4.   *****
         9.3.5.   *****
         9.3.6.   *****

9.4. Customer acknowledges that all other Unisys-provided support
materials, including without limitation, diagnostic software, are the
property of and may include Proprietary Information of Unisys. Such
materials will be used only by appropriate Unisys personnel and that Unisys
has the right to remove such materials from Customer's facility at any
time. This provision applies even though such materials may be listed in
the Unisys price lists, catalogs, invoices or contracts.

9.5. Customer will inform and instruct its employees of their obligations
under this Section.

9.6. The obligations of this Section survive any rescission, termination,
or cancellation of this Agreement.

10.  License

* ***** Confidential Treatment has been requested for the redacted
portions. The confidential redacted portions have been filed separately
with the Securities and Exchange Commission.

10.1. Unisys grants to Customer a non-exclusive and nontransferable (except
to one or more of the Corporations) license to use Software (including
related documentation) on the Unisys SPU for which it was originally
licensed, according to the terms and conditions of this Agreement, in
conjunction with the business of the Corporations which includes but is not
limited to, the input from, processing at the request of, and dissemination
to, third parties of data related to entities, issuers, issues, markets,
financial instruments, qualification and other testing, insurance, and news
referring or related to the above, including that from markets operated and
entities regulated by the Corporations. Full use and access to the Software
and documentation can be granted to employees, independent contractors, and
other agents of the Corporations in conjunction with the above business of
the Corporations, provided, that Customer shall defend, indemnify and hold
Unisys harmless against any breaches of this Agreement by the Corporations,
their directors, independent contractors and other agents.

10.2. Customer agrees that Unisys may from time-to-time, at mutually agreed
upon times, upon reasonable advanced Notice, not during hours that the
Corporation's market systems are operational, and in such a manner so as
not to disrupt the business of the Corporations, inspect the computer site
in order to audit the Unisys software installed at Customer's site.

10.3. Customer may develop application programs, may modify any Unisys
Software, and may combine such with other programs or materials to form an
updated work, provided that upon discontinuance or termination of the
license, the Unisys application Software will be removed from the updated
work and returned to Unisys. Unisys must be notified of any alteration of
the operating system software. Unisys makes no representation regarding
compatibility of future software releases, nor assumes any corrective
obligation, with respect to Customer's alteration of the operating system

10.4. Except to the extent permitted by law, Customer will not decompile or
disassemble any Software provided under this Agreement or modify Software
which bears a copyright notice of any third party. Customer may make and
maintain archival copies (reasonably made for backup/historical, security,
or regulatory purposes) of each item of Software, and each copy will
contain all legends and notices and will be subject to the same conditions
and restrictions as the original.

10.5. If the SPU on which any item of Software is licensed becomes
temporarily unavailable, use of such Software may be temporarily
transferred to an alternative SPU.

10.6. Except for the purposes stated in this agreement, no license is
granted to Customer to use any Unisys proprietary operating system Software
to (a) assess, test or develop any hardware products either for others or
where they are to be marketed by Customer for compensation, or (b) develop
any software program other than an application program. This license
restriction does not apply to MS/DOS, UNIX, and CTOS/BTOS operating
systems. Application programs mean programs for performing specific
automatic data processing tasks such as payroll, inventory control,
information retrieval or repetitive arithmetic operations, but excludes
programs such as environmental programs, handlers, operating systems, and
data base management programs, unless such programs are used for interface
and interoperability purposes between Unisys and other systems.

10.7. If Customer desires to use Software in a service bureau mode except
as described in this Agreement, at a location other than Customer's
computer centers, or as described in Section 0, Customer shall request
prior permission in writing from Unisys. Unisys will then advise Customer
whether, and under what terms and conditions, Unisys will license the
Software as requested. All restrictions applicable to Customer will also
apply to any permitted service bureau users. Unisys agrees that the
Corporations' present uses are permitted under this Agreement.

10.8. This Agreement does not transfer to Customer title to any
intellectual property contained in any Software, documentation or
Proprietary Information.

10.9 ***** *

11.  Warranties and Disclaimers


12.  Equipment:

12.1.***** *

12.2. Because equipment requires on-going maintenance, the preceding
warranty is not a substitute for SURETY Support Services, which are
available to Customer for a charge.

13.  Software:


14.  SURETY Support Services:

14.1. Unisys warrants that equipment and Software will be supported in
accordance with the specific SURETY Service Plan selected. Except as stated
in this Agreement, Unisys sole and exclusive obligations under this
warranty will be to conform to the Service Descriptions. Equipment parts
which are removed for replacement by Unisys become the property of Unisys.
Unisys warrants and represents that it will have good and clear title, free
of any liens or encumbrances to replacement hardware parts; replacement
conveys such title to Nasdaq. Any replacement item shall perform to at
least the manufacturers' specifications of the replaced item when new.

* ***** Confidential Treatment has been requested for the redacted
portions. The confidential redacted portions have been filed separately
with the Securities and Exchange Commission.

* ***** Confidential Treatment has been requested for the redacted portions.
The confidential redacted portions have been filed separately with the
Securities and Exchange Commission.

14.2. To determine eligibility and prerequisites for SURETY Support
Services, Unisys may require inspection, at Customer expense, of equipment
which (a) has not been maintained continuously by Unisys from the date of
purchase by Customer or (b) has been relocated.

14.3. All equipment, interconnected by signal and power cables, and
non-application Software, located at the same site and which are subject to
SURETY Support Services are required to be supported at the same Service
Level as the SPU. Local area networks, workstations and remote data
communication Products are not required to be at the same Service Level as
the SPU.

14.4. SURETY Support Services do not cover the parts and service required
to repair damage attributable to (i) unapproved attachments or alterations,
out-of-specification supplies, or defects in design, material or
workmanship of non-Unisys-provided products and services, (ii) accidents,
misuse, negligence or failure of Customer to follow previously provided
instructions for proper use, care and cleaning of equipment, (iii) external
factors (e.g., failure or fluctuation of electrical power or air
conditioning, fire, flood); or (iv) failure by Customer to comply with
Unisys previously provided environmental specifications.

14.5.   ***** *

14.6. Unisys agrees to provide preventive maintenance service to the
mainframe at the Customer's back-up computer center between the hours of 12
a.m. and 4 a.m. (EST/EDT) each Saturday and to the mainframe at Customer's
primary computer center between the hours of 6 p.m. and 12 p.m. (EST/EDT)
each Sunday. The frequency and duration of preventive maintenance shall be
in accordance with Unisys technical publications and mutually agreed to
between the Unisys local customer service manager (CSM) and Customer's
operations representative. If Monday is a Holiday, then if requested by
Nasdaq on 2 weeks notice (oral or written to the local Unisys field service
manager), Unisys shall perform the preventive maintenance services on
Monday, without additional charge.

14.7. With respect to Customer's primary and back-up computer centers,
Unisys agrees to make commercially reasonable efforts during hours outside
the PPM to cause a CSE to respond to Customer's call for Remedial
Maintenance within three hours, such efforts subject to availability of
field personnel and timeliness of Customer's authorization process.

15.  Professional Services:

* ***** Confidential Treatment has been requested for the redacted
portions. The confidential redacted portions have been filed separately
with the Securities and Exchange Commission.

15.1. Unisys will provide the Professional Services noted on Schedule D (or
other task order) in the time frame noted therein. Such services shall be
of the highest quality provided by Unisys and in no event less than
generally accepted standards within the industry. Such services shall
include comprehensive documentation, fixing of bugs or other defects, and
transitional training as would generally be expected within the industry.

15.2. Unisys may assign, reassign, and substitute personnel at any time and
may provide the same or similar services and materials to other customers,
as long as such activity does not interfere with Unisys ability to fully
comply, in a timely manner, with the provisions of this Agreement.

15.3. Unisys will maintain accurate and complete records as to time spent
in its performance of the Services and will allow Nasdaq or its designated
agents to examine such records from time to time upon written request in
order that Nasdaq may ascertain the correctness of invoices submitted to
Nasdaq by Unisys.

15.4. Unisys will make all reasonable efforts to make available the same
consultant for modification or correction of work prepared under a previous
work order, if reasonably requested by Nasdaq.

16.  Unisys Obligations for Services.

16.1. Unisys shall provide all insurance coverage required by applicable
laws, regulations, or employment agreements, including, without limitation,
medical and workman's compensation.

16.2. Unisys shall be responsible for payment of all unemployment, social
security and other payroll taxes of all individuals on whom Unisys is
legally obligated to pay such taxes, who are engaged in the performance of
the Services. If, at any time, any liability is asserted against the
Corporations for unemployment, social security or any other payroll tax
related to Unisys or any individuals or subcontractors employed by or
associated with Unisys, then Unisys shall be liable to, indemnify and hold
harmless the Corporations from any such liability, including, without
limitation, any such taxes, any interest or penalties related thereto, and
reasonable attorney's fees and costs.

16.3. Unisys shall be responsible to Nasdaq for the quality of work and
performance of any Unisys subcontractor to the same extent as if such were
performed by Unisys itself.

16.4. Except for on-site Unisys Customer Service Engineers (CSE), Nasdaq
reserves the right to interview and approve or reasonably disapprove all
Unisys-provided personnel prior to start of work.

* ***** Confidential Treatment has been requested for the redacted
portions. The confidential redacted portions have been filed separately
with the Securities and Exchange Commission.

16.5.   ***** *

16.6. Nasdaq may terminate any Task Order for any reason by giving written
Notice to Unisys that the subject Task Order will terminate not less than
ten (10) days from receipt of the Notice. Nasdaq will pay Unisys the amount
due for authorized work and expenses incurred in completion of such
authorized work as of the effective date of termination.

17.  Alterations and Attachments

17.1. If Unisys is providing SURETY Support Services, Customer will give
Unisys prior written notice of any proposed unapproved alterations or
attachments to equipment. Unisys has no obligation to provide SURETY
Support Services for unapproved attachments and alterations. Should Unisys
agree to maintain, support or correct unapproved alterations or
attachments, Unisys may impose additional charges, or require that Nasdaq
return the Products to their condition absent the unapproved alterations
and attachments before performing the requested SURETY services. Unisys
obligation to provide SURETY Software support services extends to the
Software as unmodified by Customer.

17.2. Unisys is not responsible for any malfunction, nonperformance or
degradation of performance of Products, supplies or maintenance support
materials caused by or resulting directly or indirectly from any unapproved
alteration or attachment unless Unisys has contractually committed to
maintain the unapproved alteration or attachment that causes the
malfunction, or Nasdaq returns the affected Products to their condition
absent the unapproved alterations and attachments.

17.3. Unisys warranties will not apply to the extent that an unapproved
alteration or attachment directly or indirectly results in any malfunction,
nonperformance or degradation of performance of Unisys Products; in
addition, Customer will be solely responsible for resulting infringement,
personal injury or damage to property and Products that arises to the
extent of the unapproved alteration or attachment.

17.4. For purposes of this Agreement, "unapproved attachment or
alterations" means: the incorporation into, or connection by power and
signal cables and non-application Software to, Unisys Products of
non-Unisys-provided or non-Unisys approved components, boards and
subassemblies into equipment; the incorporation into, or connection by
power and signal cables and non-application Software to, Unisys Products of
components, boards and subassemblies into equipment that are not generally
accepted in the industry as Unisys-compatible; as well as non-Unisys
supplied or un-notified Customer modifications to Software.

18.   ***** *

* ***** Confidential Treatment has been requested for the redacted
portions. The confidential redacted portions have been filed separately
with the Securities and Exchange Commission.

19.  Intellectual Property Indemnification

19.1. Unisys, at its own expense, will be liable to, defend, indemnify, and
hold harmless Customer (including the Corporations and each of their
employees, directors, and other agents) against claims that Products
furnished under this Agreement infringe a third party's patent or
copyright, or misappropriate trade secret protected under law, provided
Customer: (a) gives Unisys prompt written Notice of such claims, (b)
permits Unisys to defend or settle the claims, and (c) provides reasonable
assistance to Unisys in defending or settling the claims. The duty of
assistance in litigation shall not require and is without waiver of the
attorney-client, work product, or other legal privileges of the

19.2. As to any Product which is subject to a claim of infringement or
misappropriation, Unisys may elect to (a) obtain the right of continued use
of such Product for Customer or (b) replace or modify such Product to avoid
such claim. If neither alternative is available on commercially reasonable
terms, then, in the case of equipment, at the request of Unisys, Customer
will discontinue use and return such equipment and Unisys will grant to
Customer a refund for the price paid to Unisys, less a reasonable offset
for use and obsolescence; in the case of Software, the applicable license
will be terminated and no further charges will accrue. Customer will
receive a pro-rata credit for any unused months on any pre-paid ETP
Software license.

19.3. Unisys will not defend or indemnify Customer to the extent any claim
of infringement or misappropriation (a) is asserted by a parent, subsidiary
or affiliate of Customer, (b) results from Customer's design (which has not
been approved by Unisys in writing) or Customer's unapproved alteration or
attachment of any Product, or (c) results from use of any Product in
combination with any non-Unisys provided Product, except where the
indemnified party is an aider, abetter or contributing infringer.

19.4. This Section states the entire liability of Unisys and Customer's
sole and exclusive remedies for patent or copyright infringement and trade
secret misappropriation.

20.   Termination and Cancellation

20.1. Unisys may suspend SURETY Support Services if any payment (other than
one disputed for a bona fide reason, until such dispute is resolved) for
such service under this Agreement is past due more than 60 days, until
payment is received in full, at which time Unisys shall perform all missed
SURETY Support Services.

20.2. Unisys may terminate SURETY Support Services for or change the levels
of support available to an item of Software upon six months written Notice
prior to the expiration of the then-current term for SURETY Support

20.3. Nasdaq may terminate SURETY Support Services for any particular
Product upon 30 days Notice. Unisys may terminate SURETY Support Services
for any particular Product upon expiration of the applicable term by
providing 180 days prior written notice. Failure to give such notice will
result in a renewal or extension of the license or service in accordance
with the provisions of this Agreement. Nasdaq may elect, without prejudice
to any other rights or remedies, to terminate SURETY Support services upon
30 days notice if, in Nasdaq's opinion, Unisys is not providing an adequate
level of service that leads to a loss of trust and confidence in Unisys
services by Nasdaq. As soon as is practicable, authorized representatives
of the parties shall meet and in good faith attempt to resolve the
problems. However, if Nasdaq is not satisfied with the Unisys proposed
resolution, then in the event of termination, Unisys shall promptly refund
to Nasdaq on a pro rata basis any unused portion of prepaid service. The
licenses for any Software automatically terminate upon Customer's permanent
discontinuance of use of the SPU on which the Software was licensed, at
which time Customer must either destroy or return the Software and Software
documentation to Unisys (except archival copies reasonably made for
backup/historical, security, or regulatory purposes). Upon termination or
cancellation of SURETY Support Services, all diagnostics will be returned
to Unisys.

20.4. Without prejudice to other remedies, Unisys may cancel this Agreement
or any order placed under it, for default if, upon written notice, Customer
fails to (i) make any payment identified as delinquent (including payment
of charges for Services) within 60 days of receipt of Notice of delinquency
or (ii) cure any default relating to Sections 0 or 0 within 30 days of
receipt of Notice of default.

20.5. Unisys may suspend SURETY Support Services on 30 days prior written
Notice if Unisys determines that any unapproved alterations or attachments,
or failure to install a maintenance release that does not affect Customer's
application programs will interfere with the provision of such services,
until Customer has returned the affected hardware or software to an
unaltered or current release condition.

20.6. The terms of this Agreement apply to those obligations that survive
any cancellation, termination, or rescission, namely--Proprietary
Information and Non-Use of NASD Name sections of this Agreement, and any
indemnification obligations or warranties.

20.7. Further, either party may terminate this Agreement immediately if the
other party becomes insolvent, admits in writing its inability to pay its
debts as they mature, makes an assignment for the benefit of creditors,
files or has filed against it by a third party any petition under any
Bankruptcy Act, or an application for a receiver of the other party is made
by anyone and such petition or application is not resolved favorably to the
other party within sixty (60) days. Customer has the rights of software
lessee under the Bankruptcy Code.

21.   ***** *

22.      Notices

* ***** Confidential Treatment has been requested for the redacted
portions. The confidential redacted portions have been filed separately
with the Securities and Exchange Commission.

22.1. The term Notices means written communications under this Agreement,
shall be deemed to have been duly given upon actual receipt by the parties,
or upon constructive receipt if sent by certified mail, return receipt
requested, or any other delivery method that obtains a signed delivery
receipt when addressed to the person(s) named below at the following
addresses or to such other address as any party hereto shall hereafter
specify by written Notice to the other party or parties hereto:

         (a)  if to Unisys:

              Unisys Corporation
              2 Enterprise Drive
              Shelton, CT 06484
              *****       *****
              Unisys Corporation
              8008 Westpark Drive
              McLean, VA 22021

              Unisys Corporation
              2 Oak Way
              Berkeley Heights, NJ 07922-2705
              Attn: Law Department

              Unisys Corporation
              Township Line and Union Meeting Roads
              Blue Bell PA 19424

         (b)  if to Customer:

              Name:      *****
              Title:     *****
              Address:   80 Merritt Blvd.
                         Trumbull, Connecticut
                         06611 *****
              Telephone #:******

* ***** Confidential Treatment has been requested for the redacted
portions. The confidential redacted portions have been filed separately
with the Securities and Exchange Commission.

              Name:      *****
              Title:     *****
              Address:   80 Merritt Blvd.
                         Trumbull, Connecticut  06611
              Telephone #:*****

         With, in the event of a dispute, required copies to:

              Name:      *****
              Title:     *****
              Address:   80 Merritt Blvd.
                         Trumbull, Connecticut  06611
              Telephone #:*****

              The Nasdaq Stock Market, Inc.,
              1735 K Street, N.W.
              Washington, D.C.  20006
              Attn:  Office of General Counsel - Nasdaq Contracts Group

23. Arbitration

23.1 Any claim, dispute, or controversy (referred to collectively in this
Section as "Dispute") or other matter arising out of or relating to this
Agreement shall exclusively be subject to final, binding arbitration in
accordance with the Commercial Arbitration Rules of the American
Arbitration Association ("AAA") provided, however, that submission of any
Dispute shall not (absent agreement between the parties) be to the AAA. Any
such arbitration will be conducted in New York City. Each party is to
specify one arbitrator within thirty days of receipt by the respondent
party of the written arbitration demand which is to be sent by certified
mail, return receipt requested. After these two arbitrators are named, the
arbitrators will select a third arbitrator within twenty days. This third
arbitrator is to have experience and knowledge of electronic computers, the
computer business, or the securities business. If the arbitrators fail to
appoint a third arbitrator within this time frame, the parties shall
request the AAA (provided such does not require submission of the remainder
of the suit to the AAA) to provide a list of potential arbitrators, and the
parties will select the third arbitrator from that list that is not
objectionable to either party, pursuant to the rules of the AAA. If the
parties fail to agree to a third arbitrator from the list, then the AAA
will appoint the third arbitrator, who is to have experience and knowledge
of electronic computers, the computer business, or the securities business.
A party may enforce the arbitration duties and subsequent awards in court.

23.2 Except as provided in Sections Error! Reference source not found. and
Error! Reference source not found., the arbitrators will have no authority
to award punitive damages, nor any other damages not measured by the
prevailing party's actual damages, and may not, in any event, make any
ruling, finding or award that directly conflicts with the terms and
conditions of this Agreement.

23.3 Either party, before or during any arbitration, may apply to a court
having jurisdiction for a temporary restraining order or preliminary
injunction where such relief is necessary to protect its interests pending
completion of the arbitration proceedings. Arbitration will not be required
for actions for recovery of specific property, such as actions for

23.4 Prior to initiation of arbitration or any other form of legal or
equitable proceeding, the aggrieved party will give the other party written
Notice in accordance with Section 22, describing the Dispute as to which it
intends to initiate action. The parties shall attempt to meet within 20
days of such Notice to attempt to resolve the Dispute. If the parties are
unable to resolve the Dispute within the 20 days period, arbitration may be

24.  Other Provisions

24.1. All risk of loss or damage to Products procured by Customer hereunder
will pass to Customer upon delivery on the Customer's computer floor, and,
if applicable, after inspection of the uncrated Product by Customer at that

24.2. Neither party will be liable for monetary damages or specific
performance for failure to fulfill its obligations when due to causes
beyond its reasonable control and without the fault or negligence of such
party. Such causes may include, but are not limited to: labor disputes,
strikes, fires, acts of God, floods, earthquakes, war, acts of the public
enemy, riots, acts of military authorities, embargoes, inability to secure
raw materials, or transportation facilities, or unavailability of
communications facilities. However, the aggrieved party may exercise its
other rights under this Agreement.

24.3. Any failure or delay by either party in exercising any right or
remedy will not constitute a waiver.


24.5. This Agreement (that includes the Consolidated Agreement, its
Schedules, and the Specifications that are incorporated herein by
reference) constitutes the entire agreement between the parties with
respect to the Products and services provided hereunder and supersedes all
prior proposals and agreements, both written and oral, and all other
written and oral communications between the parties. The terms and
conditions of this Agreement will supersede all other terms and conditions,
including any preprinted terms on any purchase orders.

24.6. Unisys may assign its right to receive payments without Customer's
prior written consent. Any such assignment, however, will not change the
obligations of Unisys to Customer. Customer may share the use of any
Products or this Agreement (including discount arrangements), or assign or
transfer its rights or obligations under this Agreement, in whole or in
part, to the National Association of Securities Dealers, Inc., Nasdaq,
Ltd., or any parent, subsidiary, or sister entity of the above now or
hereafter created without Unisys consent, provided, that Customer remains
responsible to Unisys for the obligations of such other entity or entities.
Customer may also elect to assign Customer's right to purchase and lease
back items ordered hereunder to a third party with prior consent of Unisys
which shall not be unreasonably withheld or delayed, provided that the
lessor meets Unisys usual and customary credit standards, at anytime prior
to acceptance of the order, and subject to any reasonably agreeable
assignment of purchase rights consistent with the terms of this Agreement.
Otherwise neither party may assign or transfer its rights or obligations or
this Agreement (including by operation of law). Unisys may subcontract any
services described in this Agreement to third parties selected by Unisys,
provided, Unisys remains liable for the quality of work and performance of
any Unisys subcontractor to the same extent as if such were performed by
Unisys itself.

24.7. Nothing in the Agreement, express or implied, is intended to or shall
(a) confer on any person other than the parties hereto (and any of the
Corporations), or their respective permitted successors or assigns, any
rights to remedies under or by reason of this Agreement; (b) constitute the
parties hereto partners or participants in a joint venture; or (c) appoint
one party the agent of the other.

24.8. The terms and conditions of this Agreement may be modified only in
writing signed by a Unisys Vice President, General Manager or Contracts
Manager and a duly authorized officer of Customer.

24.9. No arbitration proceeding or legal action, regardless of its form,
related to or arising out of this Agreement, may be brought by either party
more than two years after the cause of action first accrued.

24.10. Each paragraph and provision of this Agreement is severable, and if
one or more paragraphs or provisions are declared invalid, the remaining
provisions of this Agreement will remain in full force and effect.

25. Permits and Licenses. Unisys warrants and represents that it now has
and will maintain throughout the term of this Agreement, all necessary
permits and licenses (and associated insurance or bonds) to perform any
work required under this Agreement. To the extent any additional special
permits are required (e.g. building or electrical permits), Nasdaq will
procure such permits at its own cost, unless otherwise agreed between the

26. Standards. Unisys warrants that it shall perform all work in a good and
workmanlike manner, in accordance with manufacturer and industry standards
and specifications, and that its work will not cause any Product or any of
the Corporations to violate any State or Federal law, including but not
limited to radiation, emission, toxic substance, and OSHA. Unisys will
comply with all applicable laws including, but not limited to, employee
taxes, sales/use taxes, American with Disabilities Act, environmental and
toxic waste disposal, and equal employment laws. After completion of work,
Unisys shall insure that the exterior of any equipment and the surrounding
areas are clean and that all discarded parts, supplies and other waste are
placed in Customer's appropriate disposal facilities (e.g., wastebaskets,
dumpsters), provided such does not cause the Corporations to violate any
applicable law or regulation.

27. Nasdaq or Third Party Repair. If Unisys is unable or unwilling to
perform maintenance, repair, or modification work, then notwithstanding any
term in the Agreement, Nasdaq may perform or authorize a third party to
perform maintenance, repair, or modification work. In the event Customer
undertakes such repairs, then Customer shall provide written Notice within
48 hours to Unisys, identifying the equipment on which the emergency
repairs have been performed and any Unisys spare parts used by Customer.
Unisys reserves the right to impose additional charges if such repairs or
modifications undertaken by Customer can be satisfactorily demonstrated by
Unisys to require corrective work or to have caused material harm,
necessitating Unisys to perform a comprehensive examination of the
equipment in order to certify it as eligible for continued enrollment under
Unisys maintenance. In the event that the equipment is irrevocably damaged,
Unisys shall have the right to void the warranty to maintain the equipment
in "good working order" and Customer may elect to continue maintenance
services by Unisys on a "reasonable efforts" basis or terminate maintenance
as to the equipment.

28. Insurance. Unisys will maintain throughout the life of this Agreement,
adequate liability insurance.

29. Subcontractor Liens. Unisys will promptly pay all subcontractors,
holding in trust any monies paid by Nasdaq for work done by
sub-contractors. Unisys will promptly pay any amount subject to a
subcontractor lien or otherwise cause the removal of such lien before
foreclosure. Unisys will also ensure, to then extent permitted by law,
through agreements with its subcontractors that in the event of non-payment
by Unisys to the subcontractor after payment for that subcontractor's work
to Unisys by Nasdaq, the subcontractor will waive the right to assert
mechanic's liens against Nasdaq property.

30.  ***** *

31. Permits and Emissions Requirements. Unisys warrants and represents that
its Equipment will meet the requirements of, and shall assist Nasdaq in
obtaining, all approvals, permits, and licenses and passing all
inspections, required for the Equipment under State and Federal law,
including, but not limited to: electrical, radiation, emission,
environmental, and toxic substances laws.


* ***** Confidential Treatment has been requested for the redacted
portions. The confidential redacted portions have been filed separately
with the Securities and Exchange Commission.

32. Defect Notification. To date, Unisys has no knowledge of any hostile
code occurring in its 2200 Series software. In the event it is established
that hostile code has infected Unisys 2200 Series software, Unisys will
inform Customer of the presence of such hostile code and will use
reasonable efforts to locate and neutralize the effect of such hostile

33. Non-use Of Customer Proprietary Name and Marks. Unisys shall not use
the names National Association of Securities Dealers, Inc., The Nasdaq
Stock Market, Inc., Nasdaq, Inc., NASD Market Services, Inc., or "NASD,"
"The Nasdaq Stock Market", "Nasdaq," or "MSI" or any other of the
Corporations' names in any advertising or promotional media without the
prior written consent of Nasdaq. Unisys shall not use any trademark,
service mark, copyright, or patent of the Corporations, registered or
unregistered, without written consent of Nasdaq.

34. Security Regulations. Unisys personnel will be instructed to comply
with security regulations pertinent to each Corporation location and any
oral security instructions or demands of Corporation personnel. Unisys
personnel, when deemed appropriate by a Corporation in its sole discretion,
will be issued a visitor identification card by Corporation. Such cards
will be surrendered by Unisys personnel upon demand by a Corporation and
without further demand upon expiration or termination of this Agreement.

35. Confidentiality. Unisys acknowledges that it may be given access to
areas in which it may observe or acquire private, secret, or material
non-public information of any of the Corporations (including but not
limited to information relating to: investigatory matters, personnel
matters, regulatory matters, matters involving broker/dealers, issues, or
issuers) in performing its obligations under this Agreement. Unisys shall
use such information only in fulfillment of its obligations under this
Agreement; shall hold such information in confidence; and shall not use,
disclose, copy, or publish any such information without the prior written
approval of Nasdaq. The duties in this Section do not apply to information:
(1) lawfully within Unisys possession prior to this Agreement; (2) that is
voluntarily disclosed by a third-party so long as that party does not
breach any obligation not to reveal such information; (3) is voluntarily
disclosed to the public by any of the Corporations; or (4) is generally
known to the public.

36. Conflicts. Unisys represents and warrants to Nasdaq that it is now
under no contract or obligation, nor will it enter into a contract or
assume an obligation during the term of this Agreement that would
materially interfere with Unisys duties and responsibilities under this

37. Escalation Procedures. In instances which result in the inability of
Customer's system to accomplish productive work processing, Unisys has a
Management Escalation Procedure. Unisys agrees to comply with the Unisys
policy respecting Management Escalation which provides as follows:

         (a)      A Customer Service Engineer initiates Management
                  Escalation one hour after a Unisys Customer Service
                  Engineer on-site or initial remote diagnostics are unable
                  to correct a problem.

         (b)      Management Escalation complies with an established Timetable.

         Notification        Management to
         Responsibility             be Notified             Time
         --------------             -----------             ----

         ***** *

         Unisys agrees that appropriate resources, within the scope of
         authority of the Unisys employees put on notice in accordance with
         the above Escalation Timetable, will be devoted to correcting
         Customer's equipment malfunction.

* ***** Confidential Treatment has been requested for the redacted
portions. The confidential redacted portions have been filed separately
with the Securities and Exchange Commission.

38. Agreement is Proprietary Information. This Agreement shall be treated
as Confidential or Proprietary Information under this Agreement.

39. Counterparts. The Agreement may be executed in one or more
counterparts, each of which shall be deemed an original, and such
counterparts together shall constitute but one and the same instrument.

     IN WITNESS WHEREOF, the parties hereto have caused this Agreement to
be executed by their duly authorized officers.

                   FOR PUBLICLY TRADED COMPANIES. Nasdaq and its affiliates
                   (Corporations) have an internal policy of monitoring or
                   restricting trading by certain of its employees in publicly
                   traded stocks where the granting, renewal, or termination
                   of the agreement is considered by the publicly traded
                   company to be a "significant" event (one that could affect
                   the price of your company's stock or require a public
                   announcement). While the Corporations offer no
                   representation or warranty about the enforcement of its
                   policy or the securities activities of anyone associated
                   with the Corporations, if your company believes its
                   contracts with the Corporations may be "significant",
                   please initial here _________.

Unisys, (Unisys)




Executed this ______ day of _____________,
19____, for and on behalf of:

The Nasdaq Stock Market, Inc. (Nasdaq),




Schedule A - Equipment Sale

***** *

* ***** Confidential Treatment has been requested for the redacted
portions. The confidential redacted portions have been filed separately
with the Securities and Exchange Commission.

Schedule B - Definitions and Service Descriptions

 ***** *

* ***** Confidential Treatment has been requested for the redacted
portions. The confidential redacted portions have been filed separately
with the Securities and Exchange Commission.

Schedule C - Software Licenses

***** *

* ***** Confidential Treatment has been requested for the redacted
portions. The confidential redacted portions have been filed separately
with the Securities and Exchange Commission.

Schedule D - Professional Services

***** *

* ***** Confidential Treatment has been requested for the redacted
portions. The confidential redacted portions have been filed separately
with the Securities and Exchange Commission.

                                                               Attachment 1

                         Nasdaq Acceptance Criteria

***** *

* ***** Confidential Treatment has been requested for the redacted
portions. The confidential redacted portions have been filed separately
with the Securities and Exchange Commission.

                                                               Attachment 2


                                                    LIST           NET
ITEM       STYLE NO.      DESCRIPTION               PRICE          PRICE

    1      UPK9222322     IP Upgrade                ***** *
    2      UPK9222333     PCC/PCU/ICC Upgrade       *****

    3      UPK9422633     PCC/IP Upgrade            *****
    4      UPK9633844     PCC/IPE/ICC Upgrade       *****
    5      UPK9844848     ICC Upgrade               *****
    6      229000-M64     Memory Expansion          *****

* ***** Confidential Treatment has been requested for the redacted
portions. The confidential redacted portions have been filed separately
with the Securities and Exchange Commission.

                                                               Attachment 3
                              Additional Terms

***** *


* ***** Confidential Treatment has been requested for the redacted
portions. The confidential redacted portions have been filed separately
with the Securities and Exchange Commission.