Sample Business Contracts

Consulting Services Agreement - Internet Organizing Group Inc. and T. Stephen Johnson & Associates Inc.

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TO:      Don Shapleigh, Internet Organizing Group, Inc. ("IOG")

FROM:    T. Stephen Johnson, T. Stephen Johnson & Associates, Inc. ("TSJ&A")

RE:      Consulting Services to IOG

Date:    June 11, 1996


This memo sets in writing that TSJ&A will provide regulatory, accounting,
bookkeeping, marketing, organizational, and capital procurement support to IOG
until such time as the company is fully capitalized and staffed. TSJ&A will be
reimbursed for time and expenses associated with this support based on the
normal hourly rate charged by TSJ&A individuals and actual documented
out-of-pocket expenses. TSJ&A will be reimbursed only upon a successful
capitalization of IOG.

Hourly Rate:

         Steve Johnson            $250
         Jim Stokes                180
         All Other Staff            60