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License Agreement - Colorado Satellite Broadcasting Inc. and Metro Global Media Inc.

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                                LICENSE AGREEMENT

         THIS LICENSE AGREEMENT ("Agreement") is entered into as of the 21st day
of July, 1999, by and between COLORADO SATELLITE BROADCASTING, INC., 27357
Valley Center Road, Valley Center, California 92082 (hereinafter referred to as
"CSB" or "Licensee") and METRO GLOBAL MEDIA, INC. on behalf of itself and its
wholly owned subsidiary, METRO, INC., 1060 Park Avenue, Cranston, Rhode Island
02910 (hereinafter collectively referred to as "Licensor").


         WHEREAS, CSB owns and operates networks for exhibition of audio visual
material over all forms of cable or satellite television, including basic cable
television, pay and subscription television, pay-per-view and satellite
transmission. Additionally, CSB is in the process of developing networks for
exhibition or transmission over various forms of Intemet or so-called Worldwide
Web for access by television or personal computers;

         WHEREAS, Licensor is and for many years has been in the business of
producing and distributing motion pictures intended primarily for the adult
market. Licensor currently owns the rights granted hereunder with respect to an
inventory of approximately 3,234 motion pictures which have been acquired and/or
produced by Licensor, or its affiliate companies; and

         WHEREAS, it is the intention of the parties to enter into this
Agreement relating to all Catalog Pictures and New Releases (as defined below).
The Catalog Pictures and New Releases are collectively referred to as the
Pictures. The term "Interact", as used herein, shall refer to information
transmitted via a global computer network which is accessed via Interact
Protocol (IP) codes and viewed by an Interact browser.

         IN CONSIDERATION of the mutual covenants herein contained, and for
other good and valuable consideration, the receipt and sufficiency of which are
acknowledged, the parties agree as follows:


         1.1 As used in this Agreement, certain capitalized terms not otherwise
defined in the body of the Agreement shall have the meaning as specifically set
forth in Addendum- "A", which is incorporated herein by this reference.


         To the extent the grant by Licensor to CSB does not conflict with the
rights previously granted or reserved to a third party, and subject to the terms
and conditions


hereof, and as set forth below, as to each and every Picture, Licensor hereby
grants to CSB the right and license under copyright to broadcast, exhibit and/or
display any and all versions of the Pictures over any form of cable or satellite
television and/or by way of any form of Internet transmission, whether known or
hereafter discovered. As used herein, the term "versions(s)" shall describe the
different editing of each Picture set forth in the third sentence of Section 2.5

         CSB is hereby granted the following rights, the exclusivity or
non-exclusivity thereof to be determined as set forth in Section 6 below:

         2.1. The right to distribute and publish the Pictures using all forms
of satellite, cable or Internet transmission to television sets, computer
monitors or other devices intended to receive and exhibit audio visual images,
whether now known or hereafter discovered, including any and all forms of
pay-television and pay per view television, including CATV or cable television,
any form of pay television, pay-over-the-air television system, closed circuit
system, video on demand system, satellite master antenna television system, DBS
system (including, without limitation, KU-Band), hotel/motel system, and any and
all other Pay Television system which exhibit motion pictures as part of a Pay
or Pay-Per-View Service. Such systems include, without limitation, hotels,
motels, inns, lodges, hospitals, nursing homes, convalescent homes, offices,
military bases, prisons, ships, oil rigs, dormitories and the like carrying a
Pay or Pay Per View Service via satellite, cable or Internet transmission.
Notwithstanding the foregoing, it is acknowledged and agreed that neither CSB
nor any affiliate may sell or distribute copies of the Pictures as standalone
products to an OnCommand or Spectravision type service.

         2.2. The method of exhibition of motion pictures and other programs
over television receivers where consumers purchase the right to view such motion
pictures or other programs on a fee-per-exhibition basis, in: (i)
non-residential institutions (including, without limitation, hotel or motel
rooms or hospital rooms or in other non-common or non-public areas of other
institutions, with transmission via either satellite, cable or Interact) is
referred to as 'Non-Residential Pay-Per-View", and (ii) homes is referred to as
"Residential Pay-Per-View." The term "Pay-Per-View" when used herein shall
include both Residential Pay-Per-View and Non-Residential Pay-Per-View.

         2.3. The rights to distribute and publish the Pictures via a "narrow
band" Intemet service (i.e., below 56k "dial up" modem connections) and via a
"broadband" Interact service (i.e., 56k or above "dial up" modem connections)
and all forms of Interact transmission whether now known or hereafter discovered
(herein, the "Internet Rights").

         2.4. The Television, Pay-Per-View and Internet Rights granted hereunder
include the rights to exhibit, broadcast, display and radio simulcast, all or
any portions of the Picture(s), including excerpts therefrom, and, to
subdistribute such rights, in all versions in and throughout the Territory;
provided that CSB may not, under any circumstances, relicense individual
Pictures to third parties; and.


         2.5. The right to make such edits, changes, alterations and
modifications in the Pictures, including changing the title of any Picture, as
CSB, determines in its sole discretion, is appropriate or necessary for time
restrictions, to comply with any applicable censorship requirements, to create
new versions to accommodate CSB's marketing plans or to take advantage of new
opportunities to market and exploit new and different versions of adult motion
pictures in and throughout the Territory in the media licensed to CSB hereunder;
provided, that CSB will not create any compilations of the Pictures for separate
exhibition, other than for promotional purposes or in connection with a
multi-channel Internet feed. Licensor shall deliver to CSB, the masters of all
existing versions of the Picture(s) plus any and all existing outtakes or cover
shots, wrap-arounds, director's cuts, interviews, productions stills, artwork,
etc., as may be available, all in accordance with CSB's delivery requirements as
set forth in the addenda attached hereto. Licensor shall also provide CSB with
"behind the scenes" videos from the sets of the New Releases (as hereinafter
defined) during their production, in accordance with CSB's reasonable requests.
In all events, the masters to be delivered to CSB shall include at least a
fully-edited so-called XXX version and a fully-edited so-called soft or cable
version, if such version has been produced. In the event new versions are
created by Licensor after delivery to CSB of XXX and Cable versions, including
any versions into any foreign language, Licensor agrees to immediately furnish
CSB with masters of such new or dubbed versions in accordance with the delivery
specifications set forth in the addenda attached hereto.

         2.6. The rights granted to CSB hereunder shall include the right to
create, at its sole cost and expense, new and different versions of the Pictures
for exhibition via satellite, cable or the Internet, as contemplated above. Such
derivative versions may constitute separately copyrightable derivative works of
Licensor and may include material only from the respective Pictures' XXX
versions, cable versions, outtakes and cover shots furnished by Licensor;
provided, that CSB will not create any compilations of the Pictures for separate
exhibition, other than for promotional purposes or in connection with a
multi-channel Interact feed. Such versions shall include so-called XX versions
to conform to the current standards of TeN (the erotic network), one of CSB's
affiliated systems. Such new versions shall be delivered to Licensor only upon
the termination of CSB's rights to such Pictures under this License Agreement
and in such format as conforms to the technical specifications set forth in the
addenda attached hereto, and Licensor shall pay CSB one dollar ($1.00) for each
such picture. Other than the license fights set forth herein, CSB shall have no
rights to the derivative works so produced.

         2.7. The right to translate and dub the title and soundtrack of any and
all versions of the Pictures in any languages, and to distribute such dubbed
versions throughout the Territory.

         2.8. The right to copy, in any form or medium which CSB determines
appropriate, the Pictures and to distribute such copies in the normal course of
CSB's satellite, cable or Interact business, such copies may be used for example
as screening cassettes, duplicate masters furnished to one or more television,
Pay-Per-View or Interact


systems or copies to be used as promotional or marketing materials in connection
with CSB's business activities or those of its licensees. Such copies may not be
sold or distributed by CSB or any affiliate or licensee of CSB to the public as
a separate product, such as a VHS cassette, CD-ROM or DVD disc.

         2.9 The right to advertise and publicize the Pictures, their exhibition
and/or any exploitation of the Pictures contemplated hereunder. This right shall
include the right to use all or any portion of the Pictures in any medium or by
any means to advertise or publicize any of CSB's business activities.

         2.10 In addition, whether or not any new video or film produced by
Licensor is licensed hereunder by CSB for satellite, cable or DBS broadcast, CSB
shall have exclusive Internet Rights (as detailed in Sections 2.1 and 2.3 above)
for all new videos and films produced by Licensor during the next five (5)
years, which rights shall commence upon the release of the respective video or
film and continue for five (5) years thereafter, subject only to Licensor's
right to use the pictures on its own web sites and Internet mall (which shall
also be exclusive to Licensor for the 90-day period referred to in Section 6
below); and the further limitation that the Internet rights for all
non-heterosexual titles and the titles currently under license to Playboy
Enterprises shall be non-exclusive.

         Hereinafter, all of the rights granted under this Section may be
referred to collectively as the "Rights."

         3.1. This Agreement shall have a term of seven (7) years commencing on
the date of delivery of the first Picture to CSB pursuant thereto. Thereafter,
CSB's rights to the Catalog Pictures may be renewed on a non-exclusive basis for
a term of seven (7) additional years upon CSB's payment to Licensor of $400,000
in cash or New Frontier common stock.

         3.2. Notwithstanding the provisions of paragraph 3.1 hereof, as to New
Releases, such Rights shall continue for a term of five (5) years commencing
upon the earlier of the date of the first exhibition of the Picture by CSB or
ninety (90) days after delivery of each such New Release to CSB. In addition,
CSB shall have the right to renew its rights for any of the New Releases for a
term of five (5) additional years upon payment to Licensor of an amount equal to
twenty five percent (25%) of the license fee paid hereunder for such Pictures.


         The territory in which Licensor may exercise each and all of the rights
granted herein shall be the territory of North, Central and South America
("Territory"), except that due to the nature of the Internet, the Internet
Rights granted herein are worldwide in



scope. CSB's rights may be exercised in any country in and throughout the
Territory, including their respective territories and possessions.


         5.1 All motion pictures released and still photographs published by
Licensor on or prior to June 30, 1999 are referred to herein as the "Catalog
Pictures". A list of 3,234 of those motion pictures setting forth their titles
is set forth on Exhibit A hereto. Licensor agrees to update the attached list
within 90 days to indicate therein the titles of all of the Catalog Pictures,
the dates on which they are expected to become available for use by CSB, their
dates of production and such other information as may be reasonably requested by
CSB. Any motion pictures acquired by Licensor on an individual or bulk purchase
basis (from and after July 1, 1999) shall not be considered "Catalog Pictures"
or "New Releases". In addition, Licensor will deliver such screening cassettes,
editing masters or other material as may be requested by CSB, to permit CSB to
evaluate and use the Catalog Pictures. CSB shall have the right to select as
many Catalog Pictures as it desires to exploit in the Territory.

     5.2 Commencing in August 1999, CSB shall, to the extent available,
pre-select, on a monthly basis, as Pictures hereunder, up to three (3) new
motion pictures hereafter produced by Licensor or its affiliated companies each
month throughout the Term hereof, and Licensor shall make available to CSB for
such pre-selection no less than six (6) new motion pictures at a license fee of
$12,500 per title, which three (3) new motion pictures shall be in addition to
the two (2) "premier" titles which CSB has been licensing per month from
Licensor's "Gonzo", "Amazing", "Toxxxic" or similar collections at a license fee
of $3,000 to $5,000 a title. In addition, at such time as Licensor's existing
license agreement with Playboy Enterprises is terminated prior to its term, CSB
agrees to pre-select two (2) additional new motion pictures, to the extent then
available, at a license fee of $14,000 per title; provided, that: (i) at least
one of the two (2) additional new motion pictures is shot on film ( as opposed
to video); and (ii) the two (2) additional new motion pictures are reasonably
visually distinctive from the other new motion pictures delivered to CSB that
month (e.g., have different directors, different stars, different story lines
and a different general look from the other delivered movies). If the Playboy
Enterprises contract expires pursuant to its terms, CSB agrees that its
obligation to pre-select additional new motion pictures shall relate to an
additional three (3), not two (2), additional neTM motion pictures, and all
references in the preceding sentence to "two (2) additional new motion pictures"
shall be deemed to refer to "three (3) additional new motion pictures. All such
new motion pictures provided Licensor to CSB are hereinafter referred to as the
"New Releases".

     5.3 Upon receipt of delivery materials relating to each Picture hereunder,
including each New Release, CSB shall have a period of 30 days within which to
evaluate all such materials and determine whether they are acceptable to CSB.
CSB shall have the' absolute right to reject any films submitted for technical
reasons or for reasons related to


CSB's editing standards. If CSB's rejection is for technical reasons, CSB shall
promptly notify Licensor of the technical defects in the material delivered and
Licensor will remedy any and all such defects, at no cost to CSB, within ten
(10) days of receipt of such notice. If CSB's rejection is for reasons related
to its editing standards, Licensor will replace the rejected Picture(s) within
thirty (30) days after Licensor receives notice of such rejection, with another
Picture(s) in the same category as that of the Picture rejected. It is
acknowledged and agreed that to the extent that any of the Pictures are of a
general quality equivalent to Licensor's current CalVista line of motion
pictures, such Pictures shall be deemed to meet CSB's general quality standards.


         Except with respect to the pre-existing rights of third parties to the
Catalog Pictures, all still photographs within the "Catalog Pictures", and for
Licensor's rights relating to the Interact and Kiosk Transmission Service, as
further described below, each and all of the Rights granted to CSB hereunder
shall be exclusive to CSB during the Term and Licensor agrees to take all action
necessary to ensure that CSB is accorded the right to exploit such Rights
without interference from any third party.

         Licensor will retain exclusive Internet rights over the New Releases
during the first ninety (90) days following the release date of all New
Releases, except that CSB may use the New Releases on the Interact for
promotional purposes only (and not for commercial use or in connection with a
multiple channel feed). Thereafter, CSB shall have exclusive Internet Rights to
the New Releases for seven (7) years, subject only to Licensor's right to
continue to use the New Releases on its own web site and Internet mall.
Notwithstanding the foregoing, the Internet Rights granted to CSB shall be
non-exclusive for the non-heterosexual and Playboy Enterprises movies described
in Section 2.10 above; and, provided, further, that Licensor shall not be
permitted to use the Pictures to license or distribute to any independent third
party provider of Internet content a thousand channel or similar multiple feed
or video on demand product. Licensor may, however, develop and market a Kiosk
Transmission Service, utilizing the Pictures wherein a retail customer selects a
purchase of a Picture in a recorded medium from a retail establishment's booth


In full consideration of all of the Rights granted hereunder and each of the
terms and conditions of this agreement, and conditioned upon Licensor's full and
faithful performance of all obligations to be performed hereunder, CSB agrees
top pat Licensor as follows:

         7.1. CSB agrees to deliver to Licensor a total of 500,000 shares (the
"Catalog Shares") of restricted common stock of New Frontier Media, Inc. ("New
Frontier"), the parent company of CSB, and to cause the issue to Licensor
warrants to purchase an


additional 100,000 shares of common stock of New Frontier at Market (as
hereinafter defined) on the date this Agreement is executed, in the form
attached hereto. In addition, and in further consideration of the fights granted
to CSB under Section 2.10 above, CSB and New Frontier agree to issue to Licensor
warrants to purchase an additional 100,000 shares of common stock of New
Frontier at Market on the first, second, third and fourth anniversary of the
execution date of this Agreement, in the form attached hereto (for a total of
500,000 warrant shares). For the purposes of this Agreement, the term "at
Market" shall mean the average closing price for shares of common stock of
either New Frontier or Licensor, as applicable, for the ten (10) day period
immediately preceding the date such determination is made.

         7.2. With respect to each New Release delivered to CSB hereunder and
accepted by CSB, CSB shall pay Licensor 25% of the license fee then due upon the
acceptance of the master for each such New Release and the balance within
seventy five (75) days thereafter.

         7.3 In consideration of CSB's other obligations to Licensor hereunder,
to wit the delivery of IGallery's services pursuant to Section 14.3 below,
Licensor shall issue to New Frontier 250,000 restricted shares of its common
stock and warrants to purchase 50,000 restricted shares of its common stock at
Market (as defined above) on the date of execution of this Agreement. In
addition, on each of the first, second, third and fourth anniversaries of such
execution date Licensor shall issue to New Frontier warrants to purchase an
additional 50,000 shares of its common stock at Market (for a total of 250,000
warrant shares).


         8.1. Licensor shall be responsible for paying all production costs
related to the production of the Pictures.

         8.2. As between Licensor and CSB, CSB shall be responsible for all
scanning, editing and duplication costs and making all payments which may be
required to be paid on account of CSB's exercise of its rights hereunder, except
to the extent such payments are the responsibility of Licensor, as set forth in
Section 8.1 above. Licensor shall lend CSB edit copies of the Pictures (for
which those produced after 12/96 shall conform to the technical specifications
attached hereto), which edit copies will be returned to Licensor after

         Neither Licensor nor CSB shall disclose to any third party (other than
their respective employees, agents or representatives in their capacity as
such), any information with respect to the financial terms and provisions of
this Agreement except: (i) to the extent necessary to comply with law or the
valid order of a court of competent jurisdiction, in which event, the party
making such disclosure shall so notify the other, in


writing, within five (5) days, and shall seek confidential treatment of such
information, (ii) as part of its normal reporting or review procedure to its
parent company, its auditors and its attorneys, provided, however, that such
parent company, auditors, and attorneys agree to be bound by the provisions of
this paragraph 9, (iii) in order to enforce its fights pursuant to this
Agreement, and (iv) to any bona fide prospective purchaser of the stock or
assets of such party.


         CSB hereby represents and warrants that it has the full power and
authority to enter into this agreement and to fully perform its obligations
under this Agreement, that the Agreement is an enforceable and binding
agreement, and that it does not conflict with any other agreement or obligation
of CSB. New Frontier Media, Inc. has executed this Agreement for the limited
purpose of acknowledging its consent to the issuance of its restricted common
stock and warrants to Licensor.


Licensor hereby warrants and represents to CSB as follows:

         11.1. Licensor owns all appropriate and necessary rights in and to the
Pictures which are the subject hereof to permit CSB to peacefully exercise each
of the Rights granted hereunder without interference from any third party and
without claim that such exercise constitutes a violation of the rights of any
third party, except for the pre-existing rights of certain third parties with
respect to cable and satellite distribution and certain identified Pictures for
which Licensor may not have acquired the Interact Rights. Licensor represents
and warrants that when it delivers to CSB the updated schedule of Pictures
contemplated by Section 5.1 above, the schedule will contain a listing of all
available rights and that it will indicate that no less than 2,250 Pictures
shall have been licensed hereunder to CSB with complete video on demand and
Internet Rights. The Licensor guarantees to CSB that each of the Pictures was
produced in compliance with all applicable laws, that all actors and actresses
in the Pictures were over 18 years of age when they rendered their performance,
and that all Documentation, including but not limited to, proper age/consent
documents are maintained on file as required by law and may be inspected by CSB
or its designated agent during normal business hours upon request with 24-hour

         11.2. Licensor is the sole owner of all Rights granted to Licensee
hereunder; Licensor has not previously assigned, pledged, or otherwise
encumbered the same; the Pictures do not violate any fights of privacy; the
Pictures are not defamatory; neither the Titles, the Documentation, nor any
parts thereof, nor any materials contained therein or synchronized therewith,
nor the exercise of any right, violated or will violate, or will infringe, any
trademark, trade name, contract, agreement, copyright (whether common law or
statutory), patent, literary, artistic, dramatic, personal, private, civil, or
other property fight or right of privacy or any similar law or regulation or
other fight


whatsoever of, or slanders or libels, any person, firm, corporation, or
association whatsoever. Notwithstanding the foregoing, Licensor makes no
representation or warranties with respect to the laws or regulations of any
state, country or territory outside of the United States and/or the States of
Alabama, Kentucky, Mississippi, Oklahoma, Utah, North Carolina, South Carolina,
Tennessee or West Virginia, or Northern Florida, or any other jurisdiction
hereinafter adopting laws or regulations similar to the laws of such named

12.      INDEMNITY

         12.1. Each party hereto shall at times defend, indemnify and hold
harmless the other and their parent, subsidiary and affiliated companies,
successors, licensees and assigns and their respective officers, directors,
employees and agents (herein, the "Indemnified Parties"), against and from any
and all claims, damages, liabilities, costs and expenses, including reasonable
counsel fees (collectively "claims") arising out of any breach by such party
(herein, the "Indemnitor") of any representation, warranty, covenant or other
provision hereof. The Indemnified Parties shall notify the Indemnitor in writing
of each such claim, and shall have the right to defend such claims through
counsel of its own choosing.

         12.2. The Indemnified Parties shall afford the Indemnitor the
opportunity to participate in any compromise, settlement, litigation or other
resolution of a third party claim, or, in the event the Indemnitor elects not to
defend such claim, the Indemnified Parties may assume the defense of any such
claim or litigation, at Indemnitor's cost and expense, with counsel of
Indemnified Parties' own choosing. In the event the Indemnitor elects to assume
the defense, the Indemnitor shall afford Indemnified Parties the opportunity to
participate fully in such defense at Indemnified Parties' expense.

         12.3. Neither party shall compromise, settle or otherwise resolve any
such claim or litigation without the other party's prior written consent, which
shall not be unreasonably withheld; provided, however, that failure to respond
within five (5) business days following receipt of written notice of such
proposed compromise shall constitute consent to the proposed compromise,
settlement or resolution.

         12.4. All representations, warranties and indemnities contained in this
Agreement shall survive an independent investigation made by Indemnified Parties
and the suspension or the termination of this Agreement.


         Subject to this section, if any provision of this Agreement or the
apphcation thereof to any party of circumstance shall, to any extent, be invalid
and/or enforceable, the remainder of this Agreement and the application of such
provision to any other parties or circumstances other than those as to which it
is held invalid and/or unenforceable, shall not be affected thereby, and each
such other term and provision of this Agreement shall be valid and be
enforceable to the tidiest extent permitted by law.



         14.1 The Licensor and CSB shall promptly execute, acknowledge, and
deliver or promptly procure the execution, acknowledgment and delivery of any
and all further assignments, agreements and instruments which may be deemed
reasonably necessary or expedient to effectuate the purposes of this Agreement.

         14.2 For five (5) years, Licensor shall use its reasonable commercial
efforts to promote CSB's stations and affiliated web sites in all its
publications, videos and , products, etc. in accordance with CSB's reasonable
requests, including, but not limited to, providing free advertising space
therein for CSB's stations and web sites and permitting CSB to use, at its sole
cost and expense, female cast members from Licensor's motion pictures as
promotional spokespersons for CSB's stations and affiliated web sites. In
addition, the parties shall discuss in good faith the feasibility of
establishing a 50/50 joint venture to distribute and produce live Internet feeds
for broadcast on Licensor's and CSB's web sites. Licensor and CSB shall also
explore areas in which they can assist each other, such as in the launch of a
new CSB channel.

         14.3 For five (5) years, CSB shall use its reasonable commercial
efforts to promote Licensor's Pictures and web sites on all CSB stations and
affiliated web sites, in accordance with Licensor's reasonable requests,
including, but not limited to, placing banners in reasonably prominent areas on
the Interactive Gallery, Inc. ("IGallery") sites. In this regard, IGallery will
send marketing e-mails to its database of webmasters, place links in its
Webmaster portal (http:\\www. and place links on its IGallery Tips
& Tricks weekly newsletter. In addition, during this period Licensor and
IGallery each agree to direct a portion of their exit traffic from and to their
respective Internet sites upon discounted-to-actual cost rates, subject to the
conversion ratios for such traffic being reasonably in line with industry
averages. IGallery will cause Interactive Telecom Network, Inc. ("ITN") to offer
to assist Licensor in back-end technical management of the Licensor's web sites,
including, offering competitive rates for co-location of servers, dedicated
Interact access, systems administration and website management, the streaming of
media products, network security solutions, DNS management, server-rack rental,
customer service and credit card clearing services, all as may be more
partic-ularb/ described and set forth in a separate agreement between ITN and
Licensor. Igallery has executed this Agreement for the limited purpose of being
bound to the obligations set forth in this Section 14.3.

         14.4 CSB covenants and agrees to adhere to the Licensor's reasonable
practices and policies with respect to protecting the copyrights owned by
Licensor in the licensed Pictures.



15.      WAIVERS

         No waiver by either party of any breach or default under this Agreement
shall be deemed to be a waiver of any proceeding or subsequent breach or

16.      NOTICES

         All notices or remittances which either party may wish to serve and/or
may be required to serve on the other under this Agreement, shall be in writing
and shall be served by personal delivery thereof or by prepaid certified mail,
return receipt requested, or by prepaid overnight air express delivery,
addressed to the respective parties at their addresses herein above set forth.


         Nothing in this Agreement contained shall be deemed to constitute
either of the parties being an agent of the other. Neither party shall hold
itself out contrary to the terms of this Agreement and neither party shall
become liable by reason of any representation, act or omission of the other
contrary to the provisions hereof. Licensor is in all respects acting an
independent contractor.


         This Agreement may be terminated by either party upon written notice to
the other party if such other party shall make a general assignment for the
benefit of creditors, or shall admit in writing its inability to pay its debts
as they become due, or any proceeding is commenced by or against such party (or
in the case of CSB, by or against New Frontier) under any provision of the U.S.
Bankruptcy Code or under other bankruptcy or insolvency law, including
assignment for the benefit of creditors (and in the case of an involuntary
proceeding, such proceeding is not dismissed within 60 days of the filing
thereof), or any such party's securities are delisted from Nasdaq. In addition,
Licensor may terminate this Agreement upon no less than three (3) business days
prior notice if CSB shall be in arrears to Licensor for license fees due to it
hereunder in an amount equal to or in excess of $200,000, and CSB shall not have
cured such breach within two (2) business days of its receipt of such notice.
Moreover, Licensor may terminate this Agreement should CSB fail to pre-select 36
new motion pictures, as described in Section 5.1 above, over any consecutive 15
month period commencing after January 1, 2000. Should Licensor terminate this
Agreement by reason of an action or conduct of CSB proscribed under this Section
18, all rights herein granted CSB shall forthwith terminate and revert to


         This Agreement contains the full and complete understanding between the
parties hereto and supersedes all prior understandings, whether written or oral,
pertaining to the


subject matter hereof and cannot be modified except by a written instrument
signed by the parties hereto. In this regard, that certain Program Supply
Agreement, dated July 22, 1998, between the parties is hereby terminated.


         This Agreement shall be governed by the laws of the State of California
and the federal laws of the United States of America applicable therein.


         This Agreement may not be assigned by either party hereto, by operation
of law or otherwise without the express written consent of the other, which
consent shall not be unreasonably withheld, delayed or conditioned.


         This Agreement may be executed in counterparts, each of which shall
constitute an original and all of which, when taken together, shall constitute
one agreement.


         This Agreement is binding upon the parties hereto and upon their
respective successors and permitted assigns.


         Any dispute or claim arising under or with respect to this Agreement
which is incapable of resolution by the parties hereto will be resolved by
arbitration before one (1) arbitrator in Los Angeles, California in accordance
with the Rules for Commercial Arbitration of the American Arbitration
Association ("AAA"). The appointing agency shall be the AAA. The decision or
award of the arbitrator shall be final and binding upon the parties. Any
arbitrage award may be entered as a judgment or order in any court of
competent jurisdiction.



25.      HEADINGS.

         Headings or captions contained in this Agreement are for reference
purposes only and shall not affect in any way the meaning or interpretation of
this Agreement.

         IN WITNESS WHEREOF, the parties hereto have duly executed and delivered
this Agreement as of the date first herein above.


                                 /s/ Michael Weiner
                                 By: Michael Weiner, Executive VP and Secretary


LICENSOR:                        METRO GLOBAL MEDIA, INC.

                                 /s/ Janet Hoey
                                 By: Janet Hoey, Treasurer

                                 METRO, INC.

                                 /s/ Greg Alves
                                 By: Greg Alves, Vice-President


NEW FRONTIER MEDIA, INC. hereby guarantees the obligations of its subsidiary,
Colorado Satellite Broadcasting, Inc. hereunder and shall be bound to the
provisions of Section 7 regarding the issuance of its common stock and warrants




/s/ Michael Weiner
By: Michael Weiner, Executive Vice President


ACKNOWLEDGED AND AGREED with respect to the provisions of the last sentence of
Section 14.3 only:


/s/ Gregory Dumas
By: Gregory Dumas, President