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GE-1 Transponder Sublease Agreement - On Command Sublease Agreement - On Command Corp. and Hughes Network Systems Inc.

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                             ON COMMAND CORPORATION


                          HUGHES NETWORK SYSTEMS, INC.

                                 JANUARY, 1997

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                       HUGHES NETWORK SYSTEMS, INC. (HNS)

         THIS AGREEMENT (the "Agreement") is made and entered into as of this
22nd day of January, 1997 (the "Execution Date") by and between the On Command
Corporation ("Customer"), whose principal place of business is located at 6331
San Ignacio, San Jose, California and HUGHES NETWORK SYSTEMS, Inc.  ("HNS"), a
Delaware corporation, whose principal place of business is located at 11717
Exploration Lane, Germantown, Maryland 20876.

         WHEREAS, HNS currently leases certain Ku-band transponder capacity
from GE American Communications, Inc. ("GEAC"); and

         WHEREAS, HNS is willing to sublease certain of the Ku-band transponder
capacity that HNS has leased from GEAC to Customer and Customer desires to
sublease said transponder capacity.

         NOW, THEREFORE, in consideration of the premises, and other good and
valuable consideration received and acknowledged, and pursuant to the terms and
conditions set forth herein, including those defined terms in quotations and
the attached Terms and Conditions, by which Customer agrees to abide, HNS and
Customer hereby agree as follows:

1.       HNS hereby agrees to sublease to Customer, and Customer hereby agrees
         to accept such sublease of all of the transponder capacity currently
         leased by HNS from GEAC described as "Transponder 15" on the satellite
         commonly referred to as GE-1.

2.       The term of such sublease shall extend from 4:00 p.m. (Eastern Time)
         on January 24, 1997 (the "Commencement Date") through 3:59 p.m.
         (Eastern Time) on July 23, 1997 (the "Termination Date"), unless
         earlier terminated pursuant to the Agreement.  HNS may in its sole
         discretion extend this term by an additional term not to exceed two
         (2) months.

3.       In consideration of the provision of the transponder capacity
         described herein, Customer shall pay to HNS a Monthly Lease Payment of
         $ 210,000 from the Commencement Date through the Termination Date.
         Other conditions relating to payments are set forth in Section VII of
         the attached Terms and Conditions.

4.       This Agreement and Customer's usage of the Transponder Capacity are
         expressly conditioned upon Customer's compliance with the attached
         Terms and Conditions, which are hereby incorporated by reference.

WITNESS the following signatures:


By:             [sig]                      By:           [sig]
   -----------------------------------        ---------------------------------

Title:   Senior Director, Contracts        Title:       President, CEO         
      ---------------------------------          ------------------------------

Date:            2/17/97                                    2/3/97
      ---------------------------------         -------------------------------

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                              TERMS AND CONDITIONS

         During the Lease Term, HNS shall provide Customer's Transponder
Capacity in accordance with, and Customer shall be bound by, the terms and
conditions set forth below:



         A.      "Affiliates" shall mean, with respect to any Person, any other
                 Person directly or indirectly controlling, controlled by or
                 under common control (i.e., the power to direct affairs by
                 reason of ownership of voting stock, by contract or otherwise)
                 with such Person and any member, director, officer or employee
                 of such Person.

         B.      "FCC" shall mean the Federal Communications Commission or any
                 successor organization.

         C.       "Satellite" shall mean that satellite which is commonly
                 referred to as GE-1.

         D.      "GEAC" shall mean GE American Communications, Inc., or any of
                 its Affiliates.

         E.      "Laws" shall mean all international, federal, state, local and
                 other laws, rules and other regulations, including without
                 limitation, those issued by the FCC.

         F.      "Person" shall mean any person or entity, whether an
                 individual, trustee, corporation, general partnership, limited
                 partnership, trust, unincorporated organization, business
                 association, firm, joint venture, governmental agency or
                 authority, or otherwise.

         G.      "Transponder(s)" shall mean a specified component of the
                 Satellite which, for a particular frequency band, receives,
                 amplifies, translates frequency and retransmits radio signals.
                 Each Transponder contains one traveling wave tube amplifier (a
                 "TWTA").  Transponder shall also mean, for purposes of this
                 definition, any replacement of alternate components thereof.

         H.      "Transponder Capacity Failure" shall mean the failure of
                 Hughes to provide Customer's aggregate Transponder Capacity on
                 a Transponder which meets a saturated downlink EIRP level of
                 43 BW.  Determination that a Transponder Capacity Failure has
                 occurred shall be made by Hughes in its sole discretion using
                 facilities located at GEAC's telemetry, tracking and control
                 earth station.  The duration of a Transponder Capacity Failure
                 shall be measured as set forth in Section V.

         I.      "Usage" or "Use" shall refer to Customer's (or its uplinking
                 or other agents') radio transmission to, or utilization of,
                 the Satellite(s) or Customer's Transponder Capacity.

         J.      "User" shall mean the actual owner of a Transponder, including
                 HNS or GEAC, if there remain any unsold or unleased
                 Transponders, or any permitted lessee, licensee, or assignee
                 of such Transponder, or any entity to which GEAC provides
                 services on a Transponder.


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                 All information contained in or disclosed by this document is
                 confidential and proprietary to Hughes Network Systems, Inc.
                 By accepting this material the recipient agrees that this
                 material and the information contained therein will be held in
                 confidence and will not be reproduced, disclosed, or used in
                 whole or in part except for purposes of this agreement.


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         A.      Ownership of Transponders.  Customer understands and agrees
that GEAC is the FCC-authorized operator of the Satellite.  Neither this
Agreement nor Customer's Use of Transponder Capacity shall, or shall be deemed
to, convey title or any other ownership interest to Customer in or to any
Transponder.  Customer acknowledges and agrees (i) that nothing contained in
this Agreement shall prevent any sale, mortgage, or encumbrance of the
Satellite or any Transponder thereof by GEAC, (ii) that Customer's Transponder
Capacity is provided on a leased basis and is not being sold to Customer, (iii)
that neither any Transponder nor any Satellite, nor any lease thereof nor any
interest of any type therein, shall be subject to any claim, prior, subsequent
or otherwise, of Customer or its creditors as a result of this Agreement, and
(iv) that, as to any Transponder, the rights of Customer under this Agreement
will be subject and subordinate to the rights of any purchaser purchasing such
Transponder and leasing it back to GEAC pursuant to a sale and leaseback
transaction.  Notwithstanding the foregoing, Customer acknowledges that GEAC
has agreed that it shall use reasonable efforts to provide that any sale,
mortgage, or encumbrance shall not impact or interfere with Customer's Use of
Customer's Transponder Capacity as provided for herein.  HNS may assign its
rights or obligations to GEAC, or other financial entities pursuant to this
Section II.A, or their respective Affiliates.

         B.      Control of Satellite.  Customer understands and agrees that
GEAC shall control and provide for the operation of the Satellite.  Customer
acknowledges that GEAC has agreed with HNS that GEAC is be responsible for:
(i) securing, providing and maintaining the FCC license(s) for the Satellite;
(ii) maintaining the Satellite; (iii) complying at all times during the term of
this Agreement with all applicable FCC regulations relating to the Satellite.


         A.      Preemption/Interruption of Service.  Customer recognizes and
agrees that for "Technical or Safety Reason(s)", which shall include, but shall
not be limited to, (1) the protection of the overall health or performance of
the Satellite or its Transponders; (2) the prevention of interference or
cross-talk; (3) the protection of public safety; or (4) compliance with an
order from the FCC or other governmental authorities - and the existence of
which HNS shall determine in its sole discretion - GEAC may take the following
"Action(s)": (i) preempt or interfere with Customer's Use of any Transponder or
other component of the Satellite, (ii) reassign TWTAs to different Transponders
on the Satellite, or (iii) reassign the frequency assignment of Customer's
Transponder Capacity.  Customer acknowledges and agrees that an Action may
result in the preemption or interruption of the Use of Customer's Transponder
Capacity. HNS or GEAC shall use reasonable efforts give Customer oral or
written notice within 24 hours prior to taking an Action and shall use
reasonable efforts to schedule and conduct such Action so as to minimize the
disruption of Customer's Use of Customer's Transponder Capacity.  Customer
acknowledges and agrees that if such preemption or interruption occurs, then
Customer shall cooperate with and assist GEAC and HNS during such periods and
Customer's sole remedies shall be the recovery of an Outage Allowance pursuant
to Article V or the termination of this Agreement pursuant to Article VIII.

         B.      Provision of Continuing Service.  In the event of a
Transponder Capacity Failure, HNS has contracted with GEAC that GEAC shall
provide Customer's Transponder Capacity using a spare component of a
Transponder on the Satellite (including a spare traveling wave tube), if
available, or if such spare component is unavailable, then by using an
alternate Transponder on the Satellite, if available.  The availability of such
spare component or alternate Transponder on the Satellite, on a permanent or
temporary basis, shall be determined by GEAC in its sole discretion.  In the
event that (i) Customer's Transponder Capacity suffers interference, (ii) GEAC
determines that such interference is caused by GEAC's customers other than
Customer or an entity using Customer's Transponder Capacity on behalf of
Customer, and (iii) the interference to Customer's Transponder Capacity
continues, then GEAC will

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(but will not be obligated to) provide the affected Customer's Transponder
Capacity by using another Transponder Capacity on the Satellite on which the
affected Customer's Transponder Capacity is located, if available, to be
determined by GEAC in its sole discretion.  The foregoing notwithstanding,
Customer's sole remedies for any preemption or interruption of Use under this
Article III, shall be recovery of an Outage Allowance pursuant to Article V or
the termination of this Agreement pursuant to Article VIII.


         A.      Compliance With Laws.  From the effective date of this
Agreement and through and during the term hereof, Customer (which includes for
purposes of this Section IV, any and all uplinking or other agents of Customer)
shall comply with the terms of this Agreement and shall be responsible for
complying with, and shall comply with all Laws (including the Obscenity Laws
defined below) applicable to it regarding the operation and Use of the
Satellite and the Transponders, or Customer's lease or Use of Customer's
Transponder Capacity (including, but not limited to, the transmission of any
programming or material).  Further, and without limiting the foregoing, if
Customer's Use involves video broadcasting, then Customer hereby agrees to
comply in all respects with Section 25.308 of the FCC rule regarding Automatic
Transmitter Identification Systems or ATIS.

         B.      Transmission Parameters.  Customer transmissions to the
Satellite must be within the technical parameters specified by HNS or GEAC for
the transmission type Used and the Transponder Used.  Customer's Use of
Customer's Transponder Capacity shall not interfere with the Use of that or any
other Transponder by others and shall not cause physical harm to that or any
other Transponder or to the Satellite.  Whether Customer's Use of Customer's
Transponder Capacity interferes with another use or causes physical harm shall
be determined by GEAC in its sole discretion.  In order to minimize
interference among various users of the Transponder Capacity, Customer shall
notify HNS and GEAC in a timely manner of Customer's proposed transmission
parameters, including power, frequency, modulation, and such other information
as such party may reasonably request.  Customer shall not initiate transmission
or change its transmission parameters until written approval of such initiation
or change is received from GEAC.

         C.      Customer's Earth Terminals.  Customer shall configure, equip,
and operate earth terminal facilities and all other equipment used in
connection with Customer's Use of Transponder Capacity to conform to the
characteristics and technical parameters of the Satellite.  Customer shall
obtain all permits, licenses, variances, and other authorizations required by
Laws for the installation and operation of Customer's earth terminal equipment
used in connection with Customer's Transponder Capacity, copies of which shall
be delivered promptly to HNS and GEAC.  Customer shall operate all transmitting
earth terminals with qualified and authorized personnel and in a manner that
allows for the immediate cessation of transmission.  Upon written or oral
notice from HNS or GEAC that operational or technical reasons necessitate a
cessation (as determined by GEAC in its sole discretion), or that Customer's
Use is in violation of any law, Customer shall immediately cease transmission.

         D.      Central Authority.  Customer shall furnish prior written
notification to HNS and GEAC of a central authority (and of any change in such
authority), which shall have at all times the ability promptly to control
Customer's transmitting earth terminals Used in connection with Customer's
Transponder Capacity.  Customer shall coordinate with GEAC and GEAC designated
entity performing telemetry, tracking and control on the Satellite and shall
follow prescribed procedures for the start or end of any transmission.

         E.      Cooperation.  Customer shall cooperate with HNS and GEAC in
order to facilitate HNS' and GEAC's  provision of Customer's Transponder
Capacity on a continuous basis.  For example (and by way of illustration and
not limitation), Customer shall cooperate with HNS and GEAC in trouble

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determination and fault isolation activities.  Customer shall furnish HNS and
GEAC with such relevant information as such party may reasonably require in
order to provide and protect the Transponder(s) used in providing Customer's
Transponder Capacity.  Customer shall promptly notify HNS and GEAC when it
believes that a Transponder Capacity Failure has occurred.

         F.      Additional Usage Representations and Obligations.  Customer
has not been convicted for the criminal violation of, and has not been found by
the FCC or other federal, state or local governmental authority with
appropriate jurisdiction (collectively, the "Governmental Authority") to have
violated any Laws concerning illegal or obscene program material or the
transmission thereof (the "Obscenity Laws"), and Customer is not aware of any
pending investigation (including, without limitation, a grand jury
investigation) involving Customer's programming or any pending proceeding
against Customer for the violation of any Obscenity Laws.  Customer will notify
HNS and GEAC as soon as it receives notification of, or becomes aware of, any
pending investigation by any Governmental Authority, or any pending criminal
proceeding against Customer, which investigation or proceeding concerns
transmissions by Customer potentially in violation of any Law relating to the
Use of Customer's Transponder Capacity, including without limitation, Obscenity
Laws.  Customer will not Use, or allow the Use of, Customer's Transponder
Capacity for direct distribution of programming to television viewers unless
the programming is scrambled such that television viewers can receive the
programming only through the use of a decoder authorized by Customer or
Customer's authorized agent.


         If applicable, HNS shall grant Customer an Outage Allowance as

         If an "Outage Allowance Failure Period" (as defined below) occurs,
then for each hour of such Outage Allowance Failure Period HNS shall grant
Customer a pro rata Outage Allowance based upon the monthly charge for
Customer's Transponder Capacity and the length of the Outage Allowance Failure
Period, calculated pursuant to the equation below.  Any such Outage Allowance
shall be applied to the next succeeding monthly billing to Customer and shall
not in any case exceed one month's standard billing.  As used herein, "Outage
Allowance Failure Period" shall mean the aggregate period (in hours) -- only
where such aggregation exceeds twelve (12) hours during any consecutive thirty
(30) day period -- during which a Transponder Capacity Failure(s) occurs.  For
purposes of this Agreement, a Transponder Capacity Failure shall be measured
from the time HNS receives notice from Customer of the Transponder Capacity
Failure until the time the Transponder has been restored to operation, but
shall not begin in any event until Customer ceases to Use Customer's
Transponder Capacity.

 Outage Allowance = Outage Allowance Failure Period (in Hours) x Monthly Lease
                                        720 hours/month

In no case shall an Outage Allowance be made for any Transponder Capacity
Failure related:  (i) any failure on the part of Customer to perform its
transmission or other material or operational obligations pursuant to this
Agreement, (ii) failure of facilities provided by Customer, (iii) reasonable
periodic maintenance, (iv) interference from third party transmissions or
usage, (v) cooperative testing, except where trouble or fault is found in the
Transponder or (vi) any other act or failure to act by Customer.

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         A.      Limitation of Liability.



         B.      Indemnification.

                 1.       Customer shall indemnify and save HNS harmless from
         all liability disclaimed by HNS, as specified in Section VI.A.  above,
         to the extent such liability arises in connection with (i) Customer's
         Use of Customer's Transponder Capacity pursuant to this Agreement,
         including, without limitation, Customer's violation or alleged
         violation of any of the Laws, including without limitation, the
         Obscenity Laws described in Section VI.D or (ii) any claims made under
         any warranty or representation by Customer to any third party
         concerning Customer's Transponder Capacity.

                 2.       Customer shall pay all expenses (including attorneys'
         fees) incurred by HNS in connection with all legal or other formal or
         informal proceedings concerning claims of third parties arising out of
         or related to the items specified in Section B.1.  above, and Customer
         shall satisfy all judgments, costs, or other awards which may be
         incurred by or rendered against HNS with respect to the claims
         referred to in Section VI.B.1, above.

                 3.       HNS shall have the sole right of defense in any legal
         or other formal or informal proceedings concerning claims of third
         parties, provided, however, that HNS shall conduct such defense with
         legal counsel reasonably satisfactory to Customer.  Customer shall pay
         any settlement of any such claim or legal or other formal or informal
         proceeding, but Customer shall not agree to any settlement of any
         third party claim without first giving thirty (30) days prior written
         notice of the terms and conditions of such settlement to HNS and
         obtaining HNS' written consent to such settlement.

         C.      Injunctive Relief.

                 1.       HNS' Right to Injunctive Relief.  In order to protect
         against or prevent violations of Laws or to protect the Satellite,
         other satellites and/or the transponder capacity or other Users

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         (including HNS) from interference or other similar breaches of this
         Agreement, Customer acknowledges that GEAC and HNS shall have the
         right immediately to obtain injunctive relief, including a temporary
         restraining order on notice of four (4) hours or more to Customer, to
         prevent Customer from breaching, or to compel Customer to perform, its
         obligations under this Agreement.

                 2.       Customer's Right to Injunctive Relief.  In order to
         protect Customer's right to Use Customer's Transponder Capacity from a
         wrongful termination pursuant to Section VIII.C, below, or a wrongful
         denial of Customer's access pursuant to Section VI.D, Customer shall
         have the right immediately to seek injunctive relief, including a
         temporary restraining order on notice of four (4) hours or more, if
         any such wrongful termination or denial of access occurs.

         D.      Right to Deny Access.

                 1.       If Customer violates any provision of Article IV and,
         following notice from GEAC or HNS, continues to violate any such
         provision, then in addition to its other rights hereunder, GEAC and/or
         HNS shall have the immediate right to prevent Customer from accessing
         Customer's Transponder Capacity to the extent, but only to the extent
         necessary and for the time necessary (as reasonably determined by
         GEAC) to prevent such breach from continuing.

                 2.       If, in connection with Using Customer's Transponder

                          (i)     user is indicted or is otherwise charged as a
                 defendant in a criminal proceeding, or is convicted under any
                 Obscenity Law or has been found by any Governmental Authority
                 to have violated any such law;

                          (ii)    based on any user's Use of Customer's
                 Transponder Capacity, HNS and/or GEAC is indicted or otherwise
                 charged as a criminal defendant, becomes the subject of a
                 criminal proceeding or a governmental action seeking a fine,
                 license revocation or other sanctions, or any Governmental
                 Authority seeks a cease and desist or other similar order or

                          (iii)   the FCC has issued an order initiating a 
                 proceeding to revoke GEAC's authorization to operate the 

                          (iv)    GEAC obtains a court order pursuant to this
                 Section, or a court or Governmental Authority of competent
                 jurisdiction orders GEAC to deny access to user or orders user
                 to cease transmission; or

                          (v)     HNS and or GEAC receives notice (the "Illegal
                 Programming Notice"), written or oral, from a Governmental
                 Authority that such authority considers Customer and/or any
                 other user's programming to be in violation of Obscenity Laws
                 (the "Illegal Programming"), and that if HNS and/or HNS does
                 not cease transmitting such Illegal Programming, then HNS and
                 or GEAC and/or any of their executives will be indicted or
                 otherwise charged as a criminal defendant, will become the
                 subject of a criminal proceeding or a governmental action
                 seeking a fine, license revocation or other sanctions, or that
                 such Governmental Authority will seek a cease and desist or
                 other similar order or filing (with HNS being obligated, to
                 the extent permitted by law, to provide Customer with a copy
                 of such Illegal Programming Notice, if written, or with other
                 verification, including the details thereof, if oral);

<PAGE>   10

         then, upon notice from HNS or GEAC to Customer (the "Denial of Access
         Notice"), which may be oral directed to any officer of Customer, user
         shall cease using Customer's Transponder Capacity, immediately, in the
         case of a denial of access pursuant to subparagraphs (i), (ii), (iii)
         or (IV) above, or within 24 hours following receipt of such notice, in
         the case of a denial of access pursuant to subparagraph (v), above;
         and if user does not voluntarily cease using such capacity at the
         appropriate time, then HNS or GEAC shall have the right to take such
         steps as they may deem necessary to prevent user from accessing
         Customer's Transponder Capacity.  Provided, however, that if user has
         more than one programming service, then the denial of access by HNS or
         GEAC shall apply only to the Transponder used to provide the illegal
         Programming Service; and provided further, however, that if, upon
         receipt of the Denial of access Notice, user does not immediately
         cease transmission of such Illegal Programming Service, then HNS or
         GEAC shall have the right to take such steps as they deem necessary to
         prevent user from accessing the Transponder used to transmit such
         Illegal Programming Service (and if, thereafter, Customer transmits
         such Illegal Programming Service using any of Customer's Transponder
         Capacity, then GEAC and HNS shall have the immediate right, without
         further notification, to take such steps as they deem necessary to
         prevent Customer from accessing  any of Customer's Transponder
         Capacity).  As used herein, "user" shall mean Customer and any person
         to whom Customer transfers all or part of its right to Use Customer's
         Transponder Capacity, including without limitation, a sublessee,
         licensee or assignee.

         E.      Cumulative Nature of Remedies.  All remedies set forth in this
Agreement shall be cumulative and in addition to, and not in lieu of, any other
remedies available at law, in equity or otherwise, and may be enforced
concurrently or from time to time.


         A.      Payment.

                 1.       Unless otherwise specifically provided in the
         Agreement between HNS and Customer, any sum due under the terms of any
         Sublease between HNS and its Customer shall be due and payable in
         advance on the first day of each month for the provision of Customer's
         Transponder Capacity.

                 2.       If any payment of any sum due from Customer is not
         received by HNS within thirty (30) days after such payment is due,
         then such overdue amount shall be subject to a late charge at the rate
         of interest equal to one and one-half percent (1 1/2%) per month, or
         the highest legally permissible rate of interest, whichever is lower,
         from the date such overdue amount was actually due until the date it
         is actually received by HNS.   Customer acknowledges that such late
         charge is reasonable under all the circumstances existing at the time
         this Agreement is entered into.  Customer agrees that acceptance of
         all or any portion of such late charge by HNS shall in no event
         constitute a waiver by HNS of Customer's default with respect to such
         overdue amount, nor shall it prevent HNS from exercising any or all
         other rights or remedies which HNS may have.

         B.      Taxes.  If any property or sales taxes are asserted against
HNS by any governmental entity, with respect to Customer's Use of Customer's
Transponder Capacity or the lease thereof to Customer, Customer shall be solely
responsible for such taxes.  If any taxes, charges or other levies are asserted
by reason of the use of the point in space or the frequency spectrum at that
point in space in which the Satellite is located, or the use or ownership of
such Satellite (excluding any FCC license fee imposed on the Satellite itself,
as compared to the Transponders, which license fee shall be paid by HNS), and
such taxes are not specifically allocated among the various components of such
Satellite, then HNS, Customer and the other Users or Customers of such
Transponders (or portions thereof) shall each

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pay a proportionate amount of such taxes based on the Transponders (or portions
thereof) each of them owns or leases (with credit to any User, if applicable,
for reductions or refunds of such taxes directly attributable to such User's
nonprofit status).


         This Agreement shall terminate automatically upon the Termination
Date, unless terminated earlier pursuant to one of the following paragraphs:

         A.      Termination for Cause.  In the event that either party
materially defaults in the performance of any of its duties or obligations set
forth in this Agreement and such default is not substantially cured within
thirty (30) days after written notice is given to the defaulting party
specifying the default, then the party not in default may, by giving written
notice thereof to the defaulting party, terminate this Agreement as of a date
specified in such notice of termination.

         B.      Termination for Transponder Capacity Failure.  If a
Transponder Capacity Failure continues uninterrupted for more than ten (10)
consecutive days (measured in accordance with Section V ("Outage Allowance")),
or such other period as is mutually agreed upon in writing by HNS and Customer,
then this Agreement may be immediately terminated by either party by written
notice to the other delivered on or before the thirtieth day after the calendar
day on which the Transponder Capacity Failure began.  If so terminated, HNS
shall refund to Customer a prorated amount of any prepaid charges for the
terminated transponder capacity and HNS shall have no other or further
liability to Customer.

         C.      Cancellation for Non-Payment and Violations of Law.
Notwithstanding anything to the contrary and in addition to all other remedies
HNS may have, HNS may immediately cancel this Agreement and accelerate all
remaining payments due through the Lease Term (1) if Customer fails to pay when
due any amounts due pursuant to this Agreement within (10) days after HNS has
delivered notice to Customer of such non-payment, or (2) if Customer violates
the provisions of Sections IV.A ("Compliance with Laws").  Upon any termination
pursuant to this Subsection VIII.C.1, HNS shall be entitled to transfer
Customer's Transponder Capacity immediately to whomever HNS sees fit, Customer
shall not be entitled to any equitable relief as a result thereof, and
Customer's exclusive remedy shall be limited to recovery of any payments made
by it to HNS for the period of time as to which it has been canceled, without
interest, less any claim HNS has against Customer by reason of such Customer's
default.  Upon any cancellation pursuant to Subsection VIII.C.2, Customer's
exclusive remedy for any wrongful cancellation shall be limited to recovery of
any payments made by it to HNS for the period as to which it was canceled and
to seek injunctive relief to compel HNS to perform its obligations as provided
for in Section VI.C.2 ("Customer's Right to Injunctive Relief").

         D.      Termination for Removal of Satellite.  If, during the Lease
Term, GEAC, in its sole discretion, (a) determines that it is necessary to
remove the Satellite from operation and (ii) does not elect to provide
equivalent replacement capacity to Customer at the same orbital slot as was
previously occupied by the Satellite, then it is understood and agreed that
upon removing the Satellite from its assigned orbital location, HNS shall have
no further obligations to Customer under the Agreement; provided, however, that
until GEAC so removes the Satellite, HNS shall continue to make available
Customer's Transponder Capacity as provided for in this Agreement. HNS will, to
the extent possible, provide Customer with ninety (90) days notice prior to the
disposition of the Satellite.  Upon any termination of this Agreement pursuant
to this Section, HNS shall refund to Customer a prorated amount of any prepaid
charges for the terminated Transponder Capacity.  Except as set forth in the
preceding sentence, HNS shall have no liability to Customer upon such

         E.      Termination for Events of Default.  Notwithstanding any
provision to the contrary contained in this Agreement, HNS may terminate this
Agreement immediately and have no further

<PAGE>   12

obligation to Customer upon dissolution, termination of existence, insolvency,
or business failure of Customer, or appointment of a receiver, trustee, or
custodian, for all or any part of the property of, assignment for the benefit
of creditors by, or the commencement of any proceeding by or against, Customer
under any reorganization, bankruptcy, insolvency, arrangement, dissolution or
liquidation law or statute of any jurisdiction, now or hereafter in effect; or
entry of a court order which enjoins, restrains, or in any way prevents
Customer from conducting all or any part of its business ("Events of Default").
If any of the Events of Default shall occur, Customer shall provide HNS with
immediate written notice thereof.


         A.      Headings.  The Article and Section headings used in this
Agreement, except where terms are specifically defined, are for reference and
convenience only and shall not enter into the interpretation hereof.

         B.      Waiver.  No delay or omission by either party to exercise any
right or power shall impair any such right or power or be construed to be a
waiver thereof.  A waiver by either of the parties of any of the covenants,
conditions or agreements to be performed by the other or any breach thereof
shall not be construed to be a waiver of any succeeding breach thereof or of
any other covenant, condition or agreement herein contained.

         C.      Severability.  If, but only to the extent that, any provision
of this Agreement is declared or found to be illegal, unenforceable or void,
then both parties shall be relieved of all obligations arising under such
provision, it being the intent and agreement of the parties that this Agreement
shall be deemed amended by modifying such provision to the extent necessary to
make it legal and enforceable while preserving its intent.  If that is not
possible, another provision that is legal and enforceable and achieves
substantially the same objective shall be substituted.  If the remainder of
this Agreement is not affected by such declaration or finding and is capable of
substantial performance, then the remainder shall be enforced to the extent
permitted by law.

         D.      Relationship of Parties. HNS is performing pursuant to this
Agreement only as an independent contractor and nothing set forth in this
Agreement shall be construed to create the relationship of principal and agent
between HNS and Customer.  Neither HNS nor Customer shall act or attempt to act
or represent itself, directly or by implication, as an agent of the other party
or its Affiliates or in any manner assume or create, or attempt to assume or
create, any obligation on behalf of, or in the name of, the other party of its

         E.      Approvals and Authorizations.  The obligations of the parties
hereto shall be subject to obtaining and maintaining all necessary regulatory
and other governmental approvals and authorizations.  The parties agree to use
their respective and, where applicable, collective best reasonable efforts to
obtain promptly and maintain any such approvals.

         F.      Notices.  Wherever one party is required or permitted to give
notice to the other pursuant to this Agreement, such notice shall be deemed
given when delivered in hand, upon the expiration of the first business day
after being dispatched by Federal Express, Express Mail, or other means of
overnight courier services, or upon the expiration of the fifth business day if
sent by first class United States mail, postage prepaid, or by registered or
certified United States mail, return receipt requested, postage prepaid to the
other party at its principal place of business, as identified above in the
introductory paragraph.

         G.      Confidentiality.  Each party hereby agrees that all
non-public, written confidential or proprietary information marked as
confidential communicated to it by the other party or its customers, whether
before or after the Execution Date, shall be and was received in strict
confidence, shall be used

<PAGE>   13

only for purposes of this Agreement, and, for a period of five (5) years
following the termination of this Agreement, shall not be disclosed by such
party, its agents or employees without the prior written consent of the other
party, except as may be necessary by reason of legal, accounting or regulatory
requirements beyond the reasonable control of the disclosing party.  This
Agreement imposes no obligation upon a recipient with respect to any
confidential information disclosed under this Agreement which:  (a) was in the
recipient's possession before receipt from the disclosure; or (b) is or becomes
a matter of public knowledge through no fault of the recipient; or (c) is
rightfully received by the recipient from a third party without a duty of
confidentiality; or (d) is disclosed by the discloser to a third party without
a duty of confidentiality on the third party; or (e) is independently developed
by the recipient; or (f) is disclosed under operation of law; or (g) is
disclosed by recipient with the discloser's prior written approval.  The
obligations set forth in this Section shall survive termination of this

         H.      Media Releases.  Except for any announcement intended solely
for internal distribution by a party or any disclosure required by legal,
accounting or regulatory requirements beyond the reasonable control of a party,
all media releases, public announcements or public disclosures (including, but
not limited to, promotional or marketing material) by a party or its employees
or agents relating to this Agreement or its subject matter, or including the
name of the other party, shall be coordinated with and approved in writing by
the other party prior to the release thereof, such approval to not be
unreasonably withheld.

         I.      Force Majeure.  The term "Force Majeure" shall include, but
not be limited to, fires or other casualties or accidents, acts of God, severe
weather conditions, sun outages, strikes or labor disputes, war or other
violence, any law, order, proclamation, regulation, ordinance, demand or
requirement of any governmental agency or any other act or condition whatsoever
beyond the reasonable control of the affected party.  A party whose performance
of its obligations hereunder is prevented, restricted or interfered with by
reason of a Force Majeure condition shall be excused from such performance to
the extent of such Force Majeure condition so long as such party immediately
continues performance whenever and to the extent such causes are removed.
Nothing in this Section shall relieve Customer of its obligations to make
payments to HNS in accordance with Article VII of this Agreement.

         J.      Applicable Law and Entire Agreement.  This Agreement shall be
interpreted, construed and governed in accordance with the laws of the State of
Maryland.  This Agreement and Exhibits hereto dated as of even date herewith,
constitutes the entire agreement between the parties, supersedes all previous
understandings, commitments or representations and is intended as the complete
and exclusive statement of the terms of the agreement between the parties
concerning the subject matter.  This Agreement may not be amended or modified
in any way, and none of its provisions may be waived, except by a writing
signed by each party hereto.

         K.      Attorney's Fees.  In the event of any dispute or controversy
arising hereunder, any court having jurisdiction in any such dispute or
controversy shall determine which of the parties is the prevailing party and
shall award to the prevailing party the reasonable fees and expenses of
counsel, experts and other court costs incurred in connection with such dispute
or controversy.

         L.      Third-Party Beneficiaries.  The provisions of this Agreement
are for the benefit of the parties hereto, and for the benefit of GEAC, which
as the Master Lessor, shall be deemed a third party beneficiary to this
Agreement, with all rights, benefits and remedies provided for under this
Agreement.  No other third party may seek to enforce, or benefit from, these
provisions, except that both parties acknowledge and agree that the provisions
of Section IV.A are intended for the benefit of HNS and all other Users.  Both
parties agree that any other such User shall have the right to enforce, as a
third-party beneficiary, the provisions of Section IV.A against Customer
directly, in an action brought solely by such other User, or may join with HNS
or any other User, in bringing an action against Customer for violation of such

<PAGE>   14

         M.      No Right of Transfer.  Customer shall not, and shall not have
the right to, grant, sell, assign, encumber, permit the utilization of,
license, lease, or otherwise convey, directly or indirectly, in whole or in
part (individually, a "Transfer"), Customer's Transponder Capacity, or any of
its rights under this Agreement, to any other entity or person, unless Customer
obtains HNS' prior written consent, which may be granted or withheld by HNS in
HNS' sole discretion.  HNS may assign its rights or obligations to its
Affiliates or financing entities pursuant to Section II.A.

         N.      Successors and Assigns.  Subject to Section IX.M, this
Agreement shall be binding on and shall inure to the benefit of any successors
and assigns of the parties, provided that no assignment of this Agreement shall
relieve either party hereto of its obligations to the other party.  Any
purported assignment by either party not in compliance with the provisions of
this Agreement shall be null and void and of no force and effect.

         O.      No Brokers.  Customer has not entered into any agreement or
incurred any obligation, directly or indirectly, for the payment of any
broker's or finder's fee or commission or any other payment to any person or
entity in connection with this Agreement or the transactions contemplated
hereby, and Customer is not otherwise obligated to pay such a fee or commission
or to make such a payment.

         P.      Counterparts.  This Agreement may be executed in counterparts.