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Indemnity Agreement - Online Inc., Mark Elderkin, Jeffery Bennet, Pridecom Productions LLC and Pridecom Productions Inc.

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                              INDEMNITY AGREEMENT

     Online, Inc. ("OLP") hereby agrees to defend, indemnify and
hold harmless Mark Elderkin, Jeffery Bennett, Pridecom Productions, L.L.C., and
Pridecom Productions, Inc. (collectively "the Indemnified Defendants") in the
case of Mainville v. Bennett, et. al, San Francisco County Superior Court Case
No. 316724 ("the Litigation") as set forth in this Agreement.


     OLP will defend the Indemnified Defendants in the Litigation. OLP will pay
all reasonable costs of such defense incurred by Morrison & Foerster, LLP
("Morrison & Foerster"). Additionally, OLP will pay all reasonable costs
incurred by the law firm of LeBoeuf, Lamb, Greene & MacRae ("LLGM"), counsel for
the Indemnified Defendants, to defend the Litigation, such amount not to exceed
$3,500 per month. Although predicting the costs of legal services in a given
month can not be done with precision, LLGM agrees to notify OLP as soon as
reasonably practical if it anticipates that its billings for the Litigation will
exceed $3,500 in any calendar month. With such notification, LLGM agrees to
provide to OLP an estimate for the amount by which it reasonably believes it may
exceed the cap for that month. Upon such notification, OLP will review the
status and billings in this matter and inform LLGM whether it will agree to pay
the additional costs LLGM may incur in excess of the cap for that month, said
payment not to be unreasonably withheld.

     At this time there does not appear to be any conflict of interest between
OLP and the Indemnified Defendants regarding the legal issues involved in the
Litigation. However, as the Litigation progresses, there is always the
possibility that a conflict or potential conflict may develop that would impair
or prevent a single firm from adequately representing both of their interests.
To that end, the Indemnified Defendants have retained LLGM to monitor the
Litigation and advise them in the matter as necessary.

     To permit LLGM to represent the Indemnified Defendants, OLP will instruct
Morrison & Foerster to inform counsel at LLGM of any actions it takes that could
affect the Indemnified Defendants' position in the Litigation. OLP will further
instruct Morrison & Foerster to provide LLGM with copies of final pleadings,
motions, and/or other documents to be filed or submitted to the court that could
affect the Indemnified Defendants' position in the Litigation prior to filing or
submitting such documents. Further, OLP will instruct Morrison & Foerster to
provide LLGM copies of all substantive correspondence regarding the Litigation
as it pertains to the Indemnified Defendants.

     OLP's payment for the cost of defense shall also include settlement
discussions between the Indemnified Defendants and the plaintiff, subject to the
condition that any settlement must be pre-approved by OLP.


     In addition to the defense indemnity described above, OLP agrees to
indemnify the Indemnified Defendants in their capacities as individuals (Mark
Elderkin and Jeff Bennett) or entities (Pridecom Productions, Inc. or Pridecom
Productions, LLC) for all damages, costs, and/or attorneys' fees awarded against
them in the Litigation for actions taken within the

scope of their respective agencies or employment with OLP, or where reasonably
required pursuant to the OLP Bylaws or Articles of Incorporation, the Pridecom
Productions, Inc. Bylaws or Articles of Incorporation, or the obligations
assumed through the Merger Agreement between OLP and Pridecom Productions, Inc.
(the "Merger Agreement"), provided that any settlement involving any of the
Indemnified Defendants must be pre-approved by OLP, Morrison & Foerster, and
LLGM. To the extent that Jeffery Bennett may not, for any reason, be
encompassed by the indemnification provisions of the Merger Agreement or of the
OLP Bylaws or Articles of Incorporation, OLP agrees to indemnify him pursuant
to this agreement, or where required, to the same extent that he would be
indemnified if he were so encompassed.


     Morrison & Foerster cannot effectively represent multiple parties if
information disclosed by one party must be preserved in confidence from another
party. Thus, Morrison & Foerster reserves the right to disclose to each of the
parties that it represents all information received from the other parties
relating to the Litigation. Morrison & Foerster's joint representation of OLP
and the Indemnified Defendants will be governed by the express understanding
that each party has waived the lawyer-client privilege to the extent, but only
to the extent, that the privilege would otherwise require Morrison & Foerster to
keep information disclosed by one party confidential from other parties
regarding this Litigation, and any subsequent legal proceeding involving the
Litigation asserted by one of the parties against another party. Additionally,
Morrison & Foerster recognizes that, to the extent permitted by California law,
all communications between the various defendants related to the action and
between counsel for OLP and counsel for the Indemnified Defendants are protected
by the joint defense privilege.


     If OLP determines, or if the Indemnified Defendants determine and OLP
agrees, that a conflict or potential conflict has arisen such that Morrison &
Foerster can no longer represent the interests of both OLP and the Indemnified
Defendants, LLGM will substitute into the Litigation as counsel of record for
the Indemnified Defendants. Such a substitution, alone, will not necessarily but
may, in OLP's reasonable discretion, terminate OLP's obligation to indemnify the
Indemnified Defendants for cost of defense as set forth herein.

     If Morrison & Foerster determines that there are material differences
between the interests of the Indemnified Defendants and OLP that cannot be
resolved on an amicable basis, then Morrison & Foerster will withdraw from the
representation of one or more of the Indemnified Defendants. If Morrison &
Foerster determines that it must withdraw from the joint representation, it
alone may determine whether it can continue to represent OLP while complying
with its ethical obligations.

     If Morrison & Foerster withdraws from representing any or all of the
Indemnified Defendants, such defendants will not seek to disqualify Morrison &
Foerster from continuing to represent OLP or other defendants.

     Finally, except as otherwise discussed in this letter, if Morrison &
Foerster ceases its representation of OLP, its duties to represent the
Indemnified Defendants likewise cease.

I hereby consent to joint representation on the terms and conditions set forth
in this letter.

Dated: June 28, 2001                      /s/ MARK ELDERKIN
                            Mark Elderkin, on behalf of himself as an
                            individual defendant, and on behalf of
                            defendants Pridecom Productions, LLC, and
                            Pridecom Productions, Inc.

Dated: June 28, 2001                     /s/ JEFFERY BENNETT
                            Jeffery Bennett, an individual Defendant

Dated: June 28, 2001                    /s/ LOWELL R. SELVIN
                            Lowell R. Selvin, CEO for Online, Inc.