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Transfer of Service Agreement - Loral SpaceCom Corp., Playboy Entertainment Group Inc. and Andrita Studios Inc.

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                          TRANSFER OF SERVICE AGREEMENT

Playboy  Entertainment  Group, Inc., ("Former  Customer"),  having its principal
place of business at 2706 Media Center Drive,  Los Angeles,  CA 90065,  requests
that Loral SpaceCom  Corporation,  doing business as Loral Skynet(R) ("SKYNET"),
transfer  and  assign the  following  service to  Andrita  Studios,  Inc.  ("New
Customer"),  having its  principal  place of business at 3030  Andrita  St., Los
Angeles, CA 90065.

Service to be transferred and assigned: SKYNET Transponder Service, as described
in Agreement T70102100 between SKYNET and Former Customer, dated effective March
1, 2001 (the  "Agreement").  Service under this Agreement  consists of one 36MHz
37W  C-band  Fully  Protected  transponder  (the  "Service")  on the  Telstar  7
satellite,  which  Service  began  October  1, 2001 and shall  continue  through
January 31, 2010 at a monthly rate of $*****

The transfer  and  assignment  will be  effective  as of February 1, 2004.  This
Transfer of Service  Agreement  acknowledges  that Former  Customer has paid for
Service  provided through January 31, 2004. The Service is not to be interrupted
or relocated at the time the transfer is made.

New Customer  agrees to assume all obligations of Former Customer at the time of
transfer.  These  obligations  may  include  and are  not  limited  to:  (1) all
outstanding  indebtedness  for the  Service,  (2) the  unexpired  portion of the
original  term of  Service  and  revenue  commitment(s),  and (3) any  unexpired
termination  liability(ies).  Notwithstanding  the  foregoing,  Former  Customer
agrees to remain jointly and severally  liable with New Customer for any and all
payment obligations assumed by New Customer hereunder.

FORMER CUSTOMER                                         FORMER CUSTOMER
By: /s/ Alexandra Shepard                               By: /s/ Alexandra Shepard
     (Signature of Authorized Representative)                (Signature of Authorized Representative)

Print: Alexandra Shepard                                Print: Alexandra Shepard

Title: Sr. VP                                           Title: Sr. VP

Date: 2-4-04                                            Date: 2-4-04

Agreed to by SKYNET:

By: Sandra James
    (Signature of Authorized Representative)

Print: Sandra James

Title: Director, Customer Contracts

Date: 4 Feb 04

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