Sample Business Contracts

Test Agreement - Rubio's Restaurants Inc. and Host International Inc.

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                                  May 18, 1999

To Whom It May Concern:

This letter is to confirm that Rubio's Restaurants, Inc. and Host
International, Inc. are participating in a "Test Agreement" at the San Diego
International Airport. The parties acknowledge that the original term was to
be for one hundred eighty days commencing on August 4th, 1995; however,
the parties are currently continuing the Test Agreement on a month-to-month
basis. It is anticipated that negotiations will be finalized shortly to
extend the term of the Test Agreement so that it will be coterminous with
Host International's master food and beverage lease at the San Diego
International Airport on December 31, 2007, subject to Host International's
right to terminate the Test Agreement at any time upon 120 days notice.

                                       HOST INTERNATIONAL, INC.

                                       /s/ JOHN C. CAN
                                       Vice President



By:    /s/ [ILLEGIBLE]
Title: Controller