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Employment Agreement - SAVVIS Communications Corp. and Jack M. Finlayson

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December 28, 1999

Mr. Jack M. Finlayson

Dear Mr. Finlayson:

On  behalf  of  SAVVIS  Communications  Corporations,  I would  like to make the
following offer to you to join SAVVIS  Communications as the President and Chief
Operating  Officer (COO). As the President and Chief Operating  Officer you will
report to me as Chief Executive Officer.

Employment Start Date

December 31, 1999

Salary and Bonus

Your base salary will be $400,000 per year. You will also be eligible to receive
an annual  incentive  bonus of up to $600,000  based on  attainment  of mutually
agreed to  objectives.  You are  guaranteed  to receive no less than $400,000 in
annual  incentive  bonus for the year 2000. The annual  incentive  bonus will be
paid within 30 days of year-end.

Stock Options

You will  receive  incentive  stock  options to purchase  650,000  shares of the
Company's  common stock at a strike  price of $.50 per share.  Your option grant
will be made in its  entirety  on  December  31,  1999  and  vest  based  on the
following schedule:

o       200,000 will vest and become exercisable at the start of employment with
the Company (i.e., December 31, 1999)

     -   Of these,  50,000 shares may be sold by you immediately at the start of
         employment with the Company or at any time  thereafter  (subject to SEC
         or other  restrictions  imposed  by the  underwriters),  and the  other
         150,000  shall become  saleable by you on a monthly  straight  line pro
         rata  basis  over   calendar   year  2000  (subject  to  SEC  or  other
         restrictions  imposed  by the  underwriters),  with your  right to sell
         being cumulative.


o        The remaining 450,000 shares will vest and become exercisable on
January 3, 2000.

     -   All of these shares shall become saleable by you on a monthly  straight
         line pro rata basis over calendar year 2001,  2002 and 2003 (subject to
         SEC or other restrictions imposed by the underwriters), with your right
         to sell being cumulative.

All of the  shares  may be sold by you upon  change  of  control  or the sale of
substantially all of the Company's assets, or at any time thereafter.

You may sell all of the shares at any time after a termination  of employment by
the Company without "Cause" or by you for Good Reason.

If your employment is terminated for "Cause", the Company will have the right to
buy all shares not yet  saleable  by you at the price you paid for the shares on
written notice given to you within 15 days after such termination of employment.

Continuation  of the right to exercise all vested  options will continue for one
year after termination of employment unless termination is for cause.


Standard health and insurance programs consistent with other senior executives.

Severance Benefits

In the event the  Company  terminates  your  employment  without  "Cause" or you
terminate  your  employment  for Good Reason,  you will be entitled to receive a
lump sum severance  payment equal to your then current base annual salary (which
for this  purpose  shall not be less than your  highest  annual  salary from the
Company).  The severance  payment will be due within 30 days of your last day of

Change of Control

For  purposes of this  agreement  "Change of Control"  shall  include but not be
limited to a merger or consolidation of the Company or a subsidiary with another
company  as a result  of which  more than 50% of the  outstanding  shares of the
Company  after  the  transaction   are  owned  by  shareholders   who  were  not
shareholders of the Company before the transaction.


In the event of a "Change of Control" of the Company  while you are  employed by
the Company and upon the request of the new ownership given to you in writing no
later than 15 days after the date of such  change of control,  you shall  remain
with the  Company  on the terms and  conditions  set forth in this  letter for a
period of time up to twelve months from the date of "Change of Control" provided
that  none of the  conditions  of  "Termination  by You  for  Good  Reason"  are
violated.  For purposes of the paragraph you shall not be deemed to be terminate
for good reason solely on account of your being asked to remain with the Company
in a transitional role.

The Company will gross you  up for any  parachute taxes you incur under Internal
Revenue Code section 4999 as a result of such a change of control.

Termination for Cause

Your employment with SAVVIS Communications may be terminated with "Cause" at any
time without notice,  for purposes of this  agreement,  "Cause is defined as (i)
any conduct by you as an employee of SAVVIS Communications that violate state or
federal  laws, or company  policies and standards of conduct (ii)  dishonesty by
you in  performance  of your duties as an employee of SAVVIS,  or (iii)  willful
misconduct  by you that you know (or  should  know) will  materially  injure the
reputation of SAVVIS.  If you are terminated for Cause, you will not be entitled
to severance benefits.

Termination by Your for Good Reason

For purposes of this  agreement,  a  termination  of  employment by you for Good
Reason will be deemed to include a termination  of your  employment by you after
(a) your title, authority,  duties or responsiblitites are substantially reduced
without your  written  consent,  or (b) the Company  fails to fulfil its salary,
bonus or stock option obligations described above.

If the Company fails to fulfill its salary,  bonus, stock options,  severance or
gross up  obligations  described  above,  it will pay you  reasonable  costs and
expenses you incur to obtain payment.

Please  confirm  your  acceptance  of this  offer by  signing  this  letter  and
returning it to me. This offer will remain open and irrevocable until January 3,

Very truly yours,                                    Accepted:

/s/ Robert McCormick
Robert McCormick                                     /s/  Jack M. Finlayson
Chief Executive Officer                              ----------------------
                                                          Jack M. Finlayson

                                                          Date:  12/31/99