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Employment Agreement - SAVVIS Communications Corp. and David J. Frear

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June 14, 1999

By Facsimile (301) 656-2025

Mr. David J. Frear

Dear David:

I am  authorized  by Thomas  Wendel to confirm an offer of  employment  as Chief
Financial  Officer  of  SAVVIS  Communications   Corporation,   a  wholly  owned
subsidiary  of Bridge  Information  Systems,  Inc.  (Bridge).  The terms of this
offer,  which are not subject to approval by the Board of  Directors  of Bridge,
are  outlined in the attached  Term Sheet dated June 14,  1999.  There are three
changes from the previous term sheet  identified in bold letters.  I believe you
will  understand the need for these changes,  but please call me if you have any
questions.  I will be in my office  until 5:00 p.m.  CDT. You can reach me after
that time on my cell phone.

Should these terms and  conditions be  acceptable to you,  please sign below and


/s/Daryl Rhodes
Daryl Rhodes
EVP and Chief Financial Officer

/s/:  David J. Frear                                          15/6/99
------------------------------                                -------
Accepted:  David J. Frear                                     Date


                                 DAVID J. FREAR
                                   TERM SHEET
                                  JUNE 14, 1999

POSITION                      Chief Financial Officer

SALARY                        $250,000   subject   to   periodic   review    and

BONUS                         50% of salary.  May  be  more  or  less  based  on
                              individual and corporate performance.

BENEFITS                      Medical,  disability,  life  insurance,  401K  and
                              other benefits in accordance with company policy.

VACATION                      4 weeks/year

OPTIONS                       Options  on  .5%  of  the  fully diluted shares of
                              Savvis  (post-acquisition  of the  Bridge  network
                              assets) at an exercise  price per share based on a
                              $40   million   equity   valuation   (subject   to
                              validation  of  this  valuation  by the  Company's
                              appraisers  and  accounting  experts).   Upon  the
                              closing of an initial  public  offering  of Savvis
                              additional options  representing .25% of the fully
                              diluted  shares of Savvis  will be issued  with an
                              exercise  price per share  equal to the IPO price.
                              All  options  will  have a 10 year  term,  will be
                              incentive stock options to the extent permitted by
                              law, and the underlying  shares will be registered
                              promptly  following  any  public  offering  of the
                              Company's common stock.

VESTING                       One  quarter on the  earlier of an initial  public
                              offering or the first  anniversary  of employment,
                              and one quarter on each of the second,  third, and
                              fourth anniversaries of employment.

ACCELERATION                  All unvested  options shall vest immediately prior
                              to the  occurrence of a Change in Control.  Change
                              of Control shall include (i) the  acquisition by a
                              person,  or persons  acting as a group,  of 35% or
                              more of the  Company's  outstanding  voting  stock
                              SHAREHOLDERS),   (ii)  the   disposal  of  all  or
                              substantially  all  of  the  Company's  assets  or
                              business through a sale, lease or otherwise, (iii)
                              the  merger of the  Company  with or into  another
                              person  where  the  Company  is not the  surviving
                              person,  (iv) any  reverse  merger  in  which  the
                              Company's  stockholders prior to the merger do not
                              own at least 50% of the post merger entity,  (v) a
                              change in the board of  directors  in any two year


JUNE 14, 1999
                              wherein  a  majority  of the  directors  have been
                              elected  without  the  approval of at least 2/3 of
                              the  directors in office at the  beginning of such
                              period,  or (vi) a Change in Control of Bridge, in
                              the  event  Bridge  owns  more  than  35%  of  the
                              Company's   outstanding  voting  stock  (EXCLUDING
                              DISTRIBUTIONS    OF   BRIDGE   SHARES   OWNED   BY
                              &  STOWE   TO  THE   LIMITED   PARTNERS   OF  SUCH

EXPIRY                        All vested  options  shall  terminate  as follows:
                              i)  at the end of their ten year term
                              ii) 2 years  following  termination  of employment
                                  due to death or disability

                              Vesting shall cease as of the date of  termination
                              of  employment,   except  as  otherwise   provided

SEVERANCE                     If  at  any  time  the Company shall terminate the
                              employee's   employment,   other  than  for  Cause
                              (felony  conviction,  moral turpitude),  or if the
                              employee terminates his employment for Good Reason
                              (substantial reduction in pay or responsibilities,
                              change in principal  location from DC metropolitan
                              area,  failure  of Savvis to  acquire  the  Bridge
                              network assets by 12/31/00),  the employee will be
                              entitled  to   continuation   of  salary  and  all
                              benefits (including  continued vesting of options)
                              for one year following such termination,  and will
                              be entitled to a pro rata payment of bonus through
                              the  date  of  termination.

LOCATION                      Employee's principal  office  will  be  located in
                              Reston, VA.

PUT RIGHT                     If  the  Company's common stock is not traded on a
                              national  securities market with a public float of
                              at  least  $75  million  AND  THE  COMPANY  IS NOT
                              STOCK  ON A  NATIONAL  SECURITIES  MARKET  WITH  A
                              PUBLIC  FLOAT OF AT  LEAST  $75  MILLION  within 2
                              years  ("Publicly   Traded")  of  commencement  of
                              employment,  employee  will  have the right to put
                              the shares  underlying  all vested  options to the
                              Company in exchange  for a cash  payment  equal to
                              the  fair  market  value of such  shares  less the
                              exercise  price of such shares.  Fair market value
                              will   be   determined   by   an   internationally
                              recognized  investment bank of a fully distributed
                              public  basis   without   regard  to   illiquidity
                              discounts,  minority interest  discounts,  control
                              premiums or the existence


JUNE 14, 1999

                              of control blocks. This right will expire when the
                              Company's  stock is  Publicly  Traded.

BOARD                         The Company  will use its best  efforts  to  cause
REPRESENTATION                employee to be elected to its Board of  Directors.
                              Employee  will  continue  in such  position at the
                              discretion   of  the  Board   and  the   Company's