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Severance Agreement - SAVVIS Communications Corp. and Clyde A. Heintzelman

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November 12, 1999

Clyde A. Heintzelman
15105 Sunflower Court
Rockville, MD  20853

Dear Clyde:

         This will confirm our agreement  regarding the terms and  conditions of
your transition from employment by Savvis.

         1.   You have resigned  your position as President and Chief  Executive
              Officer of Savvis, and terminated your employment by that company,
              effective on the date of this letter.

         2.   You and Savvis,  guaranteed by Bridge, will continue to fulfil our
              respective  obligations  under those  portions of your  employment
              agreement  with  Savvis,  dated  December 4, 1998,  that remain in
              effect after  termination  of your  employment,  as though you had
              been terminated without cause. These include,  without limitation,
              Savvis' obligation to pay you twelve months of salary continuation
              and a pro rata bonus for 1999 in an amount determined by Savvis in
              its discretion  but in any event not less than 25% of salary,  and
              your   undertakings   regarding   confidential   information   and
              restrictions  on your  post-employment  activities.  In  addition,
              Savvis will continue  your salary  through  December 3, 2000,  the
              original expiration date of your employment agreement.

         3.   You will be  elected  to the board of  directors  of Savvis  for a
              one-year  term that will expire in  November of 2000.  During this
              one-year  term you will not be  separately  compensated  for board
              service.  You may be nominated to serve  additional  terms on that
              board at the discretion of the Nominating Committee.

         4.   So long as you serve on the board of  directors of Savvis you will
              continue to be eligible to participate in Savvis' benefit plans as
              though you remained an employee of the company.

         5.   You have  exchanged  the options to purchase  Savvis stock granted
              prior to Bridge's  acquisition  of Savvis into options to purchase
              stock of  Bridge,  and have been  granted  additional  options  to
              purchase  stock of Bridge.  You have  elected to convert  all your
              Bridge  options into options to purchase


November 9, 1999
Clyde A. Heintzelman
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              stock of Savvis.  All of these  options are fully  vested and will
              remain in effect in accordance with their terms.

         6.   You have  also been  granted  fully  vested  options  to  purchase
              100,000  shares  of Savvis at $0.50  per  share.  Shares  acquired
              through the exercise of these options will be restricted from sale
              for twelve months from the date of this letter,  provided that you
              may transfer such shares to family members,  directly or in trust,
              subject to acceptance of this restriction by the transferee.

         7.   You will assist in the  transition of  leadership  of Savvis.  You
              will also, in your  communications  with employees,  customers and
              others,  continue  to  express  support  for the  company  and its
              business,  help to ensure the company's  ability to retain its key
              employees, and avoid disparaging the company, its prospects or its
              new leadership.  To the extent requested by Savvis you will advise
              the new  management  team on issues  regarding  development of the

         8.   You  hereby  release  Savvis,   Bridge  and  their  employees  and
              directors of all claims  arising from your  employment,  including
              claims   arising   under   any   applicable   federal   or   state
              anti-discrimination  statutes.  You agree to cooperate with Savvis
              and its counsel  with regard to any legal  matters  that relate to
              business you conducted on behalf of Savvis.

         9.   You  agree  that  the  terms  and  conditions  of  this  agreement
              constitute   Confidential   Information   under   you   employment

If this letter correctly sets forth our agreement, please countersign and return
the enclosed copy.

Sincerely,                                            Accepted and agreed

/s/:  Robert A. McCormick
Robert A. McCormick                                  /s/:  Clyde A. Heintzelman
Chief Executive Officer                              ---------------------------
                                                     Clyde A. Heintzelman