Sample Business Contracts

Severance Agreement - Scient Inc. and Ted Browne

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December 30, 2001

Ted Browne
1888 Emery St. NW
Atlanta, GA  30318

Dear Ted,

         This letter will constitute an agreement ("Agreement") between Ted
Browne ("you" or "your") and Scient, Inc. (the "Company") regarding the
termination of your employment with the Company.

1.       TERMINATION DATE. Your employment with the Company shall terminate
         December 31, 2001 effective (the "Termination Date"). In addition to
         resigning as General Counsel of the Company and its subsidiaries, you
         will also resign as the Corporate Secretary to the Company.

2.       PAYMENT. (a) In consideration for the Release contained herein and
         provided that the Agreement has not been revoked by you prior to that
         date, the Company shall provide to you a severance amount equivalent to
         twelve (12) months pay (Payment Period) at your current salary, in
         settlement of your future wage claims and any other claim. The
         severance amount shall be divided into twenty-four equal amounts (Final
         Payment Date) and paid out on the normal pay cycle of Scient. less all
         federal, state and local taxes and any standard deductions, including
         medical, dental and vision benefits you have selected. These payments
         shall be offset by any monies owed to Scient. You understand and agree
         that you are not eligible for any other bonus or incentive payments up
         through and including your Termination Date.

                  (b) In addition, to assist you in making the transition,
         Scient will provide you the following provided you help assist in
         making an orderly transition and do not violate any of the provisions
         of this Agreement:

           1.     A payment of $125,000.00 less applicable deductions on January
                  15, 2002.

           2.     A grant of 250,000 shares of Scient restricted stock that will
                  be released to you on April 26, 2002. You will be responsible
                  for the taxes on those shares upon release.

                  (c) Per your Employment Agreement you will vest in 50% of your
         unvested options effective December 31, 2001 and will have 12 months to
         exercise those options and all other options that were vested but not
         exercised on December 31, 2001, provided you continue to honor the
         other aspects of this Agreement.


3.       RELEASE. In consideration of the terms and provisions of this
         Agreement, you, for yourself and your successors, assigns, heirs,
         executors and administrators, hereby absolutely, fully, and forever
         irrevocably and unconditionally release and discharge the Company, its
         parent corporation, subsidiaries, affiliates, successors and assigns,
         and the agents, officers, directors, employees, and attorneys of the
         Company and its parent corporation, subsidiaries, affiliates,
         successors and assigns from any and all manner of action or actions,
         cause or causes of action, suits, debts, liabilities, claims,
         accountings, demands, obligations, damages, reckonings, and liens of
         every kind, nature and description whatsoever, whether known or
         unknown, anticipated OR unanticipated, suspected or unsuspected, (the
         bold portion defined collectively as "Claims") which you have or at any
         time heretofore had from the beginning of your employment with iXL
         Corporation now Scient Corporation to the date of this Agreement,
         including but not limited to any and all Claims arising under common
         law or statutory law, including any and all administrative Claims, and
         any and all Claims for breach of any contract, express or implied,
         breach of any covenant of good faith and fair dealing, express or
         implied, employment discrimination, sexual harassment, fraud,
         misrepresentation, defamation, disparagement, any restriction on the
         right of the Company to terminate employees, any violation of public
         policy, any violation of constitutional rights, or any violations of
         federal, state or other governmental statute, regulation, or ordinance,
         including, without limitation: (a) Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of
         1964, 42 et seq. (race, color, religion, sex and
         national origin discrimination); (b) 42 1981 of the Civil
         Rights Act of 1866 (discrimination); (c) the Age Discrimination in
         Employment Act, 29 (age discrimination in
         employment including discrimination against individuals over forty
         years of age); (d) the Equal Pay Act of 1963, 29 206 (equal
         pay); (e) the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990, 42 et seq. (handicap discrimination); (f) the Consolidated
         Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act of 1985, 42 et seq.
         (insurance matters); (g) the Employment Retirement Income Security Act
         of 1976, 29 U.S.C.,ss.1001 et seq. (retirement matters); (h) the Fair
         Labor Standards Act and (i) The New York Whistleblower Law; The New
         York Human Rights Law; The New York Civil Rights Law; The New York
         State Wage and Hour Laws; The New York City Administrative Code, Title
         VIII; The New York Occupational Safety and Health Laws; The New York
         City Human Rights Law.

4.       COVENANT NOT TO SUE. In consideration of the terms and provisions of
         this Agreement, you, for yourself and your successors, assigns, heirs,
         executors and administrators, hereby absolutely, fully, and forever
         irrevocably and unconditionally covenant not to sue or commence any
         action or proceeding (administrative or otherwise) against the Company,
         its parent corporation, subsidiaries, affiliates, successors and
         assigns, and the present or former agents, officers, directors,
         employees, and attorneys of any of them on any claim, cause of action,
         or complaint arising in whole or in part from facts occurring before
         the date of this Agreement.


5.       ACKNOWLEDGMENTS REGARDING RELEASE. You acknowledge that you understand
         and agree that this Agreement fully and finally releases and forever
         resolves the Claims released and discharged in paragraph 3, including
         those which may be known, unanticipated and/or unsuspected. You
         acknowledge that you are aware that you may hereafter discover facts in
         addition to or different from those which you now know or believe to
         exist with respect to the subject matter of this Agreement, but that
         your intention is fully, finally and forever to settle, release and
         discharge all Claims, known or unknown, anticipated or unanticipated,
         suspected or unsuspected, which now exist, may exist or heretofore have
         existed. You expressly waive all benefits of any statutes or common law
         principles, to the extent that such benefits may contravene the
         provisions of paragraph 3 of this Agreement.

6.       COBRA BENEFITS. Your normal Scient benefits will continue during your
         Payment Period provided you continue to pay your share of the premiums.
         Upon completion of your Payment Period, you will be eligible for COBRA
         benefits. Should you decide to continue your benefits under COBRA, you
         will be fully responsible for the timely payment of premiums for same.
         If you accept employment during your Payment Period you will be
         expected to notify the General Manager, Global People, 79 Fifth Avenue,
         New York, New York 10003, and your Scient benefits coverage will stop
         when you are eligible for coverage under your new employer's plan

7.       CONFIDENTIALITY. You represent and agree that you will keep the amount,
         substance and terms of this Agreement completely and strictly
         confidential, and that you will not hereafter disclose any information
         concerning the amount, substance or terms of this Agreement to any
         person, except for your attorneys, accountants and your spouse. You may
         make disclosure of the amount, substance and terms of this Agreement to
         your attorneys, accountants or spouse provided that such persons agree
         to be bound by this confidentiality provision. Disclosure also may be
         made to the extent required by law after reasonable notice to the

8.       NO DISPARAGEMENT. Neither the current officers of the Company nor you
         shall make any statement or engage in any conduct which may tend to
         disparage or actually disparage the good name and reputation of the

         COMPANY PROPERTY. You agree that you will deliver on or prior to the
         Termination Date to the Company all Company information or other
         property, which you currently may have in your possession, custody and
         control including, but not necessarily limited to: all physical
         property such as cellular telephone, beeper, pager, Palm Pilot or other
         related computer/electronic equipment, all non-public or proprietary
         information concerning the Company's business, property or financial
         affairs or those of its customers or suppliers including, without
         limitation, any correspondence, memoranda, files, documents, books,
         records, notes, plans, lists of


         customers, prospects, prices, technical specifications or methodology
         ("Confidential Information"), Trade Secrets, employment records and
         history, business plans, financial information, bank account statements
         and any and all versions or manifestations of any of the foregoing; the
         Company's proprietary intellectual property and all computer programs,
         software and computer databases owned or licensed by the Company,
         including each and every "back-up" reproduction, photocopy, PC
         diskette, "print-out" and electronic hard copy reproduction thereof;
         and all other property of the Company or its suppliers, including keys,
         products, items from inventory, supplies, demonstration and promotional
         materials, brochures and selling materials, computers and computer
         equipment. You may retain an IBM PC once the Scient IT department has
         reviewed it.

         you shall not discuss with, or disclose to, any third-party, nor use
         for your benefit or the benefit of any other person or entity, any
         Confidential Information, including the contents or existence of any
         such Confidential Information. You further confirm that you have not
         retained or provided to others and shall not retain or provide to
         others any copies, reproductions or means of access (in any form) to
         any Confidential Information or the Company Computer Programs, and that
         you have not caused and shall not cause any changes or damage thereto
         (including the planting of any computer "viruses" therein) or made or
         make any deletions there from. You acknowledge and agree that any
         actual or threatened violation of this paragraph will cause the Company
         irreparable harm that could not be remedied by monetary damages alone,
         and you hereby consent to the grant of any injunctive relief for
         violation of this paragraph.

11.      COMPELLED DISCLOSURE. In the event that you are requested or required
         in any forum to disclose any Confidential Information or any
         information that is the subject of this Agreement, you shall provide
         the Company with prompt notice of such request or requirement.

12.      NO ADMISSIONS. Nothing contained in this Agreement, nor any actions
         taken by you or the Company in the making or performance of this
         Agreement, shall be construed as or be deemed to be an admission by any
         of the parties of any fault, liability, or wrongdoing of any kind
         whatsoever, it being understood and agreed that all fault, liability
         and wrongdoing is expressly denied.

13.      INDEMNIFICATION/LIABILITY COVERAGE. The Company agrees to continue to
         indemnify you from any acts, errors or omissions related to any actions
         you may take on behalf of the Company as a consultant or during the
         transition of your duties after the date of this Agreement to the same
         extent that you would have been indemnified as an officer and employee
         of the Company pursuant to Section 6.8 of the Company's Charter. In
         addition, the Company agrees to make reasonable best efforts to provide
         insurance coverage for this continuing obligation.


14.      INTEGRATION. Except for the Confidential Employment Agreement you
         signed on March 13, 2001, when you joined iXL/Scient, the terms and
         conditions of which shall remain in full force and effect, and the
         Indemnification Agreement (and the indemnification obligation in
         Section 13 above) between you and the Company and its subsidiaries
         which also shall remain in full force and effect, this Agreement
         contains and constitutes the entire agreement and understanding between
         you and the Company concerning the subject matter hereof, and
         supersedes and replaces all prior discussions and negotiations,
         proposed agreements or agreements, written or oral, pertaining to such
         subject matter. You acknowledge that no person has made any promise,
         representation, or warranty not contained herein to induce you to
         execute this Agreement and acknowledge that you have not executed this
         Agreement in reliance on any promise, representation, or warranty not
         contained herein.

15.      INTERPRETATION. This Agreement has been negotiated at arms' length
         between you and the Company and any rule of law, or any other statute
         or legal decision that would require interpretation of any ambiguities
         in this Agreement against the party that has drafted it, is of no
         application and is hereby expressly waived. The provisions of this
         Agreement shall be interpreted in a reasonable manner to effect the
         intentions of the parties to this Agreement.

16.      SEVERABILITY. In the event that any provision of this Agreement should
         be held to be void, voidable, unlawful, or for any reason
         unenforceable, the remaining portions hereto shall remain in full force
         and effect.

17.      CHOICE OF LAW. The terms of this Agreement shall be construed and
         governed in accordance with New York law, without regard to its
         principles of conflicts of law.

18.      ATTORNEYS' FEES. In the event of any dispute between you and the
         Company regarding an alleged breach, or the meaning or interpretation
         of this Agreement, the prevailing party in any ensuing litigation shall
         be entitled to recovery of their legal expenses and costs, including
         attorneys' fees.

19.      PARAGRAPH HEADINGS. The paragraph headings in this Agreement are for
         convenience of reference only and they are not intended to and shall
         not in any way (a) enlarge or diminish the rights or obligations
         created by this Agreement or (b) affect the meaning or construction of
         this Agreement.

         acknowledge and agree that you are able to read the language, and
         understand the meaning and effect, of this Agreement, and you have
         signed this Agreement knowingly and voluntarily.


         If the foregoing terms and conditions are satisfactory to you, please
confirm your approval and acceptance of this Agreement by signing and dating
this letter in the space provided below and by returning it to the General
Manager, Global People, 79 Fifth Avenue, 5th Floor, New York, New York 10003 no
later than January 14, 2002. Please keep a copy of this Agreement for your


/s/ Christopher M. Formant
Christopher Formant
President & CEO

Signed: /s/ Theodore W. Browne II                             Date:  12/30/01
       --------------------------------                            -----------
                 Ted Browne