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Utah-Orem-250/280 West Center Street Lease [Amendment No. 2] - EsNet Properties LC and Caldera Systems Inc.

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                 [EsNet Properties, L.C./Caldera Systems, Inc.]

      THIS SECOND AMENDMENT (this "Second Amendment) is entered into as of the
fifth (5th) day of April, 2000 between ESNET PROPERTIES, L.C., a Utah limited
liability company ("Landlord"), whose address is 5152 North Edgewood Drive,
Suite 350, Provo, Utah 84604 and Caldera Systems, Inc., a Delaware corporation,
successor in interest to Calera, Inc. ("Tenant") whose address is 240 West
Center Street, Orem, Utah 84057.

      FOR THE SUM OF TEN DOLLARS ($10.00) and other good and valuable
consideration, the receipt and sufficiency of which are acknowledged, Landlord
and Tenant agree as follows:

      1.    Definitions. As used in this Second Amendment, each of the following
terms shall have the indicated meaning:

            1.1   "Additional Premises" Means the following premises located at
Post Office Place in Buildings 1,2,3,and 4 at 250 through 280 West Center
Street, Orem, Utah: (a) Building 1 (part), Consisting of approximately 5,608
square feet, Building 2 (all) consisting of approximately 7,539 square feet,
Building 3 (all) consisting of approximately 7,000 square feet, and Building 4
(half) consisting of approximately 4,400 square feet with the aggregate of such
space consisting of approximately 24,547 square feet (b) Building 1 (addition)
consisting of approximately 2,324 square feet.

            1.2   "Expansion Date" means (a) April 10, 2000 with respect to that
portion of the Additional Premises described in Paragraph 1.1 (c): and (b) May
15,2000 with respect to that portion of the Additional Premises described in
Paragraphs 1.1 (a) and (b). The Additional Premises shall be delivered to Tenant
vacuum clean and in good condition and repair, free from the occupancy of any
other person.

            1.3   "Lease" means the Lease Agreement, dated October 9, 1997, as
amended by the First Amendment to Lease Agreement dated March 2, 1998, both
entered into between Landlord, as landlord, and Tenant, as tenant.

            1.4   "Original Premises" means the premises originally covered by
the Lease and located in Building 5, consisting of approximately 16,960 square

      2.    Amendment. The purpose of this Second Amendment is to add the
Additional Premises to the Lease in accordance with the terms and conditions set
forth in this Second Amendment. This Second Amendment shall serve to amend the

<PAGE>   2

      3.    Additional Premises Covered. Effective as of the Expansion Date, the
"Premises" covered by the Lease shall include the Additional Premises, and the
Additional Premises shall be governed by the Lease in the same manner as the
Original Premises, except as otherwise expressly set forth in this Second

      4.    Term. The Additional Premises shall be leased for a term which is
coextensive with the "Term" for the Original Premises. Therefore, it the
"Termination Option" set forth in Article XXV of the Lease is exercised, the
term for which the Additional Premises are leased shall terminate in accordance
with the provisions of such Article; provided however, that no payment of
unamortized costs shall be due under Article XXV with respect to the Additional

      5.    Rent. (a) $2,875.95,per month for that portion of the Additional
Premises described in Paragraph 1.1(c), and (b), and $32,058.21 per month for
that portion of the Additional Premises described in Paragraph 1.1(a) and (b)
and shall be payable at the same time and in the same manner as the Base Rent
under the Lease. If the Expansion Date for any portion of the Additional
Premises occurs on a day other than the first day of a calendar month, the rent
for such portion shall be paid for the initial fractional calendar month
prorated on a per diem basis. If the Lease expires or terminates on a day other
than the last day of a calendar month, the rent for such fractional month shall
be prorated on a per diem basis.

      6.    Operating Costs. Landlord shall be solely responsible to timely
provide and pay for the costs of all maintenance, repair, utilities, insurance
and taxes with respect to the Additional Premises and all other operating costs
relating to the Additional Premises. The rent set forth in Paragraph 5 of this
Second Amendment is the only charge Tenant is obligated to pay to Landlord on
connection with the Additional Premises: provided however, that Tenant shall, at
its sole cost, cause to be provide its own custodial services to the Additional

      7.    General Provisions. Except as set forth in the Second Amendment, the
Lease is ratified and affirmed in its entirety. This Second Amendment shall
inure to the benefit or, and be binding on, Landlord and Tenant and their
respective successors and assigns. This Second Amendment shall be governed by,
and construed and interpreted in accordance with, the laws (excluding the choice
of laws rules) of the State of Utah. This Second Amendment may be executed in
any number of duplicate originals or counterparts, each of which when so
executed shall constitute in the aggregate but one and the same document. Each
individual executing this Second Amendment represents and warrants that such
individual has been duly authorized to execute and deliver this Second Amendment
in the capacity and for the entity set forth where such individual signs.

LANDLORD AND TENANT have executed this Second Amendment on the respective dates
set forth below, to be effective as of the date first set forth above.

<PAGE>   3


                                                    ESNET PROPERTIES, L.C.

                                                    /s/ Kevin Flanagan
                                                    Chief Financial Officer
                                                    April 7, 2000


                                                    CALDERA SYSTEMS, INC.

                                                    /s/ Alan Hansen
                                                    Chief Financial Officer
                                                    April 6, 2000