Sample Business Contracts

Consulting Agreement - Hvide Marine Inc. and Jean Fitzgerald

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                                         January 15, 1999

Mr. Jean Fitzgerald
2100 South Ocean Lane #706
Fort Lauderdale, Florida 33316

Dear Jean:

I am pleased to confirm our  understanding  with regard to the  continuation  of
your services as a consultant to Hvide Marine Incorporated  ("Hvide"). As in the
past,  you will assist Hvide on such matters as are  determined by Hvide's Chief
Executive Officer,  which matters may include Hvide's governmental  relations at
the federal, state, and local levels.

As payment  for your  services,  effective  January 1, 1999 you shall  receive a
consulting fee of $7,000 per month, payable in advance on the first business day
of  each  month.   In  addition,   Hvide  shall  reimburse  you  for  reasonable
out-of-pocket  travel and other expenses  promptly  following your submission of
receipts or other documentation therefor.

It is understood that, in rendering consulting services hereunder,  you shall be
an independent  contractor and not an employee of Hvide, and that you shall have
no rights to  participate  in any  compensation  or benefit  plans,  programs or
arrangements  made  available  to  employees  of  Hvide.  In  addition,   as  an
independent  contractor,  you  shall  be  solely  responsible  for  any  and all
self-employment and other taxes with respect to your compensation hereunder.

This  agreement  supersedes any and all previous  agreements and  understandings
with regard to your consulting  services.  This agreement shall be effective for
an  initial  term  of one  year,  commencing  January  1,  1999,  and  shall  be
automatically renewed for successive one-year terms unless written notice to the
contrary  is given by  either  party at  least  60  calendar  days  prior to the
expiration of the term then in effect.

Please  indicate your  agreement with the foregoing by signing and returning the
enclosed copy of this letter.

Jean, it is an understatement to say that we look forward to continuing our long
and mutually beneficial relationship in the future.

                                              Very truly yours,

                                              Hvide Marine Incorporated

                                              By s/J. Erik Hvide
                                                       J. Erik Hvide
                                                      Chairman, President and
                                                      Chief Executive Officer

Accepted and agreed this
25th day of January, 1999

s/Jean Fitzgerald