Sample Business Contracts

Promissory Note - UC Hub Group Inc., Larry Wilcox and Buck Kumphausen

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                                PROMISSORY NOTE

Los Angeles, California
$35,000,00 April 4, 2002

                                    TIME Note
     1.  90  days after the date of this Note, I, Larry Wilcox as an individual,
the  undersigned Maker, promise to pay to the order of Buck Kumphausen ("Payee")
the  sum  of $35,000.00..Principal under this Note shall be paid in lawful money
of  the  United  States.  This debt is not associated to or in lieu of any other
contractual  or  legal  obligation  to Payee with an annual interest rate of 10%
(ten  percent).

     2.  (a)  All  liabilities  of  the undersigned to the Payee, Including this
Note,  will,  at  the  option  of  the  Payee, mature and become due and payable
immediately  without  presentment or notice no sooner than 90 days from the date
of  this  signed  Note  or  on any date thereafter at the sole discretion of Mr.
Kumphausen,  In  addition,  this  Note  and  all  other  obligations,  direct or
contingent,  of  any Maker or endorser of this Note to the Payee will become due
and  payable  immediately,  without  presentment  or  notice,  If:

(1)   Maker fails to make the required payment when due.

(2)   Maker or any endorser, surety, or guarantor of this Note:

     (i)    Fails,  after  demand, to furnish financial information or to permit
            inspection of any books or records.
     (ii)   Suspends business.
     (iii)  Becomes  insolvent  or  offers  settlement  to  any  creditors.
     (iv)   Files  a  petition  in  bankruptcy, either voluntary or involuntary.
     (v)    Institutes  any  proceeding  under any bankruptcy or insolvency laws
            relating to the relief of debtors.
     (vi)   Gives notice of any intended bulk sale.
     (vii)  Makes an assignment for the benefit of creditors.
     (viii) Mortgages, pledges, assigns, or transfers any accounts receivable or
            other  property,  in trust or otherwise, without the written consent
            of the Payee.
     (ix)   Makes  any  false  statement or representation orally or in writing,
            fails  to  furnish information, or fails to permit inspection of any
            books or records on demand of the Payee.
     (x)    Fails to pay any obligation when due.

(3)   Payee  or holder discovers that any misrepresentation was made to payee on
      or behalf of Maker to obtain credit or an extension of credit.

(4)   Any  legal  action  is commenced against Maker or any endorser, surety, or
      guarantor, including:

     (i)    Entry of judgment.

     (ii)   Issuance of a  writ  of  attachment,  order of garnishment, order or
            subpoena  in  supplementary  proceedings,  execution,  or  similar

(5)   A  receiver  is  appointed  for  Maker,  endorser,  surety  or  guarantor.

(b)  At its option, Payee may accelerate the maturity of this Note to become due
immediately  if  it  considers  the  security  underlying  the  Note  to  be
unsatisfactory  or  insufficient  and  the  Maker  does  not  on demand, furnish
additional  collateral  or  make  payment on account that is satisfactory to the

(c)  At  its option, Payee may accelerate the maturity of the Note to become due
immediately if, in the sole

opinion  of  the  Payee,  the  financial  responsibility  of  the  Maker becomes
unsatisfactory  or  the  obligation  evidenced  by  this  Note  is  in jeopardy.

                                Collection Costs

     4. If this Note is not paid in full when It becomes due, Maker agrees to
pay all collection costs, including, but not limited to all attorney and court
fees necessary to enforce or collect this Note for nonpayment at maturity.


     5.     Maker waives trial by jury in any litigation arising out of or
relating to this Note in which Payee or a holder of this Note is an adverse
party and further waives the right to interpose any defense, set-off, or
counterclaim of any nature or description, which rights are expressly waived
except as provided by law.

                                  GOVERNING LAW

     6.     This Note will be governed by the laws of the State of California,
Including the Uniform Commercial Code in force in the State of California.

/s/ Larry Wilcox 4/4/02
Larry Wilcox

An individual