Sample Business Contracts

Consent Agreement - VA Linux Systems Inc. and Linus Torvalds

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     Dear Linus,

     I write to confirm your consent, as owner of the LINUX mark, to our
perpetual use, worldwide, of LINUX in product names and company names that we
shall own. We understand that this consent is based upon the facts that our
products are based upon or related to the genuine LINUX Kernel, and that the
company's activities are substantially related to implementation and development
of products that are based upon or related to the genuine LINUX Kernel. Although
in a consent agreement there is no formal requirement of quality control, we
agree that the relationship of our products to the genuine LINUX Kernel assures
the public of the quality it expects in products and activities that are
associated in any way with the LINUX mark.

     Based on this consent, we plan to incorporate the word "Linux" in our
company name; in our product names; and in names, phrases, and logos that will
be used for marketing and advertising purposes. You understand that we will be
relying upon this consent in our commercial activities, including the
development of valuable brands that we shall own independently - although, of
course, we would not claim ownership to the LINUX brand itself. We further
understand that this consent will extend to any successor business of our

     At your request, we enclose a check payable to Linux International in the
amount of $1000.00 in return for your consent. We ask that you signal your
formal agreement by signing a copy of this letter below and returning it to us.
If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.

                                        Yours very truly,
                                        VA LINUX SYSTEMS, INC.

                                        /s/ LARRY M. AUGUSTIN
                                        Larry M. Augustin, President and CEO

     I agree to the foregoing and consent to the use of LINUX as described

Linus Torvalds